Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price talked about Nick Senzel this morning with the media. John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer was the first to report what the manager had to say about where Senzel will play this spring. Price noted that the Reds top prospect would be seeing time at third base and shortstop – but that second base or the outfield could be possibilities later if there were any injuries or performance issues.

That is a rather interesting development. Heading into the offseason the plan seemed to be for Nick Senzel to work on second base and the outfield. And to his credit, he absolutely did those things. Even more to his credit, he also took it upon himself to work at shortstop. Fast forward to the start of the spring and it’s his idea, not the one that the Reds laid out, that is going to be the teams first option.

Can Nick Senzel realistically play shortstop? That’s perhaps the single biggest question and one that I wrote a whole bunch of words about on Friday. As I finished that article up with, we don’t know if it will work or not just yet, but I can’t stress enough that I’m glad to see that the team is actually giving it a try. By comparison to other ideas that were talked about and never followed through with, it’s good to see that it will at least be given a look.

Given the depth at the shortstop position in the Cincinnati Reds organization right now, and with the season that Jose Peraza is coming off of, Nick Senzel being able to play shortstop would be an incredible answer to a few of the Reds problems. It will be interesting to see how this situation develops. If the signs are there that this could work, it could mean that Senzel heads to Louisville to start the season to keep things going and getting more action at shortstop. At that point the pressure will once again be on Jose Peraza to fight for his job, much like he had to do in 2017 when Scooter Gennett began breathing down his neck.

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