Let me start this off by saying what I know everyone is looking for: Hunter Greene is pitching today. I’ll try to get the entire outing on video. I’ll try to get it up later tonight/tomorrow morning at the latest. If you aren’t following me on twitter, you should be. That’s where I’ll be doing my real-time updates, though don’t expect them to be coming after every at-bat. Games begin at 1pm out here, which is 4pm in the Cincinnati area – in case you were looking for the information.

Cincinnati Reds General Manager and President of Baseball Operations Dicks Williams participated in a reddit Ask Me Anything last night. There were some good questions in there, and some that were pretty silly. But, one of the bigger things that’s come up in the last 24 hours is Nick Senzel heading to Triple-A and playing second base. There were a few answers that sort of revolve around Senzel moving forward that seem worth looking at.

Senzel is also a player with the athleticism to play multiple positions. In the short term, I could see him getting more exposure to 2B since we saw him at 3B and SS this spring.

I could see Nick getting time at 2B just so we know what we have in him there. I could see him playing 3b, SS or 2B in the big leagues. He could probably play OF if we wanted him to as well.

Things aren’t over for Nick Senzel at shortstop, despite his being told he will play mostly second base in Louisville. But, it seems that for the time being the focus will be on second base. Bryan Price had this to say yesterday:

He’s got to be ready to play any place but first base if we have an injury or setback,” Price said. “He has a history playing second base. He played some short. He played quite a bit this spring and he’s played third. I would have to say he’s an option at all of those positions if we have any issues or injuries.

Robert Stephenson looks real bad, then real good

Last night the Reds lost to the Cubs, 5-4. Robert Stephenson had an outing that showed a little bit of what he’s come to be known for: Inconsistency. In the first two innings he allowed four hits and two walks. There were also two line outs, a hit batter, and a runner tagged out on the bases. Suffice to say, it was a real struggle. Then in the third inning the script flipped for Stephenson, striking out the first two batters he faced before getting a pop up to Joey Votto to end the inning. The next inning began with an error, but that was followed by two more strikeouts. At that point he had reached his pitch count and left the game.

When Robert Stephenson is on, he’s very, very good. But he seems to still be battling to find the consistency on the mound. His stats in the spring show that, too. He has 15 strikeouts in 11.2 innings. That’s pretty darn strong. But he’s also walked eight batters and allowed 18 hits. And, well, that’s not. At this point it seems likely that he is heading to Triple-A, though nothing is set in stone at this point and I’m merely speculating. 11.2 innings isn’t a ton, and he certainly pitched well down the stretch last year as a starter in the Major Leagues. But, he’s been outperformed by more than a few guys that seems to be playing for the same spot on the 25-man roster.

That’s all for now. Time to start getting ready and heading to Goodyear for some baseball.

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