The Daytona Tortugas play in the oldest park in the Cincinnati Reds system. By far. Jackie Robinson Ballpark has been around since the summer of 1914. It’s been renovated multiple times throughout it’s history, most recently in 1999. The ballpark is just 317 feet to the left field corner, 400 feet to center field, and 325 feet to the right field corner.

The Reds were in their third year with Daytona as their advanced-A affiliate in 2017. In the previous two seasons the ballpark had played as hitter friendly overall. But, in 2015 the park did hurt players going to right field a little bit, both for power and for average.

Before we jump into how the ballpark played in 2017, let’s be sure to note that the park factors below are only against the other parks in the Florida State League. They are not being compared to ballparks at other levels or other leagues.

How did the 2017 season play out for Jackie Robinson Ballpark?

The first thing we are going to look at is how batting average was altered by the field in comparison to the rest of the league in 2017.

dAVG %Change
To LF -.008 -1.2%
To CF .046 8.8%
To RF -.009 -1.6%

This was a change from the 2016 season, particularly in left field. The difference was about 10% from the previous season, going from helping to hurting the hitters. The 2017 season was slightly harmful, but rather neutral for average when the ball was hit to left. When the ball went to center field it was helpful once again, but even more this past year. Right field went from slightly helpful in 2016 to slightly harmful in 2017. The difference between the two years was just 3.5%, with each year just floating on the opposite sides of zero.

It’s not the average that gives a ballpark it’s reputation as a hitters or pitchers park. It’s how much power a ballpark gives up. Here we are going to look at isolated power (SLG-AVG) in Daytona versus the other parks in the league.

dIsoP %Change
To LF .107 32.9%
To CF .091 45.3%
To RF .003 1.1%

In 2016 the ballpark boosted power to all fields. That held up again in 2017, but to both left and center it boosted it even more than in the past. The ball absolutely flew out to left and center in Daytona during the last season, with huge increases in power output. Right field, though, was about as neutral as you could get with just a .003 increase. That’s down, big time, from the .053 that it boosted power in 2016 (23%).

Jackie Robinson Ballpark is known as the hitters park among the Florida State League parks. It’s dimensions are a little smaller than the rest of the league, which is full of big league parks that teams use for spring training. Overall, the league is the best pitchers league in all of Minor League Baseball. With that said, the home confines in Daytona are very friendly by comparison to the rest of the league.

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