Cincinnati Reds left handed pitcher Amir Garrett, who I’ve mistakenly and repeatedly said would be out of options after the 2017 season, will qualify for a 4th option year. On Saturday afternoon a reader pointed out that they believed Garrett would get a 4th option year because no seasons prior to 2014 actually counted as a “season” by the rules.

Options are weird. Usually, players get three option years before they must remain on the 25-man roster or be exposed to waivers. Every so often a player can qualify for a 4th option year. In order to do so, the player must have used up three options by their 5th professional season. Amir Garrett was drafted in 2011. He didn’t play until 2012. Either way you slice it, he’s been playing for either six or seven seasons. But, that’s where the next part of the rule comes into play. Major League Baseball defines a season, in the sense of a minor league season, as one that needs to be 90-days on an active roster. That essentially eliminates any season in rookie ball as counting as a “season”, since they don’t last 90 days.

What that means is that Amir Garrett only has played in four “seasons”, with 2014 being his first one. That means that Garrett will have used up three options before his fifth “season” and will indeed qualify for a 4th option year. I reached out to several people and had this confirmed just to make sure that I was reading the rules properly and that there wasn’t something that I was missing about the rules.

TJ Friedl has an MRI on his thumb

On Sunday I wrote about how TJ Friedl hit the disabled list with an injured thumb. On Monday he was in Cincinnati to get an MRI on his thumb and made his way to Dayton to take in a Dragons game and see his former teammates. He was rocking a thumb-stabilizing type brace in his visit to Dayton. At this time there is no update on what the MRI showed.

Eli Marrero out for the rest of the year

Daytona Tortugas manager Eli Marrero is no longer with the team. His last game managed was on Friday night in a win over Palm Beach and has taken a personal leave of absence from what I’m told. Bench coach Ricky Gutierrez has taken over as the manager for Marrero, who is not expected to return this season to the Tortugas according to one source that I spoke with on Monday.