As you’ve probably already seen, Nick Senzel is working on learning left field in instructional league right now. If you haven’t seen that, I’d suggest clicking that link and starting with that article first.

Before he was injured in the summer, Nick Senzel spent the 2018 season with the Louisville Bats. He only made one start at shortstop. Most of his time came at second base, where he made 28 starts. He also made 14 starts at third base. We already knew that Senzel was a strong defensive player at third base. This past offseason he was named as the best defensive third baseman in all of minor league baseball. Even with a small number of games played at second base with Louisville this season, he was named the best defensive second baseman in the International League, too.

Baseball Info Solutions does a whole lot of everything when it comes to compiling stats. They handle stuff for both the Major and Minor Leagues. On Tuesday they released their defensive runs saved for the minors over at Nick Senzel didn’t rank among the overall leaders, but it seems that was only due to a lack of games played. He was mentioned in the “other notable performances” section, thought.

Of the top five prospects according to MLB Pipeline (Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Fernando Tatis Jr., Eloy Jimenez, Nick Senzel, and Victor Robles), Nick Senzel of the Reds easily stands out as the best of the bunch defensively, saving four runs in only 42 games between second and third base.

Some quick math suggests that over the course of a full minor league season, that would extrapolate into about 13 runs saved. That would have been among the best overall between the Double-A and Triple-A levels.

Kiley McDaniel of Fangraphs addressed some Nick Senzel defensive questions yesterday, too.

Ethan: Do you think Nick Senzel could play cf? Or would they be better off with Peraza in cf and Senzel at SS?

Kiley McDaniel: Senzel’s best position is 3B, but he can play passable versions of almost any position. Peraza is probably best at 2B, but can also play passably almost anywhere

That wasn’t the only Reds related question he addressed, so go check that out.

League Prospect Rankings are coming

Baseball America began their Top 20 League rankings today. Unfortunately it was the Pacific Coast League that kicked off the rankings and the Cincinati Reds do not play in that league. But, assuming there’s nothing keeping the author of the list from hosting the chat tomorrow, the International League should hit the digital pages tomorrow. Only when there’s a conflict for whoever will be hosting the chat each day that goes along with the league that they wrote up do things not necessarily go in order. Things will go level-by-level, in descending order. That means at some point next week you will see the Double-A levels, and possibly see the Florida State League, too.

Over the next few weeks they will unveil a new list each week day. With the Reds entering the Appalachian League this year, we’ll get one extra list than we used to covering Reds prospects. As I always note in these lists, though – these rankings are based on what coaches and managers in the league saw. They are not from what scouts saw. There’s not always a difference, but sometimes there certainly can be. The coaches and managers may lean more on current performance over future performance.

Dayton continues to outdraw nearly everyone

Minor League Baseball released their official attendance data for the 2018 season yesterday. Among the top 10 teams in attendance, nine of the teams were Triple-A teams. The Dayton Dragons were the lone non-Triple-A team, coming in at 8th overall on the list. They had 550,725 people come through the gates this past season. When it comes to non-Triple-A teams they ranked 1st, by far. The Frisco RoughRiders finished second on that list and were 1000 fans short, per game, of Dayton. They were also the only team within 140,000 fans of the Dragons.

Here’s a look at how the affiliates for the Reds performed when it comes to attendance:

With the exception of the Louisville Bats, all of the other affiliates ranked in the top half of their leagues in attendance.

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