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The Louisville Bats lost 4-3. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts lost 7-3. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas lost 7-2. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons lost 6-3. Box Score

The Billings Mustangs lost 7-2. Box Score

The Greeneville Reds won 10-0. Box Score

The AZL Reds lost 3-0. Box Score

6/28 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 28-51 N/A 7:00pm Mella Here Here Here
Chattanooga 36-33 3-5 7:15pm TBA Here Here Here
Daytona 35-30 5-5 7:05pm Bautista Here Here N/A
Dayton 28-42 2-5 7:05pm Salinas
Here Here Here
Billings 3-10 N/A 8:35pm McGregor
Here Here N/A
Greeneville 5-4 N/A 6:30pm TBA
Here Here N/A
AZL Reds 3-6 N/A 9:00pm TBA
Here N/A N/A

24 Responses

      • MK

        Don’t know, but just Googled him to see it there was any information and there was not. Did see that his middle name is Xola and he is from a town named Niceville. Sounds like a Marvel superhero character on Netflix.

  1. Simon Cowell

    Congrats to The Greeneville Reds for winning in a convincing fashion and preventing the entire franchise from having a loss on the day.

    • MK

      Simon, in addition I believe it is the first time in their history, albeit short, that the Greeneville Reds have an above .500 record.

      Ashcraft throwing 5 innings is more than they are allowing others to go in the Rookie Leagues at this early point in their seasons.

      • RojoBenjy

        MK- do you think it’s because they view Ashcraft as roster filler, so they’re going to ride the horse as hard as possible?

        I agree with you, it’s a stark contrast from how they are handling Lodolo, for instance.

  2. docproc

    I’m confused. I thought Scooter wrapped up his rehab Tuesday and was headed to Cinci. Any idea if he’ll be with the big-league team tonight?

    • Wes

      As soon as he catches up w a 97 mph fastball. Takes a while to get back in the swing of things : D

    • RojoBenjy

      Well, the Cubs should just forfeit the next 4 games to avoid getting embarrassed by Scooter going into the All Star Break…

  3. Mark

    If this 9 game homestand doesn’t go well meaning at least 7-2 record it’s time to trade. It will be time to trade Roark replaced by Lucas Sims. It will ge time to trade Iggy and replace with Romano. It will be time to replace Disclafani with Vladimir. Suarez to me is a key piece I’m just not seeing him get to that next level what is going on with him season is disappointing. Key trade chip? Who replaces him at 3rd? I go young with Van Meter get him the consistent ab’s in the majors see what happens. I’m leaving Senzel in Cf until Trammel shows he’s ready not moving him to 3b. Pug not sure what to do there unless you can get Clint Frazier for a Puig Iggy someone else deal.

    • RojoBenjy

      I’ve begun to see Suárez as a key trade piece.

      • RojoBenjy

        If the Reds are losing, and he heats it up in the second half, I would be working the phones. Very team friendly contract.

        What I don’t like is the lack of hustle he’s showing during the last 6 weeks. And if his hand is hurt, and the Reds aren’t doing anything–shame on them. If it’s hurt, and he isn’t admitting it–shame on him.

        On another note–I hope he isn’t getting depressed or something. Just listening to an interview on Jim Day podcast with Danny Graves and realizing that he was really hurting personally during his flame-out season with the Reds.

        Suarez’s health and safety are more important to me that any baseball stuff.

      • Wes

        What’s your expected return for Suarez ? If it’s a top 20 national prospect, top 100 and another top 10 organizational prospect- reds will never get that. He’s a fringe top 20 batting 3rd basemen this year. His contract is less relevant than ever due to slumping wages and fact that teams want productivity at deadline.

        Reds be lucky to get 1 top 50 prospect and a couple throw ins. Would u trade him for that ?

      • RojoBenjy


        Realistically, because of what you’ve outlined, the ship has sailed to get a lot.

        But don’t you think that a team doing a rebuild the right way (like Houston or Atlanta) would have looked to flip Suarez at his peak after he had signed his extension, in order to make room for Senzel at third? Then use some money to get a fill-in CF for awhile (or even have gotten a useful CF in trading Suarez?) Hindsight, I suppose.

      • Wes

        3rd base is pretty saturated. Prob wasn’t a lot of buyers last year either and contracts like his aren’t the same deals teams like rays and a’s sign their players too so it’s doubtful imo there was any deal to be had.

        I try to be as sensible as I can when viewing these situations- be hard to think reds would disregard another’s team interest in Suarez and ask for a lot but odds are none of those guys will ever be as good as Suarez is. He’s top 1/2 in league at 3rd imo.

        Trade market is just terrible for sellers at the moment and doesn’t seem to change anytime soon.

        Reds should be doing one year rebuilds every season. There’s enough cheap talent available to make that happen every year

      • Wes

        Trading Cole and acquiring archer where terrible trades by Pittsburgh- absolutely terrible trades. So u can bank on ripping off the Marlins/pirates or u can barter in a reality based on all the other trades that happen league wide.

      • Curt

        I can’t remember when the contract was signed but I would’ve started looking to move Suarez the day after he became an all star! Senzel was already a pretty sure thing. Even last off-season they probably could’ve gotten a decent haul from the Padres had they aggressively offered him before they went with Manny. Who knows for sure. I doubt they did. As for now, no doubt his value is down and the return might not look great but even with the “team friendly” contract, he’s still the 5th highest paid on the team at 7.3mil this year, a fair chunk of change that could then be used for a starting pitcher or CF or? It’s the money they’d be getting back. There’s options for 3rd. Move Senzel there or give VanMeter a fair shot, Farmer even. All low cost and controllable. At some point this teams gonna have to pony up for an ace and it’s gonna cost them above top dollar cuz they’re gonna have to outbid someone and…it’s Cincinnati. Anyways, hindsight 20/20 and all that.

      • RojoBenjy

        In the scenario mentioned above, Romano would be a fill-in. Why not bring up Herget instead to see what he has?

  4. Mark

    Rojo that is correct I was thinking Romano long relief elevating Stephenson to back end with Lorenzen. I am interested in the Punisher his New batting stance has helped him and I feel guys like OGrady and Van Meter are ready to be at least stop gaps until India and Garcia are read.