Tejay Antone was named the Pitcher of the Week for the International League for the final week of the year. The right-handed pitcher made two starts for the Louisville Bats and allowed just two earned runs over his 14.0 innings pitched. That’s a 1.29 ERA for those keeping track at home. Antone walked just one batter during his two starts and he struck out 19 hitters – 9 in his first start and 10 more in his second.


For Louisville, Antone was the third Bats pitcher to win the International League Pitcher of the week. It was just two weeks ago when Vladimir Gutierrez did the same thing. Lucas Sims also brought home the hardware earlier this year for Louisville.

It was a strong way for Tejay Antone to close out the season. He split his time between Double-A and Triple-A this year in the Reds organization. The 25-year-old made 13 starts for Chattanooga this season and posted a 3.38 ERA in 74.2 innings with 22 walks, 4 home runs allowed, and he struck out 63 hitters. Opponents had a .227/.300/.313 line against him in the Southern League this year.

In mid-June he was called up to Triple-A. With the juiced baseball in play, things didn’t quite go as well for Antone as they had in Double-A. Overall on the season he posted a 4.65 ERA with the Bats. On the surface that doesn’t sound all that good, but the league average ERA in the International League this season was 4.89 – so Antone was still above-average at preventing runs. It just goes to show how crazy the Triple-A season was this year with the new baseball in play.

Down the stretch he really turned things up. Over his final four starts he threw 23.0 innings and allowed just four runs and he struck out 30 batters. Opponents hit just .193/.272/.313 against him in that stretch. Between his two stops on the season he made 26 starts and one relief appearance. His ERA was 4.00 on the year in 146.1 innings with 53 walks and 133 strikeouts. And in typical fashion since he was drafted he had high ground ball rates. Antone finished the season with a 55% ground ball rate.

2 Responses

  1. Doc

    I wish the norm were to say someone is ‘better than average’ or ‘worse than average’ rather than above or below. To me, if the league average ERA is 4.85, above average would be more than, or higher than, 4.85.

  2. RedsKoolAidDrinker

    Does Antone get an invite to camp next season? Who else should that hasn’t already been called up or wasn’t invited last year?