The Cincinnati Reds have continued overhauling their front office. In August several moves were announced when it came to scouting and player development roles. One of those moves was that Tony Arias would be moving from International Scouting Director into a traditional scouting role within the organization. The Reds have hired his replacement: Trey Hendricks. John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer beat the other beat writers to reporting it by about 35 seconds.

A former minor league player, Trey Hendricks was drafted in the 24th round by the Arizona Diamondbacks out of Harvard in 2004. He played for them from 2004-2006, topping out in Low-A with South Bend in the Midwest League. He then played two years in independent leagues. After his playing career he went back to school where he graduated from the University of Miami Law School.

The now 36-year-old got back into baseball in 2011. That’s when he took on an role as a trainee in the Washington Nationals Baseball Operations department. In 2012 he joined the Cleveland Indians organization. The first year he served as an Advanced Scouting intern. The next four years he served as a professional scout for the Indians. For the 2017 campaign he was promoted to an international crosschecker. After that he took on the same role for the Texas Rangers.

Taking on the Reds Job

With the Cincinnati Reds he’ll get a promotion to International Scouting Director. He will be taking over an international operation that has been hamstrung over the last two signing periods. After going “all in” in the 2016-2017 signing period to sign Vladimir Gutierrez, Alfredo Rodriguez, and Jose Garcia, the Reds have been in the penalty phase for going over their budget and unable to sign players for more than $300,000.

In the 2017-2018 period the organization only signed two players to six-figure deals. The current signing period is still active and will run through June 15th. Then there is a no-signing period until things open up on July 2nd. At that point the Cincinnati Reds will once again be allowed to spend their allotted money as they see fit. They will no longer be limited to how much of their pool they can spend on any given player.

The Cincinnati Reds have historically been on the outside looking in on the international market. They’ve made a splash here or there, particularly when it comes to Cuban players. The organization has signed three players to a 7-figure signing bonus that weren’t from Cuba in the history of the organization. Some teams have done that, or more, in single signing periods. But, there are new rules in place that should put the Reds on a more even playing field. Teams can no longer spend and just face penalties. You have a set amount of money you’re allowed to spend, and while you can trade for a little bit more – you can no longer go over what you have.

It will be interesting to see how the Reds go about it. They were reportedly set to sign a shortstop for $2.5M, but he took a slightly lesser deal to sign now rather than wait until July 2nd. That indicates that the organization is willing to spend their money, but now it’s also going to be a matter of finding the right player(s) to spend it on. In this market it’s still about the relationships you have and have developed. There probably aren’t too many “big dollar” guys out there who are eligible to sign on July 2nd who haven’t already agreed to deals and stopped working out and talking with teams.

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7 Responses

  1. redlegs4ever

    Harvard educated with a degree from Miami Law. Impressive resume.

  2. redsfanpaul

    Love that he worked a lot in the Indians organization and recently with the Rangers. The Indians are a breeding ground for talented front office people.

  3. MK

    Wonder if they considered the Astros Assistant International Scouting Director who is also a Harvard Grad and is the daughter of one of the Dayton Dragons owners. Astros have certainly done a pretty good job in this area.

    • Muddycleats

      Nice, agree they should have went w/ your move. Reds have 2 hire people who HAVE succeeded. Not enough 2 agree w/ FO or have a Reds history

  4. Bred

    How active and how successful have the Indians and Rangers organizations been in the international market? If those organizations aren’t successful, then I doubt he will make a difference. If they are, then there is a better chance that his experience there will provide a boost for the Reds.

    • Doug Gray

      Well, his time with the Rangers doesn’t tell us much of anything because anyone signed that he saw play either turned 17 and played for the first time this season, or signed this season and didn’t play. With the Indians there’s more of a track record, but even still, pretty much anyone he saw play is in their early 20’s at this point in their career (or younger).

  5. Jim Delaney

    I like this hire, this GUY needs to be fast tracked to be 1st in line to replace DICK Williams when Castellini realizes PR does matter to an organization and having an unqualified novice connected to minority ownership is BAD for business… Hendricks is a bright guy who is also a former player! If only Castellini listened to the REDS focus groups….