This week is a big week for national prospect lists for the Cincinnati Reds. On Wednesday the Baseball America Reds Top 10 list will be released. Then on Thursday the Baseball Prospectus Reds Top 10 list will be released. As always, I will have plenty on both lists when they come out.

The Baseball America list, outside of my own of course, is the one that I tend to agree with the most. I think the reason for that is generally the stability. JJ Cooper has been doing the Reds portion of that list for as long as I can remember. That gives the rankings one general voice, a similar outlook each year. Consistency.

The list at Baseball Prospectus in the same time has probably gone through 20-25 different voices and their input on the list, making it far less predictable from year-to-year. That makes it tougher to compare from year-to-year as the way the writer(s) look at prospects change too frequently to have that consistent outlook over a longer period of time.

What is nice about it all though, is the different ways to look at things. With more voices, you can get more opinions and outlooks on players. Generally speaking, more information is better to have. This week we will be getting plenty of that.

Some more website numbers

On Saturday I posted about some of the things that happened here on the site. I looked at a few new things on Sunday that I forgot to check out for the post.

Subscribers went up during the year. The site gained some new users and lost some others, overall the site now has 45 more subscribers than it did when 2016 began. That’s both good and bad. I’m very thankful for everyone who is willing to support the site through a subscription. It helps out a ton. At the same time, there were 83000 more people that viewed the site in 2016 than in 2015. Obviously, many of them were probably around a time or two, but the conversion rate into subscribers wasn’t quite as large as I would have expected given the big increase. If you’ve got any ideas on how to increase subscribers, or what I’m not doing well enough to push up those numbers, please share ideas. I’d love to get as far away from relying on advertising for revenue as possible (it’s unreliable and unpredictable in terms of figuring out how much money I will be making each day/week/month).

Yesterday I went through all of the media that I used in 2016. On my travels in 2016, I took 2043 photos at the baseball games I covered (It was more – but that’s just the total number of photos that I kept – I deleted ones that were out of focus, or just weren’t usable for whatever reason). That was good for 46.77 gigabytes of storage. At those same games, I also recorded 394 videos (it was probably 2-3 times this many, but I deleted many of them – hitters striking out, weak ground outs, lazy flies – those get deleted immediately). That wound up being good for 127 gigabytes of data for the video.

The RedsMinorLeagues Youtube channel had 70,613 views in 2016. People spent just over 46 days watching videos (that was actually less than one minute per view). The most viewed video, surprisingly, was one from 2012. It’s of Billy Hamilton in Pensacola running an insane 3.64 to first base. That video was viewed 25,259 times. It made up 36% of all the video views that the channel had. No other video had 2000 views and only one video topped 1500.

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