The Major League Baseball Draft is less than 24 hours away from starting. This post is going to be updated throughout the day with various news and notes as we lead up to the draft, which will begin at 8pm on MLB Network and for those who want to stream it.

Here’s a quick 6-minute episode of Reds Minor League Talk that I recorded talking about a few draft related things. Give it a watch.

Update: 6:40pm

Baseball America has just published their most recent, and final mock draft through the supplemental round. They’ve got the Reds taking Hunter Greene at #2 and high school outfielder Tristen Lutz at #32.

Update: 5:40pm

Still plenty of uncertainty from the Twins, or so that’s what’s being reported.

As long as their pick isn’t Hunter Greene it doesn’t seem that it will alter the Reds plans. With that said, perhaps this is all a negotiating ploy by the Twins to call Greene at 6:45 to see what he’ll sign for compared to the other guys to see if the price makes sense if he thinks there’s a chance they’ll go elsewhere.

Update at 2:15pm

This is a rather interesting thing coming from the Twins….

The Cincinnati Reds, who are known to prefer Brendan McKay over anyone not named Hunter Greene by nearly every report we’ve seen, likely have plenty of very good analytical data on McKay. The ACC tournament was played at Louisville Slugger Field where the Reds have Trackman installed. I can’t confirm it, but I’d be absolutely shocked if they didn’t have their operator there during the tournament and have it running for the entire thing. Perhaps the Trackman system is showing some very good things on Brendan McKay that tell a slightly better story than his scouting reports, letting things get a little boost across the board.

Update at 1:10pm

Fangraphs has updated their Top 100 Draft Board.

Fangraphs will also be having a Draft night chat starting at 6:15pm with Eric Longenhagen and Keith Law.

Update: 11:25am

Frankie Piliere just had this on twitter with regards to where the Minnesota Twins are leaning:


Update: 10:12am

The Minnesota Star Tribune has some interesting notes from the workout on Friday that the Twins had with Hunter Greene.

We had TrackMan on during his bullpen here so we can look at the data, see what the metrics are,” said Sean Johnson, the Twins scouting director. “His spin rate, see how his changeup looks. How his breaking ball looks on the computer on TrackMan and add it on to what we see with our visuals.

but indications are that the Twins have discovered some concerns as they did their due diligence on him, like the quality of his breaking pitches.

Update: 10:00am

John Manual of Baseball America updated his latest mock draft this morning. He believes the Reds will stick with selecting right handed pitcher Hunter Greene.

2. Reds
If McKay goes first, expect the Reds to take Hunter Greene, as a pitcher.

MLB Pipeline has up their latest mock draft this morning. Both Jonathan Mayo and Jim Callis have the Reds taking Hunter Greene.

2. Reds
Mayo: Hunter Greene, RHP, Notre Dame HS (Sherman Oaks, Calif.) – This continues to be as sure a thing as there is in what looks to be a potentially wild first round. If the Twins don’t take Greene, the Reds almost certainly will.
Callis: Hunter Greene, RHP, Notre Dame HS (Sherman Oaks, Calif.) – This is the easiest pick to project. Cincinnati has Greene atop its list and McKay (as a pitcher) right behind him.

They both seem incredibly confident that this is where the team will go with the pick if it’s there to be made.

Frankie Piliere thinks that Kyle Wright could wind up sliding down to the Atlanta Braves at #5.

Christopher Crawford talked with CBS Sports’ Dayn Perry Sunday about the draft. When asked who he would take #1 overall, he said he’d go with Hunter Greene and had some very good things to say about him. He was asked where he’d go if he were the Reds, assuming Greene were taken. Here’s what he had to say:

If I’m the Reds, I’m taking Wright. He’s had consistency issues, but he’ll show three strong pitches and pretty good command. At three I’m taking Mackenzie Gore [Whiteville HS, North Carolina], a prep southpaw with projection and quality stuff. Next up is McKay, and while he has a high floor as a pitcher, I’m letting him hit.

Jim Callis of is still feeling awfully confident that Hunter Greene is the pick for the Cincinnati Reds.

Callis also added this earlier today on MLB Pipeline:

The Reds are locked in on Greene at No. 2. If Minnesota switches to Greene, Cincinnati would pop McKay as a pitcher.

While there’s always a chance the Reds have something up their sleeves, everyone believes it’s going to be Hunter Greene or Brendan McKay to the Reds.

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