Baseball America is in the middle of releasing their league Top 20 prospect lists. Today the got to another league in which the Cincinnati Reds have an affiliate, the Double-A Southern League. No Reds prospects made the list (sub required to read), which was described by author Matt Eddy as “an epic year for the Southern League” due to just how deep it was with prospects. There is a caveat, though. Taylor Trammell did make the list, coming in at #16 on the list. As surely you are aware if you’re on this website, he was traded at the deadline in the 3-team trade that brought Trevor Bauer to Cincinnati.

How deep was the league this season? Well, Nick Madrigal was the 4th overall pick in 2018 and hit .341 in the league (42 games) and was the #17 prospect in the league. Royce Lewis was the #1 overall pick in 2017 and is 20-years-old. He was rated as the #18 prospect in the league. It wasn’t just deep. It was so deep that if you aren’t a Top 50 prospect in the game there’s next to no chance you were making the list.

Tyler Stephenson, a former 1st round pick, and a Top 100 prospect hit .285/.372/.410 as a catcher this season. His wRC+ for that line is 130. A good pedigree, a premium position, a well above-average offensive performance in a league he was young for? That’s usually going to make one an absolute lock to make a list like this. But Stephenson was not to be found on the list given just how deep the league is.

Checking in with the Arizona Fall League

Let’s keep the conversation on Tyler Stephenson. Last night he crushed a double to drive in a run for Glendale. LISTEN to how loud that thing was.

Of course, the double ultimately would not count. The game came to a halt when rain came through, and it didn’t let up. That led to the game being postponed and the stats compiled in the game were erased.

The Desert Dogs were set to host their contest tonight, but the game was moved to Salt Rivers Field tonight. That’s a good thing. Perhaps. Salt River Fields is where Major League Baseball is testing out the computerized strikezone. That means that we get pitch tracking and info as the public. So let’s hope that the game tonight features all of the Reds relievers so we can get a little bit of further information on them that we otherwise wouldn’t.

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  1. wes

    It’s not an epic year- it’s a trend. There is way WAY too much talent in baseball- like never before in the history of the sport. That’s why salaries have been trending lower in recent years and that’s why guy’s like Jeter Downs, although ranked in top 100, is completely irrelevant. He will never be a guy who’s missed. And when there is this much accessible talent- there is no need to have a premier minor league system. Reds strategy to trade the farm to compete in the moment is the right one even though their returns in their trades have been light.

      • Wes

        Simply put- there is so much talent in baseball that grooming players to become sub allstars is a waste of time and resources.

        Reece Hinds and Jose Iglesias made the same amount of money this year- who creates more value ?

        Once u identify a prospect as not a star or all star- trade them for short term assets. That’s the biggest return you will get for the player even if they make it to the show. That’s why they traded trammell. He can’t play center and doesn’t hit for enough power.

    • pw

      I have the same question about Suarez. And I’ve got one more. Why does Bell keep plugging Van Meter into left field when he’s shown over and over that he can’t play the position?

      • Greenfield Red

        With 4 games left in the season, out of the playoffs, personal and team records in play, the biggest game since Opening Day because of Marty, there better be a good reason or else Bell is proving to be totally tone deaf.

        We will never know if ES would have hit 3 homers today to send Marty off. Probably not, but by not playing there was no chance.

    • mac624

      Because the manager is a complete idiot would be my guess. Suarez is going for a 50 HR season and he needs to be in there. I really hope they can Bell. There are certainly roster issues and injury issues, but David Bell is not the answer at manager.

      • Greenfield Red

        I have been on the “give him a chance bandwagon” regarding David Bell. But, IF he put Farmer at 3rd base to get him some at-bats, and there was no other reason for sitting ES, in that game, he should not be retained for next year.

        IF that is what happened, it is not excusable. My opinion.

  2. Tom

    Speaking of shut out…

    Ol’ Bob’s big 2019 event was a shut out:

    * Another losing season
    * 4th place
    * Scant legitimate contention
    * Poor attendance
    * Marty’s final series swept by Brewers
    * Questionable performance by Bell who has questionable career resume
    * Votto’s decline continues

    It’s always sunny in Cincinnati!

  3. captap

    I’m not sure what people expect. The Reds hired the guy to run the team because he is the son of a board member. They don’t spend money and they are not serious about winning.