The Baseball Writers Association of America, the group that collectively votes on the Hall of Fame, will begin making ALL votes public for the 2018 election. Jayson Stark covered this at ESPN this morning and it’s a breath of fresh air.

While some of us may think that the Hall of Fame voting is either a very serious thing or something that others take way too seriously, I fall on the side that thinks it is a very serious thing. Baseball means a lot to me, and I’d imagine it does to most of you since you went out of your way to not only find a Reds website that wasn’t from one of the big outlets, but a minor league Reds website.

I’ve long been a proponent of being able to defend what you say in the public forum. We’ve all seen strange votes in the past for the Hall of Fame. How has no one been a unanimous Hall of Famer? How have guys like, with all due respect, Todd Stottlemyer, how can someone possibly defend voting for him as a Hall of Famer? He was a league average pitcher for his career and not once was he ever remotely close to being among the best pitchers in the league. While they came in different votes, someone voted for Todd Stottlemyer and three people DIDN’T vote for Ken Griffey Jr.

We even have one voter who continues to vote, in his own words, because it annoys his critics. That same writer turned in a blank ballot this year. Now, he wrote about why he did so, and thus we already knew that he did. Still, having ballots be public is going to hopefully make everyone vote better. If everyone is going to know who you voted for and you have to explain your vote, or at least read a million questions from people asking why you voted for, or didn’t vote for a player, it’s likely to actually put you in a spot where you need to be able to make sense of your position.

What do you think? Is it a good step for the Hall of Fame and Baseball Writers Association of America to make the votes public?

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