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The Louisville Bats won 7-6. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts won 5-4. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas won 6-1. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons won 3-2. Box Score

6/5 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 24-34 N/A 7:00pm Mella Here Here Here
Chattanooga 32-25 N/A 7:15pm Naughton Here Here Here
Daytona 31-27 N/A 7:05pm TBA Here Here N/A
Dayton 19-39 N/A 7:05pm Solomon
Here Here Here

47 Responses

  1. RobL

    Taylor Trammell has 7 errors already?! Is that not an absurdly high number?

    • Krozley

      Including the DSL Reds, who won 7-3. It has been a long time since the organization won top to bottom.

  2. Doug Gray

    Serious question: Why did you feel the need to include “I do not really like Puig” with this comment? Couldn’t you just have said “Man, Puig hit that wall hard. Guy gives effort on defense”?

    What’s with the negativity?

    • Doug Gray

      That you aren’t a fan is completely irrelevant to what you were saying. And if some idiot wanted to chime in saying something not related at all to a post on “Puig sure gives a lot of effort on defense”, then let them look like an idiot.

      There was zero need at all to start off your comment with the fact that for some weird reason you don’t like Puig. All it does is make everyone think “Man, Kevin’s kind of a jerk” before they even read what you wanted to actually say. You don’t have to ever say “I don’t like him” because no one cares that you don’t like him. It’s got nothing at all to do with your thoughts on his play. Tell us what you think about his play.

    • Ryan

      I like Puig as a human but as a Reds fan, his performance so far this year has left much to be desired. Its June and he has a .256 obp. That trade is looking terrible.

    • Wes

      Totally agree in general w what Doug said but puig is about the only person I’d care to see that comment in front of from just a gauge perspective of what people think in general about him bc everyone has an opinion on him since he’s so controversial. Being American it’s very difficult to relate to puig- much more than someone from Puerto Rico or DR. Cuba is a whole nother level of impoverishment and there’s no American influence w Cuba like there is other Caribbean countries. I think people don’t like him bc they can’t find anything to relate too. He really doesn’t worship money like Americans are trained too, he doesn’t conform like Americans are trained too, there’s a language barrier, and he comes across immature w his antics sometimes too.

      Or if u want to keep it completely baseball- times at the plate he just hacks away at anything w no discipline which leads to his obp being low and some really terrible looking at bats compared to someone w discipline who you can root for while struggling like a winker. He also licks his bat which is its own kind of weird.

      From a trade perspective- this was a clear win for reds for many reasons and it’s so one sided the scale nearly tipped over- they only gave up an A pitcher to acquire a slew of players who have a ton of playoff experience reds don’t have, a cornerstone franchise player with puig, with reds payroll flexibility they can keep wood and puig even if neither wish to stay in cincy, but most importantly reds are showing Cubans they want them in cincy and that’s a fantastic strategy. Just keep it real- American free agents in baseball (or nfl) don’t put cincy real high on their destination list. So to attract a disproportionate group of talent to your city offsets wood not playing and puigs poor performance w bat.

      Puig is clearly the best Corner outfield option moving forward. There’s too much talent in mlb to take a clear downgrade just bc you don’t like how un-American someone plays the game. He’s head and shoulders above the next corner outfielder reds have whether it be trammell, winker, Ervin, Aquino, Siri. No one is even close. Make cincy his long term home and teach him some plate discipline and we will all grow to love him.

    • MK

      Hard not to like him. He plays hard, appears to be a good teammate and he is the most entertaining player on the team. In fact without Puig, Suarez and J. Iglesias in the everyday line-up the team would be void of personality and thus boring.

    • Steve

      I am in agreement with Wes here, this trade is a clear win for the Reds. But MK I have a slight bone to pick….you did not add Derek Dietrich to your list of fun personalities on this team!!

    • RojoBenjy


      MK said “everyday” lineup.

      Dietrich and Winker have personality, but don’t get to play every day. That’s how I see it. Otherwise i do agree that DD is personality for sure.

      And- kevinz and Doug; I respect you both. You both have been putting in a lot of hours on the draft. Doug creating content like a beast. KZ commenting a lot. Seems like nerves are a little thin.

      I appreciate kevinz humble reply to Doug’s push-back.

      Civility is the style at RML. Thanks.

    • MK

      Just talking regular starters. I also don’t find running around in clown garb entertaining.

  3. William Kubas

    Former Stanford Cardinal, Alex Blandino starts at short stop.

    I listened to the game on 790 KRD and Jim Kelch is the colour commentator.

    In the 1st inning, Blandino reaches on a two base E6 and scores on O’Grady’s home run.

    Blandino gains a put out on a foul out in the 2nd inning.

    Blandino gains a walk on 8 pitches and scores on O’Grady’s RBI single in the 2nd inning.

    Blandino flys out in the 4th inning.

    Blandino ends the 5th inning on a line out leaving runners stranded on 1st and 2nd.

    Blandino grounds out in the 6th inning.

    Blandino is taken down in the 8th inning.


  4. GallowayB

    Another bad night for Nick Howard. I hope he gets things straight.

  5. Charlie

    Why does Jackson Stephens still have a roster spot with the Bats? Any warm body is as good as he is.

  6. Simon Cowell

    Alfredo link above goes to some dude in the Brewers organization.

    • Doug Gray

      I’ve explained this many times before: These are not me individually linking the players. Baseball Reference has a tool that is a 1-click button for websites to use. When there are guys with the same name, sometimes it goes to the wrong one. There’s not enough time on this planet to go through and link each guy each night.

  7. Norwood Nate

    Packy Naughton with another impressive start. If he makes it to the Reds I hope we can get some pac-man themed promotions.

    Nice to see Fairchild turn his year around. He’s been swinging a hot bat for a while now.

    • The Duke

      Fairchild is a guy I really liked when I saw him play in Dayton. Looked like he had a good idea of the zone at the plate, good bat speed, and good defense in CF when I saw him play. Was a little disheartened by how bad he had been in Daytona both to end last year and start this year, but it’s nice to see him turning it around. Up to a .772 OPS in High A overall this year (.262/.337/.434) but his first 3 games in June are at a 1.231 OPS after a .971 OPS in June. I could see him moved up to Pensacola after the MiLB all star break.

      • Matthew O'Neal

        I certainly hope he doesn’t go to Pensacola! Unless we get a good player in return from the Twins!

  8. JK

    Doug, any idea what’s going on with Jose Siri? His Lookouts page says he is suspended.

    • Michael Smith


      Is this the suspension from when he was tossed by an ump and was toe to toe with him?

      • JK

        I have no idea. I didn’t know about the incident. It’s entirely possible. I was just checking in on some of the players I haven’t seen on here lately. Thanks for the info Michael

      • Doug Gray

        Yes, it is. I have not been able to get information on how long his suspension is. I’ve reached out to multiple places, different sources – can’t get anyone to say anything other than this is a suspension by the Southern League and not by the Reds organization.

      • JK

        Thanks for the info Doug. And great work here, I love this site.

  9. Matthew O'Neal

    Good luck today Doug! Thanks for all your work!

  10. MK

    Alf-Rod has been my breakout player of the year. Going into last night he had dipped below .300 for season and I was afraid he was reverting back to previous seasons but he has a great night with a couple hits and walks and he is back at .300. The Reds have a lot of minor league talent at shortstop. With Iglesias doing what he is doing, you have to wonder what the long term plan is and whether it includes Iglesias.

    • RedsKoolAidDrinker

      What has most attributed to this? Transformation of his body? Late maturation since he didn’t play for a while? Taking a new approach?

      • Doug Gray

        He’s cut down on the strikeouts and his BABIP has been more “normal” this year than ever before. He’s still hitting for absolutely no power at all, though.

    • DaveCT

      Iglesias is only 28. If we can extend him until the next generation arrives I’d do it. We’dget excellent defense, some decent hitting, and mentor ship for a certain young Cuban ss.

    • Cguy

      Alfredo Rodriguez could be the breakout player of the year. But a case could be made for Calten Daal, or Chris Okey, or Tejay Antone, or Packy Naughton, or my current favorite Mitch Nay. Those are just the guys at Chatanooga.

  11. MK

    West Michigan announcers last night said the White Caps Manager told his players “the draft is today and we got some pretty good guys. You better start hitting.”Very motivational. Lol.

  12. RedsKoolAidDrinker

    KZ, I didn’t think much either way w your inclusion of your opinion of a player but I also can see how others might see it best to just leave it out for those who might, bc like DG said— is it relevant? I’m just curious, though, why do you not like Puig (is it as a player or a person)? He’s not a cancer to the team but imo someone who brings some much-needed energy to a game that should be fun. I think he also livens things up for fans with showing some personality and have you watched how he impacts his teammates through his enthusiasm? I can’t speak for Doug if we are allowed to state we don’t like a player or not in any instance, but maybe it’s JUST the relevancy? Personally R Iglesias is the only player I would rather see on another team (I still root for him), but I’m not certain in what context I might bring that up except for when he makes comments on how he’s being used by the manager when he’s not really setting things on fire with his performance. So just some friendly advice since you do post on here an awful lot (which is fine)— take a deep breath before submitting your comment. I see this site as a community and it’s nice to have a place where things aren’t always so negative, so I like Doug’s moderating. Lastly, I like that you are a willing listener when Doug admonished you. Glad you’re with us.

  13. Tom

    Blandino still has a good shot at starting 2b next year for Cincinnati.

    Dietrich LF
    Winker RF
    Peraza SS
    Blandino 2B

    • Wes

      MLB needs to expand. They raised the price so high not to many cities can support and mlb team, but talent levels so are high they could support another 4-6 teams imo. I like blandino (and Ervin). Both home grown talent but neither will ever get a real shot just bc there’s to many better players to be had in organization and through FA. I’m sure every organization is dealing w this which drives down cost of FA.

  14. Hanawi

    How anyone thinks the Dodgers trade was a clear win for the Reds boggles the mind. Thought it was dumb when they made it and still do today.

      • Hanawi

        The key players the Reds got from that trade: Kemp – cut, Wood – hasn’t thrown a pitch yet, Puig – Hamilton-esque OPS, Farmer – utility player. None of those four were going to be anything other than bench/middle relief for the Dodgers. What exactly have they contributed to the Reds?

        Dodgers got salary relief and 40-man relief, and are playing Bellinger full-time now while they have the best record in the NL. They also got Gray who dominated A ball and after one bad start has looked solid in A+ and Downs who is OPSing almost .800 in A+ ball as a 20-year old SS. Gray is better than any starter the Reds have in A or A+ ball.

        At best for the Reds, it’s a win for the Dodgers. At worst, it’ll turn out to be a complete debacle if Gray or Downs do anything in the future.

      • Jasonp

        I’ll put in my thoughts here on this. Long post.

        If they did this trade or one like it to push us up to a 90 win team I would have been ok with it. We won 68 games last year. Our division last year had the Brewers with 96 wins, the Cubs with 95 and the Cardinals with 88. I did not think this trade and other moves made us a 90 win team.

        All three players we got will be free agents next year. So even with a boost in wins it would have been only for one year. I think the two prospects we traded would have done a lot more for us sustaining a winning team. Either from them making the team in 3-4 years or becoming better players that we could trade for someone who would be here long term.

        The players we got seemed great when I first heard about it but then looked into what we were getting. Kemp had a horrible second half of the season. It reminded me of Scott Rolland. Both had a good first have and a terrible second half of the season. Rolland was done as a hitter and I feared Kemp might be as well. I also was hearing that Wood would have been the 6th or 7th best starter for the Dodgers this year. His ERA looked great but then I though he probably wouldn’t be as good in our park. So instead of getting someone that looked like a #2 I thought he might be more like a good #4. Not bad but not something great. I also had noticed Wood had only started 30 games once in his career. Then onto Puig. A career 270 hitter who hit 20 home runs twice in his 6 years of player last year had 23. Again not a bad player but not a great one. I didn’t understand why I read that people thought he was going to be an all star to MVP here.

        I think I would have been fine with the trade if we either gave prospects in the 20’s instead of like 8 and 12. I really liked both prospects. Or if we had Wood or Puig for years beyond this year. Those are decent players to have when healthy but I would have rather been a bit under .500 with two prospects then a bit over .500 for one year without them.

      • Big Will

        Puig seems close to putting together a solid hot streak. He has been barreling the ball up and has not chased as many sliders off the plate. If you can get 5-6 decent games out of Woods after the All Star break you then have a choice to make….trade them both and get something back along the lines of players in other systems that are comparable to Gray and Woods or try to sign them for next year and beyond.

        The only way this trade doesn’t work out is if they both play so poorly that they cannot be traded or Woods doesn’t come back to pitch this season. (could be argued that we could then resign him cheaply for a show me year or two contract). We got rid of the albatross contract of Homer Bailey and created massive financial flexibility while upgrading the talent at the major league level and with an opportunity if it doesn’t work out great that we can upgrade or at least match the talent we gave up in the minors.

        I can’t see how this was not a superb trade.

      • Wes

        The reason I believe it was solid is for the experience they bring most and foremost but after that-

        I am almost completely over prospects. The talent level in mlb right now has almost completely, no I’ll go as far as saying, completely destroyed the need for minor league franchises. Obviously there’s the developmental aspect but outside of that- the only reason to have minor league teams right now (outside of collective bargaining) is if they are actually profitable to the city.

        When players like blandino and Ervin have no chance of even getting a shot to play full time, developing players like peraza turn into part timers, guys like Iglesias detritch Hughes and Hernandez sign for next to nothing- you have an abundant of talent league wide. That’s why Dallas “the donkey” kuechel and the closer from Red Sox are still free agents- they are easily replaced.

        So to trade two guys in A ball who will most likely never have a significant mlb career for a slew of big leaguers is an e z choice. Reds need to keep acquiring big league talent even if they are out of playoff race- reboot for 2020 vs 2023.

      • Hanawi

        Wes you realize that all of the best teams are driven by home grown talent. In fact, most of the elite guys aren’t even reaching free agency anymore. Prospects and a good farm system are more important than ever. In fact, using Ervin for your example is quite interesting. I’d wager he would be outproducing Puig right now at a fraction of the cost if given the chance.

      • Ryan

        Pretty much agree with Hanawi and Jason P.

        I was excited when it happened because just like Big Will, I thought the Reds could salvage most(if not all) of the prospect capital they spent. Here we are June 6th, and Wood hasn’t even started throwing a baseball, and Puig has nice and tidy 0.0 WAR. Puig has to go Human torch hot and/or Wood has to convince a team he’s worth the risk after only 3-5 starts.

        Both prospects they gave up look like they’re going to be top 100 prospects sooner than later, which seemed like a real possiblity at the time of trade as well.

        For a team that will be lucky to be .500, giving up those two guys hurts.

      • Wes

        Hanawi, that’s never been A’s strategy and they have been much more successful than reds since they played in ws. Brewers have been doing it w little minor league help of late and cubs traded away best farm in baseball for peanuts. Leagues been trending that way for a few years now too

  15. Cguy

    Forget the Dodgers, the trade was a win for the Reds- addition by subtraction. Removing Homer Bailey from the Reds team, plus changing manager & pitching coach has ushered in a new era of very respectable pitching. Reds still have the 2nd lowest ERA in the NL & playing out of hitter friendly GABP, that’s quite an achievement. The only active pitchers added from last year are Sonny Gray, Tanner Roark, & Zack Duke, to date. Bailey being gone was the major player move. As for Puig, although he has been an offensive disappointment so far, his defense has been great. Kemp was just taking up roster space, with the arrival of Senzel. Finally Farmer is a valuable bench piece, & will be even more so when the ML goes to a 26 man roster next year.

    • Ryan

      Cguy, I’m not sure you can sell me the Reds winning the trade because they saved money on a sunk cost. It cost them dearly in terms of prospects. Really that’s the only things they have gained at this point, a bench player and savings from Bailey(Wood and Puig cost about 20 mil this year though). Release Bailey and find a platoon bench guy elsewhere, and keep two really nice prospects.