With the way that things worked out in the month of June for my, there was no longest home run update for the month at any point. I usually do one at the midway point of the month, and then at the end. Things got busy and I simply didn’t keep up. We are now a week into July and I just got caught up to the end of June. Not all of the home runs hit during the month were tracked. Video guys/gals missed six home runs, and the ball simply couldn’t be tracked beyond the wall for a few more. But, I was able to get distances on 67 home runs for the month.

The longest home run hit in June goes to D.J. Peterson on June 19th for Louisville. It came in at 441 feet – 1 foot further than the one hit by Ibandel Isabel on June 28th for Daytona.


It was a big month for long home runs on the Cincinnati Reds farm system. There were 31 home runs hit that went at least 400 feet during the month. Here’s the top 40 home runs for June:

Date Player Distance
19-Jun DJ Peterson 441
28-Jun Ibandel Isabel 440
21-Jun Pabel Manzanero 434
1-Jun Ibandel Isabel 432
9-Jun Gabby Guerrero 431
23-Jun Gavin LaValley 425
27-Jun DJ Peterson 424
1-Jun Ibandel Isabel 421
23-Jun Taylor Sparks 420
29-Jun Mason Williams 419
28-Jun Brantley Bell 418
1-Jul Rylan Thomas 416
6-Jun Ibandel Isabel 416
21-Jun Nick Senzel 409
12-Jun Taylor Sparks 408
29-Jun DJ Peterson 407
6-Jun Brian O’Grady 407
19-Jun Steve Selsky 404
9-Jun Narciso Crook 404
8-Jun Ibandel Isabel 404
5-Jun Bruce Yari 404
27-Jun Andy Sugilio 403
3-Jun Ibandel Isabel 403
29-Jun Mitch Nay 402
21-Jun Debby Santana 402
13-Jun Gabby Guerrero 402
28-Jun Raul Wallace 401
27-Jun Phillip Ervin 401
13-Jun Mason Williams 401
16-Jun Aristides Aquino 400
15-Jun Pabel Manzanero 400
24-Jun DJ Peterson 397
30-Jun Ernesto Liberatore 395
24-Jun Mason Williams 394
15-Jun Stuart Fairchild 392
3-Jun Andy Sugilio 392
19-Jun Shed Long 391
3-Jun Michael Beltre 391
5-Jun Tony Cruz 389
27-Jun Hendrik Clementina 387

June provided several home runs that crept into the Top 10 for the season. It also becomes quickly apparent that baseballs like to travel 431 feet.

Cincinnati Reds Minor Leagues Longest Homers of the Year

Date Player Distance
4-May Hendrik Clementina 465
11-May Brandon Dixon 452
19-Jun DJ Peterson 441
13-Apr Dilson Herrera 441
28-Jun Ibandel Isabel 440
21-Jun Pabel Manzanero 434
23-Apr Mitch Nay 434
1-Jun Ibandel Isabel 432
9-Jun Gabby Guerrero 431
15-May Steve Selsky 431
23-Apr Brandon Dixon 431
14-Apr Mitch Nay 431

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