The Cincinnati Reds have officially signed right handed reliever Drew Storen to a 1-year deal according to Mark Sheldon of

Last week I wrote about whether or not the Reds should sign Drew Storen to help their bullpen. His 2016 season was terrible with Toronto, but solid once he went to Seattle in the second half.  Joel Sherman is reporting the terms of the deal:

Here’s what I wrote in that article at the very end:

With the concerns in the drop in velocity, I’m not exactly sure how much I’d be willing to pay, but I think that $4-5M per year sounds about right. Perhaps I’m reading the market very incorrectly here, but I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with more than that given the velocity drop off. At $5M a year, for 3 years, there is some risk. At the same time, if he returns to form that could be a very good deal.

Getting Drew Storen on a 1-year deal is a good thing for the Reds. The price also seems right. The commitment isn’t long, and if the decline in velocity that he experienced in 2016 leads to more struggles, you can move on quickly. At the same time, if he performs well, the team could flip him at the trade deadline to a contender and add more depth to the organization. The key, of course, will be to get him back to performing well.

The Cincinnati Reds picked up Tyrell Jenkins right before Christmas on waivers from the Texas Rangers. It was two weeks earlier that he was traded to Texas from Atlanta. When the Reds claimed Jenkins I wrote all about him and how he could possibly help the team.

Less than two weeks after the team picked him up, they placed him back on waivers and he was claimed by the San Diego Padres. I guess it’s better to be moved several times during the offseason when you don’t actually have to pack up and move.

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