The Cincinnati Reds announced earlier this afternoon that top prospect Nick Senzel has been assigned to Minor League camp. C. Trent Rosecrans was the first to report it, though it was only by a matter of seconds.

It was Mark Sheldon, though, who seemed to grab the scoop about 45 minutes later.

No, the surprising and scoop isn’t that Nick Senzel is heading to Louisville. It’s that his primary position appears to be second base. There’s a lot of things to unfold in this.

The first would seem to be that the organization doesn’t seem to think that shortstop is going to be likely. And if that’s what they believe, then sure, making the move to a position they do believe will work sooner, makes sense. That position is second base, which makes tons of sense given that third base was locked up for almost the next decade last week when the team extended Eugenio Suarez.

Where things get most interesting is what happens with the other second basemen. Dilson Herrera cleared waivers and was sent to the minors. When he’s fully healthy he’s a second baseman. The Reds have mentioned trying to get him time at third base, too, but that seemed more out of a need to find a way to keep him on the bench since he was out of options than a position that he seemed to fit into.

Then there’s Alex Blandino. He’s got more position flexibility than Dilson Herrera does, but second base seemed like the position he had the best chance of breaking into the starting lineup at the big league level. He could be the guy that fills the role that may have been expected to go to Herrera this spring, as he’s having a strong run in March and could be a good bench player. If he doesn’t, though, that’s going to be a crowded infield in Louisville. One that could also include Brandon Dixon, who also plays some second and third base, if he doesn’t make the Reds roster as a bench player.

One level below,  you’ve got another top prospect in Shed Long. He’s only played second base and catcher in his career, and the catching thing is quite a way behind him at this point. Then there are guys like Jeter Downs and Jose Garcia in the lower minors who may be shortstops today, but could possibly need to slide to second in the future.

This is a move that’s going to have ripple effects throughout the organization. It’s going to change how the Reds are eventually going to go about developing other well regarded prospects. What does the team decide to do with a guy like Shed Long? Do they try to find another position that he could give a shot? Or do they keep him at second base for the time being? Is Alex Blandino going to focus more on shortstop, while seeing limited time at third and second just to keep those skills fresh? What is Dilson Herrera going to do if Nick Senzel is going to mostly be playing second base in Louisville? There are plenty of unanswered questions right now. We will eventually see where this goes in regards to everyone – but for now, it’s a bit all over the place.

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