There were some absolute monster home runs hit in the second half of July in the Cincinnati Reds farm system. In total I was able to get distances of 67 home runs from July 16th through July 31st. As the summer got hotter, the ball started flying further. As always, some of these home runs are tracked via video replay and google maps distance tool, along with slight adjustments for trajectory of the ball from it’s contact point. And some of the distances are from the Trackman system. My “estimations” using video replay and google maps, when compared to known distances on Trackman home runs is pretty accurate – usually within 5-10 feet unless there was a big wind blowing out that day. I feel confident the two are accurate to compare.

Not only did everyone start hitting more homers, we also saw someone take over the top spot for longest home run of the year. On July 23rd Pabel Manzanero hit a baseball 467 feet in Orem, Utah. That took the top spot for the year from Hendrik Clementina at 465 feet. Take a look at this blast (if you can’t tell from the video, the ball landed at the top of the hill).

Chris Okey almost topped Clementina, too. The day before Manzanero’s moonshot, Okey hit one 463 feet in Pensacola against Jacksonville. Unfortunately there’s no video highlight available on it. Juan Martinez also destroyed a baseball and landed himself into the Top 10 with a 452 foot blast later in the month.

Longest Home Runs from July 16-July 31

Here’s the Top 23 home runs from July 16th through the end of the month. It’s 23 because that’s how many went 400+ feet.

Date Player Distance
23-Jul Pabel Manzanero 467
22-Jul Chris Okey 463
29-Jul Juan Martinez 452
19-Jul Tyler Stephenson 435
23-Jul Bren Spillane 422
18-Jul Chris Okey 418
16-Jul Brandt Stallings 414
21-Jul Jose Siri 414
22-Jul Rookie Davis 414
28-Jul Raul Wallace 413
22-Jul Drew Mount 412
22-Jul Jonathan India 412
21-Jul Taylor Sparks 411
23-Jul Pabel Manzanero 411
28-Jul Gavin LaValley 409
31-Jul Hendrik Clementina 409
26-Jul Mariel Bautista 408
17-Jul Brandon Dixon 407
19-Jul Aristides Aquino 407
20-Jul Ibandel Isabel 406
24-Jul Gabby Guerrero 404
25-Jul D.J. Peterson 403
31-Jul D.J. Peterson 403

Longest Home Runs of the Year

And here is the new Top 10 Longest Home Runs of the Year on the Cincinnati Reds farm:

Date Player Distance
23-Jul Pabel Manzanero 467
4-May Hendrik Clementina 465
22-Jul Chris Okey 463
29-Jul Juan Martinez 452
11-May Brandon Dixon 452
10-Jul Reshard Munroe 451
19-Jun DJ Peterson 441
13-Apr Dilson Herrera 441
28-Jun Ibandel Isabel 440
15-Jul Taylor Trammell 438