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The Louisville Bats lost 5-1. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts lost 8-0, 4-1 in a double header.

Game 1: 8-0 loss. Box Score

Game 2: 4-1 loss. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas lost 5-3 in 10 innings. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons had the day off.

The Billings Mustangs lost 8-7. Box Score

The Greeneville Reds lost 11-2. Box Score

The AZL Reds won 6-2. Box Score

7/17 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 35-60 N/A 6:05pm Wood Here Here Here
Chattanooga 36-33 8-17 OFF OFF Here Here Here
Daytona 35-30 12-15 7:05pm Sceroler Here Here N/A
Dayton 28-42 11-13 7:35pm De Jesus
Here Here Here
Billings 12-18 N/A 8:40pm Lodolo Here Here Here
Greeneville 11-16 N/A 6:30pm Abril
Here Here N/A
AZL Reds 8-15 N/A 9:00pm TBA
Here N/A N/A

16 Responses

  1. B-town fan

    Is India injured, haven’t seen him in a game for several days.

    • Doug Gray


      He left the game early a few days ago after coming into second and tweaking his leg. He said he was fine after the game. But he has been held out for the past few days.

  2. MK

    Luke Berryhill got his first pro hit out of the way quickly. Greeneville just keeps adding top picks, not enough of whom are pitchers.

  3. Tom

    Hard not to blame the season on Votto. Not his fault for getting old but he’s the most drastic under-performer at 200 points below his career ops. Time to start leaving him out of the lineup in favor of somebody with actual power. (Why doesn’t he scrapbthe choke up scheme?)? Anyway, perhaps O’Grady gets a call up while Votto hits the IL for a minor tune up.

    • A.B.

      Tom, have you seen Votto’s stats over the last month or two? Yes he started dreadfully slow but he’s been really hitting the ball well.

      I do agree the 30 HR Votto years are more than likely a thing of the past.

    • MK

      Typically when hitters get older is when they begin choking up more not the other way around. I agree he might need to make some adjustments to his approach, but the days of anything resembling his MVP season power are probably over.

    • Tom

      While his power has succumb to age somewhat, I still think he’s a big strong dude who can hit closer to 30 HR than 10. He’s trying to hit like Pete Rose or Wade Boggs. Light a fire under him and get O’Grady up here.

    • RojoBenjy

      I do not blame the season in Votto. Don’t believe everything that Franchester Martin Brennaman & Son tell you to believe.

      • Tom

        Believe me I hate being in alignment with those two on the Vato topic. They’ve been the worst throughout his career. But this year you can avoid the fact that his performance relative to expectations the front office has for the season has been the most disappointing.

      • Cguy

        Votto’s .214/.283/.592 line for July is not good . I don’t need Marty & son to tell me. Joey had a good June, but at $25MM, you expect some degree of consistency at the plate.

      • Datdudejs

        Votto should have had two doubles yesterday, one got taken away by amazing defense. I’m not sure what else you guys want from him

  4. Oldtimer

    Votto struggled (lower numbers) in 2012 and 2014 but mostly due to injury. He recovered the following years.

    Pete Rose hit above his career numbers from age 35 to 40 but with less power (and he didn’t have much to start with). Votto is not Rose but too early to give up on him.