The Cincinnati Reds continue to make more trades. This time they traded AWAY a starting pitcher, sending right-handed pitcher Tanner Roark to Oakland. The Athletics will be sending minor league outfielder Jameson Hannah to the Reds in return. The trade was first reported by Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic. Susan Slusser, the Oakland beat writer for The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Reds will be paying $2.1M of the remaining portion of salary owed to Roark this year.

There’s a lot to digest here, but let’s start with the money. The Reds are paying money to move Tanner Roark. By doing that they were able to get a better prospect back in the trade than they otherwise would have. That’s, in my opinion, a very smart and prudent move. Spending money to upgrade is always favorable to moving players to upgrade.

Now, let’s talk about Jameson Hannah. He’s a left-handed hitting center fielder. Depending on where you look he was rated anywhere from the #7-9 rated prospect in the Oakland organization. Fangraphs has already made the move on their prospect lists and have added Hannah to the Reds list and slid him into the #10 spot.

Jameson Hannah Scouting Report

A second round draft pick in 2018 out of Dallas Baptist University by Oakland, the Athletics sent Jameson Hannah to Vermont following the draft. In limited action there, playing in just 23 games, he hit .279/.347/.384 in the short-season A-ball league. His season was cut short after he sprained his foot.

In 2019 the now 21-year-old outfielder was sent to the hitter friendly California League to join the Stockton Ports. Healthier this season, Jameson Hannah is hitting .283/.341/.381 with 25 doubles, 3 triples, and 2 home runs. He’s stolen 6 bases this year, but been caught 7 times. For a player who is supposed to have plus to plus-plus speed, that is a clear area that he will need to work on moving forward.

At the plate there’s some good things, and some things that will also need working on in the future. On the good side of things, scouts seem to universally note his bat speed. Quick bats are always helpful. They can lead to more contact, and better power. With that said, neither of those two things has translated yet for Jameson Hannah. He’s in the most hitter friendly league – non-Triple-A baseball edition – in the minor leagues and he’s got a .099 isolated power this season. He’s also striking out 21.3% of the time.

On it’s own, that strikeout rate isn’t bad. But when it’s coupled with no home run power at all, it’s too high. He also isn’t walking much this season, either – boasting a 7% walk rate. The bat doesn’t exactly project for much power, but it’s believed there is more power in there than the 5′ 9″ and 185 lb. Hannah has shown to this point, too. The problem could be that he doesn’t hit the ball in the air enough to get to that power. His ground ball rate this season is 54%. That’s incredibly high.

Defensively, Jameson Hannah can and does use his speed well. He’s got plenty of range in center field to remain there long term. He has a plus-plus speed once he gets underway. His arm does rate out a little below-average. That means he’s probably not going to fit into right field as a starter, but his bat was never going to allow that anyways. The arm plays fine for left of center field.

Right now if the future is going to be as a starting player, Jameson Hannah is going to have to make more contact or hit for more power. One of those two things will have to happen. Fortunately, there’s reason to believe that both of those things could happen. Hannah has been assigned to the Daytona Tortugas, the Cincinnati Reds Advanced-A affiliate. It will be interesting to see how the big difference in hitting environment plays out for a guy who isn’t a power hitter.

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34 Responses

  1. pw

    I have to ask. Is your photo is meant to be a comment, the proverbial “bucket of balls”?

  2. Colt Holt

    Man, I would have rathered pull off the cincy equivalent of the Grienke deal. Trammel and Aquino or Siri should have gotten that conversation started and landed Grienke for 2.5 at $53 instead of Bauer for 1.5 at $25

    • wes

      I was rooting for that too. Greinke wasn’t coming to cincy though- just keep it real with yourself.

    • Mike

      Were you going to personally convince Greinke to waive his no trade clause?

    • Eurans Smith

      Reds are basically the NL Central version of the Mets.

  3. wes

    Reds aint scared to make moves this deadline with 3 trades! Good value for Roark, I like it.

    Here’s my rest of season line up
    Winker LF
    Senzel CF
    Suarez 3rd
    Van Meter 2nd
    Votto 1st
    Aquino Rf
    Barnhart C
    Peraza SS

    Time for Votto to move out of the 2 hole

    • Hoyce

      Was thinking same thing on votto but
      1.) Senzel
      2. Vanmeter
      3 Suarez
      8.peraza or pitcher
      9.pitcher or peraza

    • Tv

      They dont have 2 to 4 holes for next year. 2ed short right and catcher. Some could plug themselves this year. If paraza gets some time he will come around. He is only 25 most guys are on their 2 season and some not even their first. Right and 2ed are the big concerns. We need an impact bat. Good news is there Is still enough left on the farm to do a deal or some cash to make it happen. Although the trade route seems more likely. At least the pitching will be set and that’s hard to do in Cincinnati. They need that bat. Vanmeeter has never been good he is just benefiting fomr guys not knowing him yet. Ervin is a long shot but might work out. I would like to see them go after dd

  4. Krozley

    A good pick up. Hannah was a late 1st round projection picked 20 or so spots before Josiah Gray and signed over slot so the talent should be there. Hopefully his warts are correctable and the Reds have a potential Trammell-light. Better than what I thought they would get for Roark. I’m guessing Beltre moves up to AA opening the spot for Hannah.

    Nothing against Scooter, but I’m glad they got at least a PTBNL for him and Vanmeter now has a path to more playing time. Two spots now open on the 40 man. My guess is one of those goes to Aquino. Blandino may also get a call up till Casali is ready.

  5. Hunt4redsoct

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on a waiver claim and 60 day IL of Luiz Gohara? If he bounces back next year he could be a steak. Was once highly regarded and just turned 23 today.

    • Hoyce

      Definitely worthy imo
      But I doubt he gets to reds

    • Bill

      Don’t wait for the waiver claim, send cash or trade a fringe prospect. Maybe the DFA will serve as a wake up call. TOR talent if he pans out.

      • Michael

        His shoulder has fallen apart. It isn’t a talent problem.

    • jbonireland

      A “Steak”. I mean I’ve heard of guys being called a piece of meat.

  6. Chris


    Could you update us on your thinking for our current OF prospects? Is Siri a potentially better version of Trammell(and can play cf)?

    • dm

      Looking at the numbers Siri is Billy Hamilton lite. He strikes out a third of the time does not walk a lot and so far does not hit. He needs major improvement to be a starter in the majors.

  7. Jim

    Scooter for cash? Lol. Ok hmmmm. Seem to be in a win now mode with a sub .500 team and a 20th or so minors that just took another hit, but I think most of you were higher on Trammel than me. I don’t even think India will have a better career than Todd Frazier.
    Last few drafts have us at 2, 2, 5, 7 and around 10th this year. Might get to 14th/15th place next year before we regress again.
    I thought we was a Votto and JT Realmuto away this spring. JT didn’t hit .280 with 30 homers, but had a good April/May and Votto puts up 8 hole numbers.

    • Mike

      Were you going to personally convince Greinke to waive his no trade clause?

  8. earmbrister

    For those wringing their hands over trading Trammell, Hannah seems like a comparable replacement. In time Hannah may prove to be the better player.

    The train keeps a rollin’. Scooter has left the house. I’m very appreciative of Scooter’s efforts and contributions while he was a Red. It’s a shame that there was a glut of 2B men in MLB and on the Reds, whereby the Reds couldn’t get a good return on a trade, and Gennett couldn’t get paid. The logjam at 2B and in the OF has been relieved to a large extent. It’s up to the kids to make the most of their playing time between now and the end of the season. Even if the Reds don’t make some miraculous comeback this season, it should be a joy to watch as the youngsters get extensive playing time.

    Winker, Ervin, Peraza, VanMeter. This is your wake up call. Exciting times for us fans.

  9. Hoyce

    I read Gennett and cash for PTBNL. Not Gennett for cash
    Makes me think reds got a newly drafted player like giants 2nd rounder wyatt

    • Gaffer

      Yeah, I had to remind myself of that! That being said, josh has never once been mentioned on any prospects rankings that I ever saw. Amazing that a guy who isn’t even under consideration for a top 20 or even 30 list is probably going to be our starter at 2B.

    • DaveCT

      Though JJ Cooper just said in a BA prospects chat that it was a major error on their part Josh wasn’t put into the mid season top 30.

    • jbonireland

      Usually when cash is included, the person you get is a higher draft pick. See the new guy Hannah from the A’s. He was 8th on their 30 best prospect lists by MLB. So we will just have to wait and see. I suspect what we get is determined by how Scooty performs for them.

  10. Seat101


    Thanks for all the great updates throughout the day. I understand your “day of the trade analysis.“ It’s a great baseline for judging any trades.. Do you take into account the fact that the front offices may have more information and possibly better information than you?

    • Mike

      That’s the flaw in Doug’s approach, we don’t know what the Reds know. A good example is the Sonny Gray trade, it seems likely that our pitching coaches familiarity with Gray allowed him to notice a correctable flaw in his mechanics or approach. We also don’t know if they had any assurances about the extension.

  11. Gaffer

    Something missed in the ridiculous Bauer trade is that we know exactly the value we gave up in Taylor Trammell. He was traded straight up for a young LF with a .850 ish OPS, a top 100 prospect and another player. Heck, why didn’t the reds just take that trade!

    It’s kinda like the last time we gave up a prospect for Bauer (remember he was traded for Shin Soo Choo but in our three team trade) . . . 6 years of an All star SS in DiDi Gregorius.

    • Mike

      And if we would’ve kept Didi fans like you would’ve called him a bust while he was spending 6yrs under 100 ops+. The argument back then was Bauer more valuable than Choo, Not Didi

    • Oldtimer

      Welcome. Here’s a good PTBNL acquired by Reds 22 years ago:

      November 11th, 1997
      The Tampa Bay Devil Rays acquire OF Mike Kelly from the Cincinnati Reds for a player to be named; 1B/OF Dmitri Young would eventually be sent to Cincinnati to complete the deal on November 18th.

  12. sixpack2

    On the batting video, Not seeing the delivery, but it seems his Bat is way too active. He needs to get set before the pitch to increase his bat speed and swing position.