Jon Moscot announced on Wednesday night that he was retiring from baseball. The former Major Leaguer has had a rough go of it, injury wise, since his rookie season with the Cincinnati Reds in 2015. His announcement was via instagram where he posted this statement:

After spending years in physical therapy post surgery and ultimately listening to my body, I’ve thought long and hard and have made the difficult decision to hang up my cleats for a final time and step away from playing the game of baseball. My emotions run deep on this, I’m sad I won’t be able to compete anymore and hate to think there are some people I may never get to see again, but the good that has come from this beautiful game far outweighs the sad. The people who I have met have changed me deeply and forever, my teammates, friends, coaches, mentors, fans and trainers all have become a part of who I am and I cannot thank or love them anymore than I do. The experiences I’ve gotten to live through and the fantastic people ive come across are a blessing I wish could be bestowed upon everyone who crosses the white lines and dreams big. To everyone on this journey, all my old teammates, workout buddies, my alma mater Pepperdine and to the Cincinnati Reds thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to reach my childhood dream and pitch in the Major Leagues. Most importantly to my parents, family and to Natalie thank you for the never ending support and belief in me, without it I would have been lost. With that said I’m excited for the next chapter of life and I’m genuinely excited to have a beer and some peanuts at a baseball game! Much Love

The Cincinnati Reds drafted Jon Moscot out of Pepperdine University in the 4th round of the 2012 draft. He worked his way up through the Minor Leagues over the next few seasons before reaching the Major Leagues in 2015 at age 23 with the Reds. He would make three starts for them, all in June. But that third start didn’t go as planned. While covering second base he dove to tag a base runner and injured his shoulder in the first inning of the game. That would require surgery that ended his 2015 campaign.

He recovered and was ready to begin the 2016 season. Moscot began the year in the minors on a rehab assignment, but was quickly back in Cincinnati – making three starts in April. He was back on the disabled list in May with inflammation in his non-throwing shoulder (the same one that was operated on). He would make a few rehab starts in Triple-A and return to Cincinnati for two starts. The Reds then optioned him back to Louisville where he finished out June. While he finished his final start on June 30th, it would be the last start he made of the year. He tore his UCL in his pitching elbow and required Tommy John surgery.

The recovery for Tommy John surgery has gotten a lot better over the last two decades. But it’s not a 100% recovery rate, either. And unfortunately Jon Moscot is proof of that. He has battled through rehab for the last two-and-a-half years and simply hasn’t been able to get to the point where he could pitch in a game.

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  1. The Duke

    Was pulling for him to make the recovery, and have to applaud him for all the hard work. Unfortunately all dreams must come to an end at some point, some sooner than others.

    He’ll always have June 10, 2015 though. He threw 6 innings of 2 run ball, got a major league victory, and even went 1 for 3 at the plate. The list of guys on the planet who can say they have a hit and a win in the big leagues is an exclusive club.

    His baseball reference page will always be there as well for his kids and grandkids to see.

    • Big Ed

      Well said. I always root for guys like Moscot to at least get a small taste of MLB, as a reward for his efforts. He seems like a good man with a sharp mind, and I wish him the best.

  2. Scott C

    Hate to hear that, I really like Moscot. He was all in and seemed to enjoy playing the game. I salute you Jon!

  3. Oldtimer

    Moscot was a good SP prospect a few years ago. Too bad his injuries won out.

  4. B-town fan

    Yes what a shame he looked like one of the up and coming young pitchers on the Reds and seemed to have a real idea of how to pitch. But then that fateful play at Second base when he awkwardly landed tagging the bag in a rundown happened. Wonder how things might have turned out if that didn’t happen, maybe that lingering shoulder injury some how contributed the UCL injury putting stress on the elbow even though it was the none throwing shoulder, who knows, but he put up a good fight to get back on the field and play the game.

    • DHud

      Was it a rundown?

      Cause I remember being upset at him because I thought the diving tag was unnecessary

    • DHud

      Just watched the replay.

      Was a rundown. I thought he shoudve just thrown it to Phillips and not attempted a tag

  5. IndyRedsFan

    Really sorry to see this. Had a nice chat with him in Goodyear in the spring of 2016 when he was coming back from the shoulder injury. Have been hoping to see him back on a big league mound since.

  6. Daytonian

    I liked Jon, He was called on by the Reds and delivered. He did what he could. Then physical problems limited him. He was a good addition to the club. I wish him well.

  7. DHud

    Man this sucks.

    I remember being so frustrated and angry at him at the time because the injury was 100% avoidable and he looked so promising

  8. Northern Ky Reds

    Only he knows his body. I respect that. I just think it could be a bit premature. I just thought he had something in him. He looked the part. I hope he takes care of himself and changes his mind. A second and third opinion maybe. I wonder if Ray Charles I mean Butcher Tim Kremchek got to him.

  9. Simon Cowell

    I liked Jon. This is sad news but not all that unexpected. I wish him the very best. I definitely thought he had starter potential.
    Who knows, maybe he’ll wind up coaching in the future.

  10. MikeD

    Duke nailed it with his comments. Memories are really cool and I hope he finds his next career successful.

    Tough news today about Tom Teriffic. Not many have been nor will be as good as he was. The Reds didn’t get his best, but it was awesome to have him in a Reds uniform.

    May God bless both of these men!