The Cincinnati Reds have been making changes in their organization over the last four months in big ways. The Major League club has, and is still getting nearly a complete makeover. They’ve hired a new manager, new pitching coach, and a new hitting coach thus far. In the minor league side of things, and in the development side of things, they’ve created new positions for Chris Buckley and Jeff Graupe in player personnel – both involved in scouting of amateur and professional players. The Reds have also hired replacements for both of them in their former jobs. And they’ve hired a new international scouting director, and created a new top position in minor league player development. Add Chris Tremie to the newly hired Reds employees. He’ll be taking over as the Reds minor league field coordinator.

As first reported by Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer late on Tuesday night, Chris Tremie will be taking over the job that was previously held by Bill Doran with the Reds. Tremie, a former big leaguer, had been working for the Cleveland Indians before joining the Cincinnati organization. His playing career lasted from 1992-2005. Most of his time came at the minor league levels. He had four seasons in the Majors, but only had a total of 46 plate appearances with three teams (he appeared in a game with the Astros in 2004, but did not get a plate appearance).

Chris Tremie has managed every year, and at every level of the Cleveland Indians farm system. Here’s his managerial career by season:

Year Level W L Finish
2006 GCL 21 29 5th
2007 Low-A 64 74 6th/5th
2008 Advanced-A 72 66 2nd/3rd
2009 Advanced-A 60 78 3rd/3rd
2010 AZL 21 35 4th
2011 Double-A 73 69 4th
2012 Double-A 82 59 1st
2013 Triple-A 71 73 2nd
2014 Triple-A 79 65 1st
2015 Triple-A 83 61 1st
2016 Triple-A 82 62 1st
2017 Triple-A 71 71 2nd
2018 Triple-A 73 67 2nd
Career Record 852 809

As a manager, he was able to get results when it came to wins and losses. Going back to 2012, his teams finished no worse than 2nd place. Going back to 2011 he only had one season with a losing record. That, however, is not what is going to be asked of him in his new jobs. Dick Williams had this to say (from the Nightengale link above) about bringing in Tremie:

He’s got a good idea of what it takes to implement a new instruction system on the field.

The job of minor league field coordinators is a bit different with each organization. But, generally speaking, they set forth how and what will be taught throughout the organization. Relaying that plan to the managers and coaches throughout the spring sets the plan. Then during the season making sure that plan is going as expected, and being followed, and even adjusting if needed, falls on the field coordinator.

Reds also looking for a new Pitching Coordinator

Also from the article at The Enquirer, Bobby Nightengale notes that the Reds are also looking for a new pitching coordinator. That job has been held by Tony Fossas. The 2018 season was his third year as the pitching coordinator. He had previously been a pitching coach in the organization.

Update: A source just confirmed to me that Bill Doran and Tony Fossas will be remaining in the Cincinnati Reds organization in other roles.

5 Responses

  1. Scott C

    Hopefully that signals that the Reds GM wants to have one instructional system and to get everyone on the same page all the way through the minors.

    • Tom Diesman

      While it’s a great endeavor to get everyone on the same page and heading in the right direction, shouldn’t that have been step one in the rebuild process? Sounds like the top of the Reds organization is coming late to the party due to them being so fractured.

      • MuddyCleats

        Agree w/ u and Scott. But does anyone else wonder if the extra $$$ on coaches could be better spent on better players? Indians have been a winning Org. over the last several yrs. Is it the coaching in their minor leagues, an extra team at High A that’s making the difference, or is their success due to drafting and acquiring better players from the start? Reality is, the Reds payroll is likely to stay in the lower 1/2, so creating a better minor league system is essential IMO. Still not sure the people responsible for drafting and acquiring players R the right mix of people?

  2. MK

    Have become a friend of Tony Fossas’s over the years and when we talked last summer it just seemed like he wasn’t particulary happy with he way things were going on. Didn’t really say anything but just didn’t seem as happy as normal (wasn’t raggin on me like normal). Glad to see he is staying in organization.