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The Louisville Bats lost 12-1. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts won 14-4. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas won 7-3. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons lost 9-6. Box Score

The Billings Mustangs lost 6-3. Box Score

The Greeneville Reds lost 8-4. Box Score

The AZL Reds won 9-6. Box Score

8/19 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 53-72 N/A 6:35pm Reyes Here Here Here
Chattanooga 36-33 19-36 7:35pm Naughton Here Here Here
Daytona 35-30 26-33 OFF OFF Here Here N/A
Dayton 28-42 23-32 7:05pm Rodriguez
Here Here Here
Billings 15-23 14-6 9:15pm Davis Here Here Here
Greeneville 22-34 N/A 6:30pm TBA
Here Here N/A
AZL Reds 23-27 N/A 9:00pm TBA
Here N/A N/A

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12 Responses

    • Big Ed

      Garcia, though, has now gone at least 78 ABs since his last walk. Before this streak, he had been walking a bit more than 7% of the time. Maybe it’s the dog days of summer and he’s swinging too much from the grind.

      He is definitely having a good year at age 21 at that level, but it is something he needs to work on.

      • Michael Smith

        Valid point. He has been hit by 4 pitches since then so that is like a painful walk;)

    • RedsKoolAidDrinker

      How does Garcia compare to what Peraza was doing at those levels? Obviously Garcia is an upgrade defensively (thank goodness), but is his ceiling higher than that of Peraza offensively?

  1. cinvenfan

    Horrible avgs/OBP for all affiliates except AAA. A task for the FO in the offseason.

    • Big Ed

      Chattanooga is leading the Southern League in both OBP and AVG.

      Daytona is fourth in the Florida State League in OBP and AVG, and only .002 of the league lead in average.

      Meanwhile, Louisville is 9th of 14 International League teams in AVG, and 10th in OBP.

      It is a good reminder that stats have to be put into context.

  2. Shawn

    I won’t swear everything is right but it’s close. Not sure exactly what the pre arb players will be getting. I guessed an the arbitration eligible players salaries.

    1st base- Votto 25 Million
    2nd base- VanMeter. Pre arb 550,000
    SS. – Galvis. 5.5 Million
    3B. – Suerez 9.54 Million
    Catcher- Barnhart. 3.54 Million
    RF. – Winker/Ervin pre arb 650,000
    CF. -Senzel. Pre arb 650,000
    RF. – Aquino. Pre arb 550,000

    Ervin/Winker Pre arb 650,000
    Cassili. Made 950,000 this year. I would guess 1.25 million
    Peraza made 2.77 million this year. I would guess 3 million next year.
    Farmer. Pre arb 650,000
    Dietrich. Made 2 million this year, I will guess 2.25 million. I put him on the list but can’t see the Reds offering arbitration.

    SP Castillo- pre arb 650,000
    SP Gray- 10.17 Million
    SP Bauer made 13 million this year, I’m guessing 17 million
    SP Desclafani- made 2.2 million this year. I will guess about 4 million.
    SP Mahle 650,000 pre arb or Gausman 10 Million

    RP- Iglesias- 5.71 million
    RP- Garrett- 650,000 pre arb
    RP- Lorenzen 2 yr arb. About 3 million
    RP- Simms. 650,000 pre arb
    RP- Stevenson 650,000 pre arb
    RP – Reed. 650,000 pre arb
    RP- 2 of Herget, Bowman, Kuhnel, Powers and Mahle. I’m sure I’m missing a couple. I can not see Gausman as a reliever. He will make over 10 million next year.

    If my math is right that is 108 million if Gousmon is on the team and 98.86 million if he don’t make the team. Rumor was last year that we were willing to spend 140 to 150 million.

    • DanD

      I would like to see the Reds go for a #1 starting catcher and add to the bullpen with another lefty to go with Amir such as Will Smith and another veteran relief pitcher. Hopefully the Reds resign Iglesias.

      Thoughts on what other position players the Reds could use. Other than a number 1 catcher and resigning Iglesias and bringing back Galvis I think position player the Reds are fine.

      • Shawn

        I hope Iglesias isn’t the number 1 priority as far as position players go. My dream scenario would be DiDi Gregarious and Grandal. Give me those and I’ll live with the pitching and other positions.

      • Colorado Red

        Not so sure about DIDI, looking at this numbers, not that great.
        260 BA, 288 OBP.
        I would say no.

      • DanD


        I agree that I would not make Iglesias my #1 priority to sign but I cannot imagine the Reds will spend for both Grandal and Gregorious. If possible I do agree that I would love to have both come back.

        The other option that I would like would be to trade for Omar Narvaez who I believe has 3 years left of team control before hitting free agency. It may take one of Stephenson, India and Santillan plus secondary players.

        I would be comfortable keeping Iglesias and going after Grandal.