The Arizona Fall League will begin on Tuesday afternoon. The Cincinnati Reds will be playing with the Scottsdale Scorpions this season. They will share a team with prospects from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, New York Mets, New York Yankees and San Francisco Giants. Each team in the league will play a 30-game schedule, ending on November 16th. The championship game will be played on the 18th.

The Reds will be sending eight players and a coach to the league. Gookie Dawkins, who served as the hitting coach in Pensacola, will have the same job for Scottsdale. Here’s the list of the players that will be participating:

  • RHP Wendolyn Bautista
  • LHP Joel Bender
  • LHP Brennan Bernardino
  • RHP Jake Ehret
  • C Chad Tromp
  • INF Brantley Bell
  • INF Taylor Sparks
  • SS Blake Trahan

There are no games scheduled for Sundays in the Arizona Fall League. There are also three scheduled “off days” during the season. On October 21st there are no games, but some players will participate in the Bowman Hitting Challenge. On Saturday November 4th the league will play the Fall Stars game. November 8th is a scheduled off day for the entire league.

AFL Pitch Tracking Data

One of the best parts about the Arizona Fall League is that two of the ballparks have Pitch F/X installed in them. That gives us data, mostly useful for pitchers, on how hard they are throwing, the movement on their pitches and other insightful data. Unfortunately, Scottsdale is not one of those parks. They will play six games in the two parks that do have it, though.

Date Opponent
16-Oct Surprise
19-Oct Peoria
28-Oct Surprise
1-Nov Peoria
14-Nov Surprise
16-Nov Peoria

Hopefully we will get a chance to see some of the Reds players pitch in these games. Being able to look at that data would be great. While the organization has that data on all of the guys (they have Trackman installed at all of their home ballparks), they don’t make that publicly available. Even if it’s just a game or two for each guy, it helps give the rest of us that don’t work for the Reds a bit of a clearer picture.

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