During the offseason Major League Baseball announced that they had come to an agreement with the Cuban Baseball Federation that would allow players to play in the Major Leagues without defecting from Cuba. The agreement was essentially going to work much like the ones between Major League Baseball and Japan’s professional baseball system. Players signing would have to give up a percentage of their contract to the Cuban Baseball Federation.

There was one problem with that: The Cuban Baseball Federation is an extension of the Cuban government. Under the Obama Administration, this was approved. However the Trump Administration had initially stated that they weren’t likely to allow this. On Friday they officially put a nix on the deal on the grounds that paying the players in this way is essentially paying the Cuban government as first reported by Jeff Passan.

With what goes on in Cuba between the government and it’s people, this makes plenty of sense. There’s many reasons that the United States doesn’t allow commerce with the country. As great as it would be for baseball to expand the talent pool into Cuba without all of the dirty, terrifying, illegal, and really, life threatening things that happen when players do defect to seek a dream of playing in Major League Baseball, giving the Cuban government tens of millions of dollars in exchange for that isn’t exactly a good thing, either.

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