The biggest news of the day is that Billy Hamilton has been activated from the disabled list. Hamilton is coming back from a broken thumb and hasn’t played in two weeks. I’m not a doctor and I haven’t stayed at a Holiday Inn lately, either, but two weeks doesn’t seem like enough time to come back from a broken thumb and swing a bat. If that is the case, then perhaps this is going to be a situation where Hamilton can wear a brace and still run the bases as a pinch runner, but isn’t quite ready to hit. If that is the case, then this isn’t going to come into play as far as taking away playing time from the current outfield rotation. It seems that it’s been Scott Schebler in center with Adam Duvall and Jesse Winker on the corners and Phillip Ervin on the bench.

Speaking of that, whatever happened to playing Phillip Ervin? When Billy Hamilton went on the disabled list Bryan Price said that it would lead to opportunities to get a look at Ervin in center field. The first two games after Hamilton went on the disabled list, Ervin did indeed start in center. The following day he started in left field. That was September 9th. It was the last time he got a start. September 14th was the last time he even saw any action in a game.

After picking up infielder DJ Peterson on waivers over the weekend from the Chicago White Sox, the Reds slipped him through waivers and outright him to Triple-A Louisville. It was a smart move by the Reds to pick up what is essentially a free player from another organization. Adding talent is always a good thing, even if it seems it will be tough to find a place for Peterson to play as a corner infielder at the big league level.

Yesterday Baseball America released the International League Top 20 Prospects list. In the chat there was a question asked that addressed the Reds prospects.

Frank (The quad): The Louisville Bats had their share of former top prospects throughout the year, but missed out on the list. Were any of them in consideration for the last few spots?

Carlos Collazo: Tyler Mahle was a guy who had a chance after posting a 2.73 ERA over 59.1 innings with the Bats this season. Sounds like he’s got a few things to work out in his delivery, but we’ve heard that stuff has been improving, particularly his changeup.

As was established yesterday, Robert Stephenson wasn’t eligible for the list, but everyone else of note that was on the Louisville Bats team this season was.

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