Cincinnati Reds General Manager Dick Williams joined local radio host Lance McAlister on Thursday evening to talk about a variety of subjects. He talked about the signing of Jose Garcia and the kind of player that the team saw. His report sounds similar to the one that I had gotten on Wednesday about Garcia comparing well with players in the 2017 draft. Williams also talks about Hunter Greene and his “wanting to go to San Diego”, Brendan McKay and perhaps playing on both sides of the ball, as well as Kyle Wright. The entire thing is just over nine minutes, so give it a listen.

While Lance McAlister didn’t ask about anyone else when it comes to the draft, and maybe I’m just reading into this, but Williams said that at the very least, two of those three players (Greene, Wright, McKay) will be there for the taking. It sure sounded like they may be the final options for the Reds, though it seems that’s been a poorly kept secret for the last month or so according to any and all draft experts.

I’ll have up my Top 10 Draft board, and a few more scouting reports on the players within that I haven’t yet written about up around noon. Be sure to check back for that.

Just how good is Zack Cozart

If you are the General Manager of a Major League Baseball team, stop reading this now.

Now that we’ve gotten the other guys to stop reading, I’ll point you over to an article on Zack Cozart at Fangraphs by Dave Cameron. There’s a lot of interesting stuff in there, and the article looks at trying to figure out what could explain how Zack Cozart has gone about producing the way that he has this year versus the past, and when it comes to actually hitting the baseball, there’s next to no explanation. he’s hitting the ball softer overall, his rate of 95+ MPH balls is lower, and his batted ball profile is almost identical to last year. That suggests that he’s due for some wild regression when it comes to the hitting side of things. It was an interesting read overall, but makes me hope that the Reds can cash in on his season very quickly as nothing at all suggests it’s going to continue.

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