The Cincinnati Reds have announced that they have agreed to an extension with third baseman Eugenio Suarez. The extension has not yet spoken of the financial terms of the deal, but was reported as a seven year contract, with a club option for an eighth season. Mark Sheldon of had it first on twitter.

For the Reds this locks in Suarez for the remainder of his 20’s and gives Cincinnati a long term solution at third base. This makes the idea to try Nick Senzel at other positions on the field even more important for the organization. Short of something disastrous, which we’d never wish on anyone, third base is not going to be open for the organizations current top prospect for quite a while. In fact, assuming that Senzel reaches the Major Leagues this season and never goes back to the Minor Leagues, it’s Suarez that is under team control longer between the two players.

While the deal itself doesn’t seem to be much about Nick Senzel, as I’m sure the organization and Eugenio Suarez have been having these conversations for a while now, it does hopefully mean that the team is willing to take more of a long-term approach to the Senzel to shortstop plan rather than try to rush things through in order to get him into the Major Leagues. That, of course, is assuming that he needs additional, unplanned time in order to make that move.

Eugenio Suarez Contract Extension Details

Tommy Stokke is reporting that the contract is for $66M, with the final option year being a $15M one that also includes a $2M buyout.

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