Scott Schebler will undergo shoulder surgery on Tuesday. It culminates a season that’s been one that the Cincinnati Reds outfielder would probably like to put behind him as he’s struggled at the plate. Over this past weekend he was placed back on the 7-day injured list in Triple-A Louisville where he had been playing for the Bats.

The last year has been a tough one for Scott Schebler. Just over a year ago the Cincinnati Reds outfielder was placed on the disabled list with a right-shoulder injury. His OPS was .821 on the day he went on the disabled list for the Major League club. He returned to the lineup six weeks later and hit just .202/.305/.368 in the final five weeks of the season. When 2019 began, things didn’t get better for the left-handed hitter. In the first 30 games of the year he hit just .123/.253/.222 before the Reds optioned him to Triple-A Louisville.

Once in Triple-A, things did get a little better for Scott Schebler, but not by much. He continued to struggle to hit. In 53 games he hit just .216/.274/.325. Over his 212 plate appearances he only had six doubles and five home runs. Formerly a 30-home run hitter in the Major Leagues, since his original shoulder injury in 2018, the power he once showed simply hasn’t been there for him.

Hopefully for Scott Schebler the procedure will help get him back to where he once was. There was thunder in his bat as the first half of 2018.

The original version of this article noted that Scott Schebler underwent shoulder surgery today. He did not. He is scheduled to undergo shoulder surgery on Tuesday.

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21 Responses

  1. Gaffer

    That’s the last I think we will see of Scott. You just can’t offer him arbitration.

    • Doc

      Winker came back from shoulder surgery. Wouldn’t give up on Schebler yet.

    • Tom Mills

      He won’t be eligible for arb. He’s dirt cheap. Keep him.

  2. RedsKoolAidDrinker

    I loved me some Schebs and hated seeing this happen to him. Hope he can make a comeback despite the odds with shoulders.

  3. Kevin Davis

    Doug, Off topic from the Schebler news – but what are the odds for Senzel for Rookie of the Year ?

    • Matthew O'Neal

      I would say they’re pretty poor. Think it’s gotta be Tatis Jr or Pete Alonso. Going off of bWar, Senzel is 18th in NL rookie War. Vanmeter is actually 9th on the list already.

    • Doug Gray

      He wasn’t playing every day, so maybe that “wear and tear” didn’t really happen because it wasn’t a daily use kind of thing. The ball also absolutely flies out there – so contact helps. And of course, maybe he simply was feeling ok then, but things got worse for whatever different reason.

  4. Jack

    Sad, hope that is the explanation for his performance and this gets his career back on track. Seems like a really good guy.

  5. Bill

    Hope he has a complete and speedy recovery. Aside from Spring Training, he just hasn’t been the same since his injury. I hope this is correctable and he can reignite his career even if it’s with another franchise. I’ll be very surprised if he retains his 40-man roster spot over the winter.

  6. RojoBenjy

    The bad timing of his plummet at the start of the season coupled with starting Kemp is what undoubtedly largely contributed to the 1-8 start that may have all but scuttled the season.

    Though they could be poised for a run at the WC now…

  7. Clammy

    I always liked Schebler. He had some great moments with the Reds, offensively and defensively. Sadly, as the stats show, he never recovered from that shoulder injury. Another 40 man roster spot just opened up.

  8. DaveCT

    Yikes. Long, long recovery ahead. Painful too. Good luck, Scott.

  9. MK

    Saw him play last Wednesday and he was a shell of his normal self.His bat speed had really eroded. I hope it was the throwing shoulder because if not his other arm is shot as well.

  10. The Duke

    Schebler turns 29 in a few months. Not out of his prime yet, but it’s not too far off. Shoulder injuries are significant. I hope he recovers, but the Reds certainly can’t count on that.

  11. SaveTheFarm

    Over the last few years taking my son to Redsfest, Schebler was by far the nicest player we met. Easy to root for good people not matter if they are Reds or not. I hope he has a quick recovery and his career continues.

    • Scott Bosecker

      Couldn’t agree more! Scheb is one of the nicest Reds ever, & it stinks he has had to go through this. Hopefully he will beat the odds & be better than ever, post surgery & rehab! God Bless, Scheb-get well soon!!

      • citizen54

        Agreed. Definitely rooting for Schebler to make a comeback. At least the injury explains his precipitous drop.

  12. Norwood Nate

    What a precipitous decline for a guy who was a starting outfielder at the beginning of the season and coming off a solid season the previous year.

    Schebler came into the year with 2 years and 132 days of service time. The season started on March 28th and he last played on May 3rd. By my count that’s 36 days (maybe an additional day depending on when he was optioned). That would put him at 2 years and 168 days, still a few days short of three years, which would hit at 172 days.

    He may end up a roster casualty regardless, but if they keep him, it appears he may come with an additional year of control.

  13. Martino

    The injury certainly explains his downfall. There have been so many people willing to discount it all on just not being very good. Players don’t usually just fall to pieces for no reason.