If you’ve been sleeping under a rock, the Cincinnati Reds traded Dan Straily to the Marlins for three prospects earlier today. For more details on all of the players involved, click that link. If you are interested in what other outlets are saying about the deal, let’s take a quick look around the internet.

Fangraphs writer Travis Sawchik looked at the deal. He didn’t jump too much into the prospects, but notes that the KATOH system isn’t too high on the Reds return. With that said, I’m not the biggest fan of that system, especially when it comes to pitchers. He did link over to Eric Longenhagen’s scouting report on Luis Castillo from the summer. Castillo was originally traded to the Padres, but he was returned when an injury to another player in the deal popped up. Here’s what he had to say:

I think it’s fair to project Castillo as a reliever — not because of wildness, but because (a) the repertoire likely won’t be deep enough for Castillo to pitch through a big-league lineup several times and (b) there’s more control than command here. Despite the upper-90s heat and a plus-flashing slider, Castillo hasn’t really missed many bats this season in High-A, striking out just 84 hitters in those 100 innings.

That’s not an outrageous take. But, I do think it is worth noting that Castillo was starting for the first full season of his life last year. Because of that, it may be a bit much to be sure he’s a future reliever. A guy with two possibly plus pitches, and a third pitch that’s not atrocious, that’s a starter. It might not be a #1, but that’s a starter if a guy can hold up.

Vince Lara-Cinisomo broke down the players in the trade at Baseball America today.

He (Luis Castillo) hit 101 mph in 2016 and sat consistently at 96-97. He has easy velocity, with a smooth delivery that helps his fastball jump on hitters, though it can be straight at times. Castillo throws from a three-quarters arm angle, which helps give his slider depth and some curveball-like action. It projects as an above-average pitch. Castillo has feel for a power changeup, but he’s still finding the right grip. It has potential to be an average pitch as well. He has shown great makeup and the ability to overcome in-game adversity. He could begin the year at Double-A, but already 24 it’s possible the Reds jump him to Triple-A.

On Austin Brice:

His control improved after the change in role, largely because he stopped nibbling as he did as a starter, while his strikeout rate remained in line with career norms. He could help the Reds in the big league bullpen this season.

On Isaiah White:

White does not recognize pitches well and generally needs a hitting approach. Scouts are split on his bat speed, with one rating it as top-of-the-scale but another saying it was just average. He has the raw speed to outrun mistakes in the outfield, and he needs plenty of experience to improve his routes and reads to stick in center. He’s a classic high-risk, high-reward toolsy prep outfielder.

There’s more on each player at the link, so be sure to check that out.

Steve Mancuso took a look at what some other places were saying at Redleg Nation earlier. What sticks out from his piece is what last two things that he said, and hopefully it’s a sign of things to come with the new leadership of Dick Williams.

Neither half of the trade today is likely to move either club’s W-L needle much. But the decision to move Dan Straily is an example of the Reds front office making tough choices to enhance the Rebuild. Falling in love with Straily because of his 2016 ERA would be the opposite of that.

Sitting here today, this sure looks like the Reds selling at peak value on a player. A welcome change from their pattern of holding on too long.

John Manuel of Baseball America was just on the radio here in Cincinnati with Mo Egger on 1530AM. He spoke well of Luis Castillo, but made a comment that I’ve heard from more than a few readers he on the site and on twitter: It’s weird that that Reds got a better package for Dan Straily than they did for Aroldis Chapman.  He also noted that Isaiah White was one of the three best athletes in the entire 2015 draft.

Also of note, the Cincinnati Reds designated outfielder Steve Selsky for assignment to create the needed spot on the 40-man.

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