The minor league baseball season is officially over for the Cincinnati Reds farm system as of Thursday evening. That’s when the Billings Mustangs lost in the playoffs and ended their season, and with it the last team still playing in the farm system was complete with their year.

That does change a lot of what’s going to happen here at the site, and on Patreon. Obviously without games to write about/cover on a daily basis, that’s going to go away. Fall and winter ball is still going to be played – and the Arizona Fall League actually starts on Wednesday, so there’s going to be some guys to talk about somewhat regularly but there may not necessarily be daily coverage of that kind of thing because everyone isn’t playing every day.

What will be starting soon (probably next Monday) will be the top prospect series. If you don’t recall that one from last year, it’s a season review and a full scouting report on a player. There will be roughly 75-100 of those through the offseason. They won’t be every day, but the plan is to do 2-3 per week – with the exception of the Top 25 prospects. That list usually comes out the final week of October. Once that list comes out I will transition to doing 5 of these per week to cover the Top 25 guys, then move back to 2-3 per week after that. This whole series is a big carrier of the entire offseason.

Speaking of carrying the offseason, let me drop in my salesman voice real quick: As you can imagine traffic drops off quite a bit in the offseason. Patreon helps keep me afloat during the offseason. And while there’s certainly more things you get during the year with Patreon during the season, the offseason gets you early access to things like the top 25 prospect list, and all of the top prospect series several days in advance. So if you’ve ever thought about supporting the site in the past, now’s a great time to give Patreon support a look.

There’s plenty of “news” types of things that happen that will be covered, too. And there’s some research type of stuff that I’ll dive into (park factors for the stadiums this year for example). But I’m definitely open to offseason series ideas if you have them. One-off ideas are ok, too, but they need to be good ones that make sense in terms of the time investment to get it done. A weekly or every-other-week idea for a column that could run throughout the offseason is very valuable and I’ve only got so many of those.

Reds instructional league

The Cincinnati Reds aren’t exactly having instructional league this year. I mentioned it in the comments section a week or two ago, but there’s not going to be instructional league this fall for the Reds like there has been in the past. This year there will be something closer to the start of spring training, but the dates for that haven’t been determined yet.

There will be an instructional league in the Dominican Republic for the guys who were in the DSL this season, though. It starts up on Monday.

Some exciting personal (but still baseball) news

This isn’t brand new news to me, but I haven’t shared it publicly yet. Today seemed like a good spot to drop it, though. I have taken over as the Cincinnati Reds correspondent for Baseball America. That title sounds way more exciting and important than it actually is. It means that I’ll be writing up their Reds piece each month for the magazine/website. There may be some other piece during a month here or there, too – but it’s mostly just going to be that one piece each month. It’s not really going to change much of anything in the coverage that I provide here or at Patreon. That said, it’s going to be cool to have that byline with THAT company.

18 Responses

  1. A

    Doug, wow, congrats, man! Don’t undersell it. That is damn impressive. Well deserved.

  2. Alex Reds

    Congratulations Doug! Great news! You do a phenomenal job, well deserved!

  3. Bill

    Congrats Doug! Glad to see your excellent work in Baseball’s most prestigious publication.

  4. James Phillips

    Congrats. I hope this is another step towards where you’d like to end up.

  5. Michael Smith

    Congrats Doug. Great coverage this year and looks like you get to avoid being a fluffer for another year;)

  6. Cguy

    Congratulations Doug. Hopefully a big salary, bonus opportunities, plus a huge travel budget!

  7. Redsvol

    That is great news Doug. I’m glad your efforts are being recognized by the big guys – you deserve it. I thoroughly enjoy ur site here.

  8. Mike V

    Excellent news regarding your Baseball America job and well deserved !

  9. MikeD

    Great news Doug! Baseball America is certainly the gold standard for all things minor league baseball. Being a part of it lends great credibility to what you have been doing. Maybe you can save a few $$$ on the subscriber content! :)

    Really good news! I am really proud of you.

  10. Norwood Nate

    Congrats Doug. Well deserved for all the hard work and dedication you have for all things Reds minor league.

  11. Brett

    So not to poopoo a great opportunity for you to expand your market and who can read you, but does this mean that the RML and BaseballAmerica top prospect list will be exactly the same?

    • Doug Gray

      No. I will not be doing the Reds prospect list for them. I do not know who it will be that will handle it, but it won’t be me because of the whole thing where if I did both anyone could just come here and read it and all of that.