The Cincinnati Reds have announced that left-handed starting pitcher Alex Wood will begin a rehab assignment with the Louisville Bats on Saturday. It was a week ago that he was supposed to begin an assignment with the Bats, but his back didn’t feel great after a bullpen session and that plan was scrapped. It appears that after his most recent bullpen session things are feeling right.

Alex Wood was arguably the biggest piece that the Reds landed in the trade with the Dodgers in the offseason. The left-handed pitcher has a career 3.29 ERA in his six Major League seasons. He, however, hadn’t thrown a full-season worth of innings since the 2015 season. In both 2017 and 2018 he threw just over 150 innings for the Dodgers, and he posted ERA’s of 2.72 and 3.68 in those seasons.

Unfortunately for Cincinnati, and for Alex Wood, he injured his back in late February during spring training. He’s begun several different throwing programs since then and in each of them he’s had a setback and had to take a break and start over from the beginning. His latest setback doesn’t seem to have been a big issue as it just pushed him back by about a week.

Rehab assignments for pitchers can last up to 30 days before a player must be returned to the Major League level. That would mean that Alex Wood, if needed, could be in the minors building up his innings and stamina until early August. The first start will take place on the road as the Louisville Bats are currently beginning a 4-game series in Columbus.

The Triple-A All-Star break is from July 8th through July 10th. The Louisville Bats return home on July 11th against Toledo. That would be the next day that Alex Wood would be scheduled to pitch and keep him on a 5-day schedule.

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6 Responses

  1. Cguy

    Great news. He still could start 10 or more games for the Reds this season. Maybe they’ll be important starts.

  2. RefsKoolAidDrinker

    Is anyone holding their breath?
    Has it been back spasms all along? When he was sore was that back spasm related?

    • Cguy

      Look, the guy is in a contract year. So far , he’s almost assured himself that no big money offers are coming his way this offseason. Like Scooter, he’d give just about anything to be healthy & on the field all season long.

      • Simon Cowell

        Exactly! I’m cheering for his good health regardless of where he plays in 2020.

  3. Mjc

    spring Training after the 4rth of July? It’s gonna take him a month if all goes well to be ready for give him 1-2 rehab starts .then put him in the bullpen ( where actually in a pennant race) let him build endurance in the pen he can help this team 3 weeks sooner this way.our rotation is solid as is ,we do need another good left handed in the pen. I think the reds organization would be better served if Alex woods helped in the bullpen in a pennant race than building up innings in triple A.

  4. Simon Cowell

    Wish Mr. Woods the very best. Get well soon.