Amir Garrett turned heads in his first outing of the spring when he struck out four batters in 2.0 innings last week. It wasn’t the stat line that got the heads turning, though. It was how he got the stat line. The left hander was throwing 95-97 MPH. That’s velocity that he hasn’t touched much in his career, much less sat at.

Earlier today while taking on the San Francisco Giants, Amir Garrett made his second appearance of the spring and it was even better. The lefty threw 3.0 hitless innings. The only batter that reached base did so thanks to an error in his third inning of work. Oh yeah, Garrett also struck out six batters and retired the other three via a ground ball.

The second game was just the continuation of the dominance that the 25-year-old lefty started last week. If there’s a pitcher with a better stat line this spring anywhere in the Major Leagues, kudos to that guy. Amir Garrett has thrown 5.0 innings and allowed no hits, and no walks. He hasn’t allowed a run, earned or otherwise. And he’s struck out 10 batters.

If there was ever a guy trying to kick down the door, kick through the wall, jump through the fire – whatever you want to do – it seems that it’s Amir Garrett early on this spring. He’s been next level kind of good. On Friday afternoon he was throwing 94-98 MPH with his fastball according to a source I spoke with that is in Arizona. Read that again, I’ll wait.

Back with me now? Good. The hip injury seems to be behind the left handed pitcher and he looks like a different pitcher. He’s throwing significantly harder than he’s ever thrown before. And while it’s early, the results are incredible. After not being mentioned by manager Bryan Price as being in the competition for the rotation to start the spring, it would seem that if nothing else he’s earned a chance to be placed on that list with his quick start and newfound health that’s led to crisper, and harder stuff.

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    • Matthew O'Neal

      If this turns out to be true, not a bad problem to have.

  1. AirborneJayJay

    Senzel at SS and Garrett hot start are the stories of ST so far. Sorting out to be Garrett and Romano at #4 and #5 to sysrt out. Mahle and Stephenson at AAA and Finnegan to start season on DL.

    • Doug Gray

      Why Finnegan to the DL? Do you know something the rest of us don’t?

      • AirborneJayJay

        No. I just looks like they will bring him back slowly. No need to rush him. He is already a couple weeks or so behind the others.
        April will be a cool month temperature-wise. It might be wise to keep Finnegan on the DL for first 2-3 weeks of the season. Shoulders tighten up more on cool evenings.
        An ounce of prevention.

    • Colorado Red

      I know Rookie Davis went on the 60 day DL.
      But that is all I have heard of so far.

      May be light at the end of the tunnel.
      (and no train whistle from the light)

  2. Matthew O'Neal

    Doug, is Garrett’s 4th option year good for just this year, or is it good forever (until he reaches the point where he can’t be optioned without consent)? As in, if he were to make the club out of ST and spend all year with the Reds, but has a hiccup of sorts in 2019, could he be optioned then?

    • Doug Gray

      Only good for this year. If he doesn’t use it, it is gone forever.

      • MK

        But chances are if he doesn’t use it this year he will never need it.

  3. CP

    I’ve read a lot about Amir’s velocity this spring, but haven’t really head much about his secondary stuff and overall control. Is he just blowing the ball by minor leaguers and pro’s still playing catch up early in spring? Or is there a combination of skills here that would translate well to the regular season?

      • Wes

        Love the confidence! Out to handle his business !

        Herrera- good grief !

    • Reds4ever

      All his stuff has looked great. Yesterday he struck out 2 guys on 3-2 breaking balls. And he mostly all big league hitters yesterday.

    • MuddyCleats

      Good Pt; my question exactly. Bill’s post below gives good insight W/ B. Price talking about his arm slot where it needs 2 b for 3 quality pitches. That will help him compete better against accomplished ML hitters

  4. Little Earl

    With the pitching being so bad the past two years, its very encouraging to see everybody healthy and so many arms throwing well. If it keeps up, the staff will be solid, with options to make good trades.

  5. Brad

    Kudos to Bryan Price. Got the feeling he didn’t list Garret as a motivational tool. Maybe it worked and he came in a little more focused and gassed up.

  6. Brock

    Doug, I love your conversational style of writing. Very enjoyable to read.

  7. Krozley

    Definitely a tremendous start for Garrett. Now, I’d like to see him handle some pressure situations. It seems the young pitchers sometimes have some great 1-2-3 innings, but the minute a couple base runners get aboard, they fall apart. Limiting damage is a key trait to success. Let’s see how he handles a little adversity.

    • Bill

      And I would like to see him earlier in a game where he would face more major league players.

  8. Beard

    Doug I know we are dealing with virtually zero sample size but it appears we can pretty clearly say Bailey, Disco, and Castillo are in the rotation. But how would you handicap the final two spots and can you rank the order of the remaining candidates (Finnegan, Garrett, Lorenzen, Mahle, Romano, and Stephenson). It’s hard to believe we have six fairly legit candidates for two spots.

  9. kevin z

    JMO I would start it with bailey disco Castillo Garrett Stephenson. Only for the clock and age reasons. Romano and Mahle Younger rather see them just start in MILB.