The Los Angeles Dodgers have reportedly had conversations with the Cincinnati Reds about acquiring Scooter Gennett.

He isn’t the only player they’ve inquired about when it comes to infielders, but he’s the only one Reds fans should care about. Scooter Gennett is once again having a big year for the Reds. He’s hitting .326/.368/.515 with 20 doubles and 14 home runs this season. Gennett has arguably been the best second baseman in the National League this season. He’s helped the Reds win post-April this season quite a bit. But, he’s a free agent to be after next season and it’s tough to imagine his value being much higher than it is today. If there’s a good deal on the table for him, then the Reds should take it. However, because he does have an extra year of control left, it means that Cincinnati doesn’t have to just accept whatever comes their way.

What would you ask the Dodgers for in return for Scooter Gennett?

Tejay Antone almost broke the laws of baseball on Monday

The perfect game. There haven’t been many in the Major Leagues. There have been a few more in the Minor Leagues. On Monday evening, in the first game of a double header, Tejay Antone took the mound to start the game. He was perfect for the regularly scheduled seven innings. Had Daytona scored a run, Antone and the Tortugas would have been celebrating a perfect game. But, they hadn’t.

And that brought up a wild scenario. The 8th inning, considered extra-innings in this game, would begin with a runner on second base under the new rules in the minor leagues this season. There was a chance that the Daytona Tortugas could complete a perfect game, but still give up a run AND LOSE. Antone was pulled, and he was replaced to begin the inning with Joel Kuhnel, who kept the game perfect and scoreless through the eighth. Daytona again went scoreless and the game went into the ninth inning when Florida broke through and would win 3-1.

Packy Naughton, not quite perfect, but close

While Tejay Antone was perfect for Daytona, Packy Naughton came as close as he could for Dayton on Monday night. The left-handed starter allowed just two hits in 8.0 innings against Great Lakes at Dow Diamond in Michigan. He didn’t walk anyone and he struck out nine batters over his start. That dropped his ERA to 4.10 on the season and gave him 85 strikeouts with just 20 walks in 98.2 innings pitched through 18 starts on the year. He’s been on a roll for the last three starts, not allowing an earned run in his last 21.0 innings, walking just one batter, and striking out 17.

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  1. kevinz

    Hmm what about surprise Muncy at 2nd already for the LAD?
    Surprised want scooter then since he can only really do 2nd?
    Can Muncy play 1st or Corner OF?
    Saw Bellinger in the OF so Jw on that end

    • Stock

      Bellinger is playing the OF and Muncy 1B. They need one bat. I think they prefer Machado so they can move Taylor to CF but between Bellinger and Taylor they have a lot of flexibility. They could also use Hamilton for late inning defense.

  2. kevinz

    It not the package i would want for scooter. but what will a team will give up.
    Scooter to Lad for RHP Santana C Smith RHP May OF Toles as the OLDER Lottery Pick type.

  3. Wes

    Mlb reported Os want top C prospect from dodgers for Machado and dodgers Said no. Dodgers trying to get a good player for free still or drive down price even more for Machado. Either way- they don’t seem to willing to trade market value. Just keep scooter.

  4. Bob Anderson

    Wow, they are just abusing Garrett now. He clearly doesn’t have enough gas for 2 inning stints yet they shove him out there in a 7-1 game for a second inning. It all needs too call the carpet in.

  5. Cguy

    Scooter & his shoulder looked pretty healthy on that carom [lay off Votto last night. I’d say maybe a quarter to a third of MLers have nagging shoulder, hip, knee, elbow, back, neck, etc. injuries they are trying to play through. Scooter is a gamer & will be fine. If LA doesn’t want to give up 1 of their top 2 prospects plus another of their top 8 prospects, then they really don’t want Scooter do they?

  6. redlegs4ever

    Dennis Santana would be nice, probably too steep for Scooter. Yadier Alvarez could work if the Reds turn him into a reliever then fast track him.

    End of the day the Dodgers are notorious cheap skates when it comes to trades, and this sounds a heck of a lot more like leverage for Manny Machado and/or the Dodgers hoping someone panics and gives away their asset.

    • Norwood Nate

      I think once Machado is moved we’ll see more interest in Scooter. The Dodgers and Indians are reportedly both deep in the mix and they can’t both land him.

      I would target Dennis Santana and believe that would be fair value with maybe a lower secondary piece.

      • redlegs4ever

        Machado is clearly the best bat on the market but even if he’s moved there’s several infielders on Scooters level available. Dozier and Asdrubal come to mind and both those guys would likely come cheaper to an acquiring team while each boasting better track records. I just can’t see Scooters value being nearly as high as anyone thinks it is. I would certainly take Santana straight up in a second and even Alvarez for that matter, but I struggle to see the Dodgers making those offers with what else is available to them.

    • Tampa Red

      Did a little digging into Santana. Not Doug Grey style digging, but digging nonetheless. Santana seems like a two-pitch guy who’s going to end up in the bullpen. If that’s all the Reds can get for Scooter, than they’re better off doing what I’ve suggested all along:

      Take the best offer you can get for Harvey. Demand an overpay for Iglesias and if you don’t get it, hold on to him. See if you can get a FAIR return for either Hamilton or Duvall. Hold onto the rest of the team, see how the rest of 2018 plays out and then decide what you need and how you’re going to get it to win in 2019.

      There is absolutely NO reason to trade anyone other than Harvey. This isn’t a Frazier/Bruce/Cueto situation where you’ve got a long rebuild ahead of you. The goal needs to be to win in 2019 and beyond. And using the 2nd half of 2018 to evaluate guys like Castillo, Romano, Hamilton, Duvall, Schebler, Peraza and yes even Gennett to see if he can grind through and continue to produce over the 162.

      Yes, of course if you’re blown away, no one is untouchable. But evaluating for 2019 is far more important than any difference in trade value in July vs the offseason is.

      • The Duke

        I agree that Harvey is the only “must trade” guy, especially since we need to see what Bob Steve has got as he has to stick on the big club next year.

    • RedsinWashst

      My worry with Scooter is that his arm finally falls off or he injures himself. The Reds again will have missed out. He plays pretty hard, I think you get what you can and get out.

      • Tampa Red

        A 28 year old all star with another year of team control, who is well above average power for his position and who is leading the league in hitting, you take what you can get??!!

        Man I couldn’t possibly agree less. If you get overwhelmed, or if DW legitimately believes there’s a deal to make your team better in 2019 and beyond then sure make the deal. Otherwise figure out what you want to do in the off-season.

        This isn’t 2015 anymore. The Reds don’t need to be trading above average big leaguers with team control for “whatever they can get.” I don’t think that’s the actual plan, thankfully.

      • RedsinWashst

        You have made it pretty clear that you want the Reds to act like their in a major market and want to keep every player no matter what the cost. Of course that is how they got in this position to begin with. 2nd base is an area that the Reds have plenty of prospects coming up. I admire Scooter but right now he is worth more then he ever will be. Yes get the best deal that we can.

      • Tampa Red

        “You have made it pretty clear that you want the Reds to act like their in a major market and want to keep every player no matter what the cost.”

        I’ve actually said no such thing, not even close. I literally said the opposite.

        The post you’re replying to I specifically said that if DW is overwhelmed by an offer or has an offer that he legitimately believes makes the Reds better in 2019 and beyond, then by all means make the trade. Furthermore, I said they should definitely move Harvey and should see if they can get a fair return for Hamilton and Duvall. That’s literally the opposite of major market baseball.

        So again, the Reds should absolutely not accept “whatever they can get” for Gennett. That’s how you end up with the Chapman/Bruce trades. Thankfully, I’m confident that that’s not the plan.

  7. MikeinSoCal

    Dodgers actually need a SS so that they can get everybody back into preferred positions. Gennett would just keep the puzzle scrambled. But you never know.

  8. Bill

    Offensively, the Dodgers have received their worst production from 2B Logan Forsythe. The Dodgers could also use help with their bullpen. Offer Scooter and Hernandez for Forsythe (included only because of dollars), CF Verdugo, RHP May, and SS/2B Lux. Reds would need to ensure they would be comfortable starting Verdugo in CF and that Lux could stick at SS.

      • Bill

        Then, why would the Reds give up Gennett? Machodo is a 2 month rental, Gennett is under control next year as well. So is Hernandez for that matter.

        We should only trade Scooter to meet a team need. We are no longer at a place where simply getting equal “value” is sufficient. We have a surplus at 2B and a deficit at CF and starting pitching. We should not trade a legitimate all-star for secondary pieces.

      • Colorado Red

        Not saying they should trade Scooter.
        Just saying LA is not giving up Verdgo for anyone.

      • Bill

        I’ve read they would like to keep Verdugo, but they have a controlled CF in Pederson along with capable backups on the ML roster along with Diaz and Kendall in the minors. That’s a fair amount of CF depth for the Dodgers to place Verdugo on their “untouchable” list while they are trying to win a Division title. He’s a solid prospect with a reasonably high ceiling, but he’s by no means a can’t miss superstar.

  9. MK

    Looking at Cleveland last night they would be a good fit for Scooter and some bullpen pieces. Kipna is is at age where he is either having a bad year or combined with regression last year, he’s done.

    • Colorado Red

      I am thinking Scooter and Hernandez For Bieber, Jones, and a Lottery Ticket.
      Flip Jones latter

      • The Duke

        Bieber is in their rotation right now, I doubt he gets moved.

        If they were interested in a Scooter/Hernandez package I would try to get something like:

        RHP Triston McKenzie, SS Yu Cheng Chang, and OF George Valera

      • Alex

        I personally would still be interested in Bradley Zimmer in a package from Cleveland

  10. The Duke

    I think there may be more value in the Dodgers second tier than trying to get a big piece. So either something with a “centerpiece” package like:

    RHP Mitchell White, OF Starling Heredia, and RHP Jordan Sheffield

    or a mid tier package like:

    C Will Smith, RHP Dustin May, and SS/2B Gavin Lux

    I don’t think they even consider moving Verdugo for Scooter or even Scooter and a non-Iglesias reliever.

    • redlegs4ever

      Have you seen the year Will Smith is having? Some rankings may still have him mid tier in the Dodgers system but I would guess he’s the highest ranked prospect in either of those packages you mentioned once everyone’s updates come out. I don’t do a Dodgers prospect list, but I would be tempted to put him #1 in their organization. Might be an over reaction, but I’m also not a big believer in the guys they ranked at the top. (Looking at you Verdugo)

      • The Duke

        I wouldn’t have pushed him that fast, but Keibert Ruiz is 19 in AA and holding his own.

      • redlegs4ever

        I find it interesting their both in AA, Smith has been playing a good bit of 3rd, but most see him as the far superior defensive catcher. Versatility is never a bad thing but you would think Ruiz just would have went back to high A ball, at least for the first half.

      • Wes

        I think catchers are equal to relievers in rankings. Absolute fools gold. U seem em in top 50/25/10 and then if they reach majors at all- they hit 240 w 20 homers.

        So according to MLB Dodgers won’t trade Ruiz for Machado even with Will Smith in the wings. No reason to even take dodgers call….

        Cleveland has a history of spending big in traded. Scooter and Iglesias for a McKenzie centerpiece trade and ill be thrilled with it! Might as well get one top guy vs 1/2 dozen maybes.

    • Eric

      I would look for a package of Diaz and May for Scooter

  11. Matthew O'Neal

    From the Dodgers for Scooter, I’d be happy with High A pitcher Dustin May and High A SS/2b Gavin Lux (the dodgers 10 and 12 prospects according to MLB).

    From the Indians straight up for Shane Bieber or for the combination of RHP Aaron Civale and Conner Capel (Indians number 9 and 11 prospects according to MLB)

    • Rob Ross

      That’s probably why you or I are not running things. Lol

  12. Dan

    I agree Duke. I think if they want a top tier return on prospect(s) they will have to be willing to part with some of their own prospects along with Scooter……which I am not opposed to. Maybe offer Scooter and a couple of #5 through #15 top prospects to get one of their top 3 guys.

    Verdugo for Scooter, Shed Long and Jose Siri.

  13. Norwood Nate

    Really glad they called Herrera up while he was hot just to sit on the bench. Solid use of resources while the interim manager talks about winning games. Can’t even option him back down to get him regular ABs. People jumped on me for saying the Reds didn’t have a good plan in place when they acquired all these near ready MIF, but this is the sort of stuff I’m talking about. There was no need to call him up when they did, but they did and it’s another example of disconnect between FO and manager, where the manager is coaching for his job rather than development in a season where development should take first priority.

    And no, I’m not just looking for something to complain about and in general think the FO since Williams took over has done a fine job. This sort of stuff happens too often though for too long, it’s frustrating.

    • RedsinWashst

      Depends on if they trade Scooter soon. Their manager is not good at getting the bench playing time. You would think they would give Scooter a day off now and then.

    • Bill

      Nate, I agree. I understand with the team playing well and playing playoff contenders that they want to put their best foot forward. This approach can help with the assessment of exactly how much progress has been made. That said, why call up the player that can’t be optioned rather than perhaps Phillip Ervin that can? It’s a curious decision to say the least.

  14. Doug

    Seems to me like we should be hoping the Brewers get Machado. They are the one team linked to him that wouldn’t also be a fit for Scooter (probably more reluctant to trade in-division, plus Scooter’s history with the Crew). If the Machado domino falls and the Dodgers, Indians, and maybe even the Yankees still need another bat, that would probably increase his value that much more.

    I agree that the plethora of selling teams and middle infield options similar to Scooter will drive his price down a bit, but the Brewers getting Machado seems like it would help move things along. Plus, I’m already sick of the Cubs winning the division.

  15. Matthew

    I would ask for Dennis Santana plus 1 from each group of the following for Gennett: Group 1: Will Smith, Dustin May, and Gavin Lux. Group 2:Caleb Ferguson, Dean Kremer, and Zach Pop.

  16. Alex Reds

    Hi all, thought I’d share my research and analysis on contender positional needs.

    I did a deep analysis of every playoff contending team to see what there needs are.

    Here are the results: (teams are organized by my perception of trade match with the Reds based on the other team’s needs and them having the right top 100 prospects as a trade partner. The positions listed for each team are organized by how badly I felt that team needed that position)

    Astros need: RF and 1B, [Votto for 1B – seems like a perfect match with Reds eating some salary and getting the best starting pitching prospect in baseball??? This might be only team Votto would waive his no trade clause for as a mid size market with a real shot at the World Series! Schebler for RF? Votto and Schebler trade package for a super prospects package and Reds eating salary of Votto? This would put the Astros over the top vs the Yankees and Red Sox. I think this trade would really increase their chances. This would be a great trade for the Reds as there is significant risk due to age with the rest of Votto’s mega contract. It could saddle the Reds when they are finally ready to compete in 1-2 years then they have to pay all those players to keep them but can’t. ]

    Indians needs: 2 relievers, 1B, CF, DH; maybe: 2B [ Iglesias? Hughes? Hernandez? Lorenzen? Schebler for CF? Gennett for DH/2B? ]

    Braves needs: CF, closer type, may have interest in Suarez and the farm to make it happen. wow what a great starter Sean Newcomb has become [ Iglesias? Schebler for CF? Suarez mega farm package? Hughes/Hernandez/Lorenzen?
    Note: Braves and Brewers have a real shot at making the World Series out of the weaker N.L – will they trade their farm to go for it? It would make sense if they get controllable players back, or didn’t have to give up their top prospects.]

    Nationals need: C, maybe: mid-level reliever [Barnhart and Hughes for Robles? Sounds crazy but it is a phenomenal fit here. Robles has been out so he can’t help the Nationals this year. If you could get Victor Robles out of Barnart, I think you’d have to do it. Also a fit with Casali as well if he keeps it up, Hughes, Hernandez, Floro]

    Dodgers needs: 2B, 1-2 relievers, maybe RF, C, SS [ Gennett? Schebler? relievers?]

    Diamondbacks needs: desperate RF; then 2B SS [ Schebler? Gennett? ]

    Brewers needs: desperate 2B; maybe: RF/LF if Yelich not back soon, 3B, 5th starter, hard to tell w/ small sample size so far: C [ very desparate for 2B = Perfect Gennett landing spot but division rival on the rise… eek no way they do it unless they expect Gennett to drop off, plus the Brewers cut Gennett previously. Brewers must really regret that right now!]
    Where in the world did they get Aguilar and Saladino (small sample)? Both with ~ 1 OPS.
    Braun dropped off big time. Looks like they are saddled with Braun’s contract

    Yankees needs: 2x back end/front end starters, 1B/DH Type [Votto for 1B? Yankees are set up to win for a long time and have $, can Votto waive the no trade clause to play in the mega-city lime light? Gennett for 1B/DH? Mahle?]

    Red Sox needs: 2B, CF, C all very badly, mid level reliever, maybe: DH [ Gennett? Schebler for CF? Hamilton? Barnhart? Casali? relievers? Red Sox farm doesn’t provide much]

    Mariners needs: C, 1B, 2B, Maybe: 3B but it’s one of their large contract players [ Gennett? Barnhart? Casali? Mariners farm doesn’t provide much]

    Phillies needs: SS, RF, 1B, 3B, 4th backup reliever; maybe: 2B, C [They have a lot of needs that I see them fizzling out in the NL Wild Card. But, they haven’t been close in a long time – will that push their ownership to go for it just for a wild card? I doubt it unless they are dumb/desparate which does happen. Not a great fit with Reds. Schebler? Lorenzen? Hernandez? Floro?]

    Cubs needs: #2 starter or a second top notch starter after Lester.. but I don’t think they’ve got assets to acquire one. They gave up a lot for Quintana and he hasn’t been as good as they needed him to be. [Definitely not a fit]
    Wow Lester is having a great year!

    My most interesting trade ideas:

    Reds trade Votto and Schebler and paying $50M cash – next two years of Votto’s contract to Astros for Forrest Whitley, Cionel Perez, and another strong performing prospect or two.
    Votto to Yankees for… (doubt he’ll waive no trade clause here)

    Reds trade Iglesias, Hughes, (and this seems like an overpay – but you could add Gennett for DH/2B?) to Indians for Triston McKenzie/Shane Bieber/Nolan Jones, or Francisco Mejia/(Triston McKenzie or Shane Bieber) This is a really good fit. It seems like a lot to give up for the Reds, but realistically they got nothing for Cozart so holding onto players with 1-2 years left in a rebuild when you could transform your team with 2-3x controllable starters who are top 100 prospects should be an easy decision. The question then is how to best maximize the return across 1 or more teams for the group of players.

    Based on what I’ve seen for the needs of teams, Gennett is a great fit for many teams that need another player to put them over the top. I expect him to very much be in demand across many teams who will be willing to pay a premium for him. Hopefully the Reds will package another reliever with Gennett to get a premium return.
    Reds trade Gennett to play DH for Indians for Triston McKenzie, or Shane Bieber or Nolan Jones
    Gennett and a reliever to Dodgers for…
    Gennett to Brewers for a huge chunk of their farm system?
    Gennett to DH/1B for Yankees for…?
    Gennett to Red Sox for?

    Reds trade Tucker Barnhart and Jared Hughes to Nationals for VICTOR ROBLES. Finally solve our CF problem. I know nobody wants to trade Barnhart, but this move could transform the whole franchise. A ton of teams need a CF that can hit. Victor Robles is amazing, a potential franchise changing player. He hurt his elbow in April with no structural damage but should be out for the whole year. This would be buying LOW on a top 10 overall prospect in the whole minor leagues. I really love this trade. Anything we can do to get Victor Robles or Forrest Whitley, we have to do!

    Reds trade Suarez and a reliever for the whole Braves farm system. This is a pretty good fit. This puts the Braves into strong contention for World Series. Reds would be insane to trade Suarez if he can produce at this level with that contract. However, Senzel and India are hopefully on their way soon, and the Braves farm system fills up the top 100 prospects list with a ton of pitchers, which the Reds need. The Braves may actually have a strong enough farm to pry Suarez. No way this happens though.

    Duvall to Diamondbacks for…

    Billy Hamilton to Red Sox/Giants for…

    Casali to Mariners for something. However, if Casali is going to be productive, way better off to just keep him.

    I would target Nationals Victor Robles, Astros Forrest Whitley, Yankees Justus Sheffield, Indians Triston McKenzie, Indians Shane Bieber, and Astros Cionel Perez, and Angels Jo Adell in that order and find a way to offer enough, including cash if needed, or returning some of our own prospect depth in the trade.
    If trading Barnhart as part of package to get Nationals Robles, I would then stronger consider Indians Mejia in return.

    Dream Scenario of multiple trades:

    1) Reds trade Votto, Schebler, and paying $50M cash – next two years of Votto’s contract to Astros for FORREST WHITLEY, Cionel Perez, and another strong performing prospect or two.

    2) Reds trade Tucker Barnhart, Jared Hughes, and one of Phil Ervin/Dilson Herrera/Shed Long/Hendrick Clementina to Nationals for VICTOR ROBLES

    3) Reds trade Iglesias, Gennett, David Hernandez, Michael Lorenzen, Billy Hamilton, Chris Okey/Hendrick Clementina and $10M cash to Indians for Francisco Mejia, Triston McKenzie, and Shane Bieber

    4) Anthony Desclafani extended for 2 more years past arbitration to take advantage of the fact that he will be underpaid in arbitration based on his past and injury this year

    5) Matt Harvey traded for the best you can get, ideally a 17-19 year old young high ceiling prospect

    6) Amir Garrett back to starting

    It could really pay off! Reds future lineup (year 2021). All Caps are all star level performers. * are potential all stars. Reds would have 5 bona fide all stars, with two coming from these trades and the whole roster of players would be controlled for a long time which means they would be cheap. The whole payroll could be used to extend these players contracts even longer, or pick up free agents or a top of the rotation starter for playoffs.

    C Francisco Mejia*
    1B Tyler Stephenson
    2B Dilson Herrera/Shed Long until Jonathan India*
    SS NICK SENZEL (or Peraza/India with Senzel at 2B)
    LF Jesse Winker
    RF Taylor Trammell*
    SP3 Tyler Mahle
    SP4 Cionel Perez*
    SP5 Triston McKenzie*
    SP6 Shane Bieber
    SP7: CLuis Castillo*
    SP8 Amir Garrett*
    SP9 Robert Stephenson
    SP6-9 would fill the bench or a couple starters will likely be injured
    RP1 Brandon Finnegan
    RP2 Tony Santillan
    RP3 Tanner Rainey
    RP4Jose Lopez
    RP5 Keury Mella
    RP6 Vladimir Gutierrez
    Bench: Alex Blandino, Jeter Downs, Shed Long, T.J. Friedl, Jose Siri

    Trade Chips if they have a good year or reinforcements: Anthony Desclafani, Sal Romano, Matt Harvey, Cody Reed, Lyon Richardson, Dilson Herrera, Hendrick Clementina, Josiah Gray, Jose Garcia, Mike Siani, Jimmy Herget, Rookie Davis, Stuart Fairchild, Scott Moss, Aristides Aquino, Nick Hanson, Blake Trahan, Jacob Heatherly, Miles Gordon

    • redleggingfordayz

      I just don’t see most of these trades happening. Also Votto is literally going nowhere and I personally do not understand why people keep bringing him up in trade scenarios. He has stated multiple times that he will be a Red until the end of his baseball days. Amir most likely is not going to be a starter in the future so I wouldn’t try and count on that. I also really don’t see the Reds packaging Iglesias with Scooter in any trade unless it is for a top 10 overall prospect + a ton more. I like that you are thinking outside the box, but some of these trades are stacked pretty hard against the Reds and I doubt the FO would take them.

      • Steve

        Yeah, I won’t even lie, the first portion of this was a Votto trade and at that point I figured I could just stop reading.

    • Reaganspad

      I would not trade Votto. Have you watched either 2nd half the past 2 years.

      I would not give anyone $50 million

      I would not trade Schebler. He should be the kind of player we are trying to acquire. I would be including Billy in those scenarios

  17. SultanofSwaff

    For Tristan McKenzie, I unload Iglesias. Imagine Hunter Greene paired with him in a couple years. WOW.

    The Reds have to be super cautious and do their homework on Verdugo. PCL stats are notoriously bloated.

    Honestly, I’m more interested in the Reds ADDING pieces at the deadline. They have prospect depth from which to deal and there will be multiple teams conducting fire sales (KC/MIN/DET/MIA/TOR/SD/TEX/PIT). Sooo many players we need to kick the tires on!

  18. kevinz

    Reds: Scooter Hamilton
    LAD: Toles Smith May Lux. Grab the 3 prospects who are rising in Smith May Lux.
    Toles plays CF for Billy. If toles can stay healthy got ourselves a steal.

  19. Bill

    My preferred partners for Scooter:

    – Yankees: Clint Frazier + lower level pitching
    – Indians: McKenzie + a SS and one more
    – Dodgers: Verdugo + May and one more

    Otherwise, keep him on the Reds and keep building on our foundation.

  20. Hoyce

    Imo the reds gotta do what they need to do to get McKenzie or Forrest Whitley. Been saying it for weeks
    And can’t trade hunter while doing it.
    The reds need to acquire or have 3 dominant power pitchers that they can bring up together.
    Pitching pitching and more pitching pleez

    • victor vollhardt

      The Reds have a current exciting team on the field —they shouldn’t break it up. These players are proven–on the field, at the plate and off the field(very important). Only player that needs to go is Harvey and that is only because of his contract status and his agent. By the way that agent (I believe) is also Lorenzen’s agent which does not bode good things in the future. All these final young prospects are also “suspects” as well and that goes for the Reds prospects as well. I value(very highly) the opinions of many of the posters on this website. Rather than all of pie in sky potential trades– I would love to hear their opinions as who are some of the Reds young players in the system that could be given up in trades to acquire players who are MLB players now.Right now the Reds could use a good bench/pinch hitter and another relief pitcher. As for starting pitchers —free agents in the off season is about the only option..———As to the perfect game and then start the first “extra” inning with a man on second—well Park Ave (commissioner’s office) so far have done their best to screw up what is in reality is a most “perfect” game every time the umpire calls out “Play Ball”. This is just another example—until this type of mindset(replays-time clocks-pace of play) goes away the whole game could be compromised.

      • victor vollhardt

        To put the cherry on top of my above comment——–In Cleveland tonight seven (7!!!!!) runs in the 9th inning to win. Best thing to do right now —Let this team alone and only try to add some minor pieces by moving some of the young Reds prospects.

  21. Hoyce

    Matt Harvey to milw for Keon broxton.
    Who says no? I imagine the reds would jump at that.
    Or is that too lopsided? Remember Harvey would cost almost nothing financially. That’s key.

    • SultanofSwaff

      There are much better ‘bridge to Trammell/Siri’ options out there. Leonys Martin, Whit Merrifield has been playing a solid CF, Kiermeier/Pillar, Starling Marte has been surpassed by Austin Meadows…..

  22. Cguy

    If the Reds trade Scooter to the Dodgers they gotta get Santana, + 1 of their AA catchers.