It’s been nearly three weeks since I last updated the longest homers list. I got behind on some things, and then a bunch of the teams hit the road. That makes it tougher to get information on some of the home runs hit. But I was able to catch up on things this weekend. The plan is to try and do this every other week. That will give us enough home runs to look at each update.

While it is May 6th, I’m only going to be having the home runs hit in April listed. And the next week I’ll get back to things to make that a “two week” gap on homers, then just try to keep it going each month for somewhere around the 15th and 30th/31st of each month.

The longest home run hit in the second half of April was by Brandon Dixon. He hit the ball 435 feet in Louisville Slugger Field back on April 23rd. That was the tops by a single foot over one hit by Mitch Nay on the same day in Daytona.

Here’s video of the home run hit by Brandon Dixon on the night:

Date Player Distance
23-Apr Brandon Dixon 435
23-Apr Mitch Nay 434
18-Apr Nick Longhi 420
28-Apr Brian O’Grady 411
27-Apr Nick Senzel 410
24-Apr Rosell Herrera 404
25-Apr Taylor Trammell 403
18-Apr Taylor Sparks 399
16-Apr Gavin LaValley 398
27-Apr John Sansone 397
28-Apr Brian O’Grady 394
24-Apr Taylor Sparks 384
27-Apr Brian O’Grady 384
1-May Mason Williams 384
18-Apr John Sansone 381
23-Apr Ibandel Isabel 377
26-Apr Brian O’Grady 373
2-May Gavin LaValley 373
4-May Tyler Stephenson 365
24-Apr Tyler Stephenson 361
3-May Tony Cruz 356
3-May Shed Long 351
25-Apr Gavin LaValley 348
24-Apr Sebastian Elizalde 345
29-Apr Luis Gonzalez 339
28-Apr Aristides Aquino 329

There were several long home runs hit in that span, but none of them topped the longest of the season. Dilson Herrera‘s 441 foot home run on April 13th remains at the top of the list for the season. Here’s how the Top 10 longest of the year break down:

Date Player Distance
13-Apr Dilson Herrera 441
23-Apr Brandon Dixon 435
23-Apr Mitch Nay 434
14-Apr Mitch Nay 431
18-Apr Nick Longhi 420
28-Apr Brian O’Grady 411
27-Apr Nick Senzel 410
14-Apr Taylor Trammell 408
14-Apr Steve Selsky 408
24-Apr Rosell Herrera 404

Mitch Nay has two of the four longest home runs on the season. Both of them topped 430 feet. He’s been rather impressive this year for Daytona.

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