The guys over at Baseball America have released their Cincinnati Reds Top 10 Prospect List. It’s, once again, written up by JJ Cooper. He’s been covering the Reds system for as long as I can remember. The lists have been quite consistent when looking back due to that. It’s apparently Reds prospect list week with this one, Fangraphs and Baseball Prospectus all publishing.

The list at Baseball America is quite strong in my mind. While I certainly have a few different rankings with some players, I can make the argument rather easily for each of the rankings put for by JJ Cooper on his list. Here’s his Top 10:

Rank Player Pos
1 Nick Senzel 3B
2 Cody Reed LHP
3 Amir Garrett LHP
4 Robert Stephenson RHP
5 Taylor Trammell OF
6 Jesse Winker OF
7 Aristides Aquino OF
8 Sal Romano RHP
9 Vladimir Gutierrez RHP
10 Tyler Stephenson C

Now, the first thing to note is that Baseball America includes Cody Reed on their prospect list. He may not show up on other lists because technically, he’s ineligible for the 2017 Rookie of the Year Award. Reed spent more than 45 days on the active, non-September big league roster in 2016. He did not however break the 50 innings pitched mark that many places use for prospect eligiblity on their lists. My list and the lists don’t include him because of his rookie eligibility.

Comparing this to my list, and if I were to include Cody Reed, the only player in the Top 10 that we’d have different is Tyler Stephenson for Baseball America and Tony Santillan for me. Both of which would be the 10th player. No surprise that I like the list and can rationalize all of the rankings.

What will be interesting is some of the items that will be in the chat later today. I’m most interested in what JJ Cooper has heard about Alfredo Rodriguez. Does it match up with the things I’ve heard? Of course, it will be another 4-5 weeks until I get my hands on the Prospect Handbook. It runs 30 prospects deep for each organization – but we should be able to get some insight into several players not listed here through the chat.

To see scouting reports on all of the players you will need a subscription over at Baseball America (though, you could also just get my scouting reports on all of these guys, plus many more, by signing up for a subscription here at for $4 a month).

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