Kiley McDaniel’s weekly chat at Fangraphs had an interesting answer to a question about the offseason.

Daniel: Which teams do you think are most likely to trade from prospect depth this winter for a big name?

Kiley McDaniel: San Diego, White Sox and Cincinnati all make sense

Now, on the surface, I believe everyone thinks the Cincinnati Reds need to add talent if they want to compete. And given that the largest free agent contract they’ve ever signed is for less than $50M dollars, TOTAL – until we see something else, anyone expecting them to spend more than a handful of dollars in free agency has a larger amount of faith in ownership than I do.

If you listened to the Redleg Nation Radio Patreon Exclusive Podcast this past week (it was on both the Redleg Nation Radio Patreon page as well as the Reds Minor Leagues Patreon page), then you heard me say that the farm system today isn’t what it was entering the year. And that by-and-large, most of the top 25 caliber guys had down seasons.

With that said, it doesn’t mean that the farm system is devoid of prospects. Nor is it devoid of guys that would have plenty of value on the trade market. The question for me is whether or not the Reds would be willing to make even more trades of some of their top prospects. Trading away the likes of Taylor Trammell, Shed Long, Josiah Gray, and Jeter Downs in the last year has certainly left the Reds with fewer players for the future than they otherwise would have had.

Now, if we are going to be talking about a “big name” and it’s more than just a big name, but also a player that can still play like that – it’s going to cost a lot. You’re probably looking at someone like Nick Lodolo, Tyler Stephenson, Jose Garcia, Hunter Greene, or Jonathan India being traded. I’ve always said that any player should be traded in the right deal. Fortunately the Reds don’t pay me to make the decisions on what is or isn’t the right deal.

Arizona Fall League Updates

The struggles for Jonathan India continued on Friday night in the Arizona Fall League as he went 0-4 with two strikeouts. He’s now 0-22 to start his 2019 AFL season with three walks and eight strikeouts.

Tyler Stephenson was the only other Reds prospect to play in the game. He went 0-2 with 2 walks. While his RBI double from Thursday night was washed out of the statsheet when the game was postponed by rain after getting underway, he’s still hitting .375/.474/.500 through 16 at-bats.

Here’s how all of the Reds prospects are performing thus far out in the Arizona Fall League:

Tyler Stephenson 16 2 0 0 1 3 3 .375 .474 .500
Jose Garcia 16 0 0 0 2 1 4 .188 .235 .188
Stuart Fairchild 4 0 0 0 0 0 1 .000 .000 .000
Jonathan India 22 0 0 0 1 3 8 .000 .154 .000


Dauri Moreta 0.00 3.0 2 0 1 5 1.00
Jordan Johnson 6.00 3.0 4 0 1 3 1.67
Diomar Lopez 8.31 4.1 7 1 1 5 1.85
Cory Thompson 12.00 3.0 6 0 1 1 2.33

83 Responses

  1. Wes

    Trevor story is best fit; his numbers should transfer nicely too great American small park. Rockies need pitching and they have their replacement ready at short in Rogers. Mahle and santillian should be enough although reds should be hesitant to part w mahle. He will be a beast next year coming out of the pen.

    • Ryan S

      Trevor Story is a 6 win player. He’s going to cost a lot more than a back end starter and a fringe top 100 prospect. The Rockies aren’t just going to give him away. Story would cost you Luis Castillo at the very least.

      • Schottzie

        The Reds actively tried to win this season—trading 3 of their top 5 prospects in order to do—only to earn 5-6 more wins from last year. The thought that a player could be “untouchable” on a team that has suffered six straight losing seasons is why this franchise continues to not find success.

      • Norwood Nate

        Except the Reds didn’t trade 3 of their top 5 prospects. Almost universally the top 5 Reds prospects coming into last year were Senzel, Trammell, Greene, Santillan, and India. 4 of those guys are still in the organization. Long was the highest rated prospect traded and he was right there in the mix of next tier prospects that included Siri and T. Stephenson (also both still in our organization).

      • Schottzie

        @NorwoodNate As it stands now, Downs and Gray are top 100 prospects — which would easily put them in the Reds top 5. Granted that wasn’t the case when they were traded so I see your point, but it doesn’t belie the reality that the Reds traded three of what would be their strongest prospects (adding Trammell back into the convo) to get ostensibly nowhere.

        I’ll further vent by saying that they traded those prospects to acquire three players those organizations didn’t want (Puig, Bauer, and Wood) in order to do so. Which again shows the Reds tendency to make emotional moves they think will get their fans excited and shouting for free pizza, opposed to rational decisions that set themselves up for winning in the long run.

        BTW I’m leaving Sonny Gray and Shed Long out of this convo because the Reds deserve credit for that deal — they bought low and traded what I would believe were the right prospects/picks in order to do so.

      • Norwood Nate

        I don’t disagree that we hurt our current prospect depth by dealing from the farm. That typically happens when you make trades for ML talent. I also don’t disagree that trading Gray and Downs didn’t net much for the future of the Reds, or that up to this point, trading Trammell hasn’t moved the needle on the team’s overall improvement. I just disagree that we traded 3 of our top 5 prospects, because at the time, they were not, and that’s largely how I believe trades should be viewed, with the information we had at the time.

      • Cguy

        So if the Reds trade Aquino this winter, would you then say the Reds traded 4 of their top 5 prospects? Even though the Reds designated him off the 40 man last year? Come on, one of the Reds top 5 prospects (Trammel) has been traded. That’s all. It’s a good thing for the organization that several of their prospects have increased in value, & by & large the Reds have capitalized of their increased value.

    • Alex

      Don’t see Colorado doin this deal at all. We would have to offer way more and I’m sure Colorado would want more quality pitchers than those 2. Prolly would have to start with lodolo plus some.

      • Alex

        Also would be easier for us to obtain Rodgers than Story. Is Rodgers a real fit at as tho? Thought he was more of a 3b or 2b guy

      • Wes

        I think it’s 50/50. Depends how high they are on Rogers but story comes w 2 years control while Rogers comes w 6.

        Also if santillian reproduced his 18 numbers in 19 he would have finished his season in cincy and not aa. He’s not a guy u acquire as a future ace but more of a Roark type who can eat up quality innings over a long season.

        I doubt they see a better offer than santillian mahle India.

      • Wes

        Also story made 5 mil this season. He will most like make 12 and 18 next two years. So u save 30 million u can spend elsewhere if u unload him now.

    • Wes

      Rockies have Rogers, Alonzo, McMahon, arenado and no pitching. They are not trading arenado and rest of guys have little value but are quality players. Story is their best option to add pitching out of a surplus.

      Also, who else needs a short stop so bad they are going to trade away their best prospect for them ? Almost every team is set at short.

      2 controllable pitchers that are top 100 quality is a good starting point for negotiation. May cost another decent piece like India but no one is gonna trade a Lodolo type for story and if Rockies don’t add quality pitching they have no chance next season as their window is closing.


        So you think Mahle and Santillan is quality pitching? Oh brother.
        Neither one of those guys even start the convo for Story. And India’s value is simply from his draft position, sinking by the day.

      • Wes

        You are correct MK! That’s why he only made 2.5 mil last season and I think it was a minor league contract. In a different era he would have got 4/40 mil.

        Push- India, like trammell, has elite plate discipline. If he would have hit 280 w 20 homers he would have finished the season in cincy and not aa.

  2. Gaffer

    Uhh, the reds have so little to trade now that I doubt we can compete for a star. Also they would be paying a guy near free agent rates for 1-2 years of control. That is a poor value.

    • Alex

      We did have little to trade so my guess is if we can’t fill In holes from free agents then they will make moves for high upside guys that won’t cost to much in a return package. Like Sonny gray. The trade won’t look amazing in the begining but it could be great when its all done

  3. Kap

    I know it’s not a huge need but whit merrifield would fit this team like a glove

    • Ree

      Need to sign Rendon, move Suarez to SS. Trade India and other prospects for better pitching staff.

  4. barry

    In today’s baseball there are more than one way to bring in a “big name”. The Reds showed a willingness to absorb some salary. There are several teams that will be looking to offload salary. This may be the best way forward for the Reds. One or two prospects and absorbing salary = “big name”.


      Yeah it worked so well this year.
      And big names don’t equal winning players. Bauer and Puig are big names for different reason than the elite players.
      The fact they got no elite player or even an established big leaguer with control for Gray, Downs, Trammell and Moss is almost as bad as the return for Chapman. All inexcusable and franchise crippling.

      • Stock

        I agree with you Pusherman except the Downs part. Downs was traded for Sonny Gray. This was a great trade.

        I stated at the time of the Puig trade that this is only a good trade if the Reds were all in for 2019. They weren’t. They should have traded for Realmuto. I am pretty sure Trammell for Realmuto would have been enough (maybe some fringe prospects).

        With the injury to Scooter and the slide in performance for Votto this would not have been enough anyway. But the trade with the Dodgers on its own was silly. Turns out Bailey was better than Puig/Wood/Farmer combined.

        Makes you wonder if this was really a trade to contend or a trade to lower costs and increase revenue.

      • Colorado Red

        Shed long and a comp pick for Sonny.
        Jeter Downs was part of the Puig trade, that was part of the Bauer trade.

  5. Optimist

    I’d keep Lodolo and Tyler, largely based on positions. As for trade bait, aren’t Suarez and Castillo the only pieces of first-rate quality?

    Unless someone is looking for quantity, seems we don’t have enough quality on the farm.

    • Oldtimer

      In 1959 the Reds traded former All-Star 2B Johnny Temple for SP Cal McLish, 2B Billy Martin, and rookie 1B Gordy Coleman. McLish was after used as trade bait (for 3B Gene Freese). Martin played 2B for a year. Gordy Coleman was Reds 1B from 1960 to 1966. The Reds found Temple’s replacement in a 1961 trade for Don Blasingame.

      In 1960 the Reds traded former All-Star SS Roy McMillan for young SP Joey Jay and Juan Pizarro. Jay became a Reds stalwart SP from 1961 to 1966. Pizarro was also trade bait in the Gene Freese deal. The Reds had future All-Star SS Leo Cardenas to replace McMillan.

      In 1961 the Reds traded former All-Star C Ed Bailey for 2B Don Blasingame, C Bob Schmidt, and RP Sherman Jones. Blasingame was Reds 2B starter in 1961 and 1962. Schmidt was later trade fair for 1B/OF Marty Keough. The Reds had future All-Star C Johnny Edwards to replace Bailey.

      Reds won 67 games in 1960, then 93 in 1961 and 98 in 1962. They traded away three former All-Stars. They acquired SP Joey Jay (All-Star in 1961 only), starting 3B Gene Freese, starting 1B Gordy Coleman, and starting 2B Don Blasingame.

      Three former All-Stars for four starters. Only Jay was a future All-Star among them. Future All-Stars Cardenas and Edwards learned their craft in the early 1960s.

      Moral of the story: You have to trade talent to get talent. Then. And now.

  6. jbonireland

    Any deal that starts with Lodelo, Naughton and Tyler Stephenson is a non starter for me. They are the only three that can be seriously considered to help the Reds in the next two years. I thought at the time that Jonathon India was a stretch (AKA Brandon Larson), So far he is proving me right.

    For all of the names to be bantered about for the Reds to trade for this winter, most will be happy thinking. Many will make unrealistic trade deal offers. Mahle appears to be the second coming of Homer if Johnson can’t straighten him out and Santillan is about one pitch from rotator cuff surgery. Greene is light years away from majors…if his arm holds out. Neither of those would bring much in trade value.

    I hope to be surprised but don’t expect a lot this winter

    • RedsKoolAidDrinker

      How is Mahle the second coming of Homer if he’s not straightened out? Yes, Homer never earned all of his contract AFTER he signed it but unlike Mahle, Homer was a major asset at one time.

  7. Jack

    They have to do something or they won’t be competing for years to come. Other than Suarez they are below average offensively in every position. I don’t see anything in the minors that will change that. Do nothing and roll the dice that Votto recovers, Aquino hasn’t been figured out, Senzel is more than an average hitter, etc. Maybe one or 2 of those happens but it won’t move the needle to contention. Throw some of that money are free agents and trade anyone you can.

    • Pete

      With this FO you are just doing more damage. I’d like them to stand pat until one day we might get a real upper management team. Reds can’t development talent but there are rare cases where they do acquire it. The rot is so deep it can’t be fixed by those who created it. Sorry…

      Doug says the Reds are lucky he’s not making the calls, no it’s not. Maybe it doesn’t say a great deal about Doug but it says a mouthful about the Reds FO. Jack, I believe you would do better. It’s comical.

    • Rob

      I think the Reds have more money than prospects. Our top 3-4 prospects from last year are gone or not really that awesome at this point. Senze l is with the Reds and Trammel is with the Indians. Greene is recuperating and may take until 2022 to reach the majors. India hasn’t figured it out. Last year we could have had Realmuto for Trammel or Senze l and we got cold feet. But we gave up Gray and Jeter for Puig, Kemp, and Wood. Not the best.

      Our best trade chips imo are our younger guys like Robert Stephenson, Ervin, Winker, Lorenzen, etc. It would seem to me that you could get a rebuilding team to take on 2-3 of the these guys for a borderline big name. Guys like Merrifield, Marte, etc. 290 hitters with some speed. I don’t see SS as big of need as most of you guys. But I would take Lindor in a heartbeat. We definitely need an upgrade at catcher. 275 hitter with some pop. And my other priority would be the speedy 290 hitting OF. And finally we need to get Votto and his 260 hitting tortoise speed out of the top 4-5 in the batting order. We need a couple 280-290 hitters with speed here. Senze l might be one.

    • Eric

      Here is the thing the Reds need to look at this off-season. See what the Padres would take for Wil Myers and some cash, not a lot just some cash. I am opposed to making a move for C right now. Stevenson is close, don’t ruin that. Outside or Salvador Perez there is not a C you could trade for that is markedly better than what we have. To solve SS you either have to spend money on Didi or trade for Rodgers/Story. In all of this you cannot trade Greene, Lodolo or Stevenson. Trading off of the big league roster will have to happen. Winker,Lorenzen, Ervin may be pieces to add to a deal. I personally think Myers can be had cheap. Colorado should want some young pitching like Mahle and Santillan. Throw in a third lesser minor leaguer and you have a deal. If you need to trade Bauer to get back some other pieces to help you then do so. He will not be here past next season anyway.

      • Michael E

        Myers looks like another low average hitter. Not sure he is any kind of upgrade over anything we have now…and that’s saying something.

        If we can get him for nothing, then kick the tires, but anything more than our #25 prospect is too much.

  8. Schottzie

    They traded for a big name six weeks ago and are still very bad, possibly worse. Burn it all down. Let Votto retire. In two years they’d be closer to contending than they would be if they traded the farm for next year to get to .500.

  9. terry m

    If I were the Reds I would start the rebuild again on Monday !! EVERY player would be available !!

    • Rob

      You may be 100% correct from a baseball standpoint. But losing and poor attendance gets old and engrained. I see signs of a losing attitude today. We have been passed by other rebuilding teams including Brewers, Braves, Phils, Mets, and the Pads aren’t far behind. I think Williams and Co. have to go all out this year to ensure playoff contention. If that means mortgaging our future, I think they have to do it. Fans aren’t ready for another fake run …..imo.

      • The other JB

        Schottize and Terry M, I agree lets burn it to the ground , lets start with the owner who insisted on close to big league ready guys and signed off on the give away of Chapman. The Yankees received Gleyber Torres for a rental on Chapman, a shortstop with 30 big flies a year power. The front office ( a minority owners son who received a little on the job training from our good buddy Jockerty), and then William’s who gets a new title and we then promote a new GM from within our organization. Please hire some baseball people from some of the successful organizations. The team is the worst fundamental and situational hitting team, I’ve ever watched in Cincinnati. I blame this on the manager who the FO hired. The team can spend the money and get some bats, but realistically , we would be a team that would struggle to get to 500. The Reds have great fans and everyone of them deserves better than this.

  10. Hanawi

    Reds have no future right now. They made a bunch of short-sighted trades to try to drive up attendance this year. All they did was give up their most valuable trade chips for a number 3-4 starter with one more year of expensive control. The Dodgers trade was a disaster from day one, but they managed to convince the casual fan that a bunch of guys that the Dodgers didn’t want (and weren’t going to play) were the key to contending.

    Losing Gray, Downs, Trammell, and Moss and not getting an elite SS or CF (the 2 weakest positions) back is malpractice. Maybe they’ll reshuffle the front office and scouting departments again with the same people this offseason and sell it as progress. The whole thing needs to be burned down and everyone fired. They cannot compete with teams that outspend and outscout them.

    • RojoBenjy

      “Losing Gray, Downs, Trammell, and Moss and not getting an elite SS or CF (the 2 weakest positions) back is malpractice.“

      Why does it always seem to work out bad for our town?

      Those moves were gambles, and the Reds lost their shirt. The moves could have paid off. Since they didn’t, it stinks.

      • jon

        Have you seen Trammells stats since he left? Reds also traded roarke for a young CF Hannah thats as good as TT or better.A’s #8 prospect.

      • Hanawi

        Doesn’t matter what his stats were after the trade. He had real value. Reds could have turned him into a SS with 6 years of control instead of a #3 starter with 1 year of control.

        And Hannah is not better.


      Absolutely correct, great post. To take it further, the FO should be grilled as to why they didn’t take the return from the Padres as opposed to Bauer. Would’ve been much better for the future. Really shows how clueless Dick and company are. Like all of us can see the roster isn’t competitive, but not our own FO

    • Oldtimer

      Reds immediate future (2020) is:

      1B Votto 2B Peraza OR VanMeter SS Iglesias OR Peraza 3B Suarez C Barnhart/Caseli LF Winker CF Senzel RF Aquino OF Ervin

      SP Castillo Gray Bauer Desclafani Mahle CL Iglesias RP Lorenzen Garrett Stephenson

      Not bad. Not bleak. Not great. 80 W is achievable.

    • Colorado Red

      Then you add 3rd base to the list.
      And the way the Reds make trade, you will only have 1 more position to fill.
      Suarez is almost untouchable.

    • Curt

      Not only is Suarez at Peak value, perhaps as high as he will ever be, but the Reds have depth at 3rd. Deal at peak value and from positions of depth, isn’t that the golden rule?? Like Jon says, trade him now and you could fill several holes, as well as distribute production around the diamond more evenly. Also makes room for the young infielders. So it wouldn’t be for prospects per se but for equal production via CF/ outfield , C, SS, whichever option is the best. A straight swap for CF of EQUAL value would work for me.
      Every team could use a Suarez, the Reds just don’t need him at 3B, and he doesn’t seem to be able/willing to move so…
      Any GM worth his weight in salt should, at the very least, be considering it or he’s not doing his job. If Suarez is “untouchable” then the team is a lost cause.

      Give 3rd (and 2nd) to Senzel and VanMeter, they can flip a coin. They’re infielders and I’m sure that’s where they both want to be. They will be far more productive offensively if they are settled in their natural habitat on the field. Make Zobrist’s out of them later if they want.

      Would the Reds do this? Unlikely, as from a psychological standpoint the team makes decisions out of fear rather than intrepidity. They simpl lack the stones. They’re afraid to lose even though that’s what they’re doing. It’s a bit painful to watch really. Bell in particular. The only positive is the solution is easy if they want to stop all the losing. Be fearless and believe it! We shall see. -Curt in L.A

      • Jon Ryker

        Yes, they should. They need a CFer. They need a leadoff hitter. They need relief pitchers. Could get all those for Suarez.

  11. DaveCT

    If there were intent, and commitment, to making a big splash, Lee o your eyes on Boston and Mookie Betts. He has one more year then free agency. Sox are cutting costs (haha, I know) and are willing to move him this year before losing him. A team this year would spend an enormous amount for the year, or half year, so no, we just tried this. But all in for 2021? Mookie is the real deal.

  12. MK

    The Jeter Downs crying is getting old. He is a a .267 minor league hitter who has had 12 games at AA. He has some nice power but it comes with 100 K’s. He projects as a second baseman with average defensive skills. They did not trade Joe Morgan.

    • jon

      same with Trammell. Hannah is better and it cost roark to get him.So many debbie downers. Bauer comes back to normal next yr. all the trades will look great.

      • Oldtimer

        Hannah has not shown he is better than Trammell. The latter can be a star in MLB.

      • Oldtimer

        PS on Bauer. He’s a good SP nothing more, nothing less. In six full and two partial MLB seasons, he has 4.04 career ERA and 70-60 record.

        His “average” projects as 12-10 with 4+ ERA. You better hope for his 2017 season results, so far his “career” year.

    • DaveCT

      You can say that again. Or Brandon Phillips, or Dustin Pedroia, or LeMajieu. Etc.


      Oh boy. Id love to get your thoughts on our position player prospects. Can you tell me your thoughts on India?

      • DaveCT

        I’ll take a stab at this. At the time of the trade, Downs was simply expendable. He had Senzel ahead of him and India behind him. Not to mention VanMeter opening eyes. His defense is limited to 2B in the infield and even then may end up in LF. Both Senzel and India are plus defenders and both have solid history of their bats being plus, too. As for India, it’s his first full season and he’s making what is known as the most challenging jump, to AA. He was above league average as a hitter in Florida, where production can get pushed down. Of course the jury is out, on any of these guys, until they produce higher up the chain. If true to his history and talent, though, he should project out to a very solid ML 2B or 3B both offensively and defensively.

        Others with similar paths forward would be Tyler Stephenson and Jose Garcia. Traditional baseball calls for strength up the middle. So, Stephenson,C, Garcia and India, SS and 2B, and Senzel, CF. The corners, then, are Suárez and Votto, and whoever nails it down in the OF, Aquino, Winker, Ervin, OR an outside player, my fave being Mookie Betts.

        As for the young guys and/or minor league system, there are many teams who’d jump to get Senzel, Greene, Lodolo, Garcia, Stephenson, India, and even guys Like Santillan and Siri who struggled some.

  13. Jim t

    If I’m the reds I do little this off season. I may add a bull pen piece or a left handed starter. As for Catcher and SS I wait on Tyler Stephenson and Garcia. They should be ready after next year. Aquino plays RF, I move Senzel to 2B, Ervin and Winker either split time in LF or one wins the job outright. I look at acquiring a FA Cf or obtain one in a trade either this year or next. The window is 2021. Waiting and not rushing allows us to see where Green, Lodolo and others are in the process. I really don’t think this team is as bad as some on here do. There is talent especially the starting staff. I look for Bauer to have a very nice year next year and playing at or above 500 next year is the goal.

  14. Cguy

    Bad as their offense is—and it’s not good, I still see the Reds top needs are to sign Jose Iglesias as ss for 2020 & the best LHRP they can find. There’s no way the Reds get the lack of offensive production in April/May of 2020 that they got in April/May of 2019 from the outfield & catching positions. Even in late Jan/Feb of next year there should be some hitters as well as #4 & #5 sp available to round out the roster.

    • Eric

      The idea that we need to hold on C and SS is the one I agree with. Garcia and Stevenson will be here sooner than we think. Make the deal for Myers. Craft a package to get a CF so you can move Senzel to 2B and play Peraza at SS if you cannot sign or trade for a player that did not play for us this year.

  15. Eric

    The real question to be answered is how long and how good do you want to be? Winning 82 games cannot be enough. Winning the division is what needs to start happening. Can’t do that by trading what talent you have left for short term high priced talent.

  16. MikeinSoCal

    Looking back I kind of long for the days when all the Reds needed was a LF and some pitching. Now the Reds pretty much need everything. The Reds no longer have a core to build on. The Reds aren’t set at any position other than 3B. And as it now stands Suárez is our greatest trade chip. Suarez would bring back a good package. Most good trades involve trading one really good player for three or so good players. Trade Suárez and move Senzel to 3B. His days in CF are over imo.

    • Dollar Bill

      The Reds are not contenders until votto is gone. He and Bell killed this team this year.

      • Rob

        Votto is an issue the Reds tend to dance around or not talk about. I do not know that alone it is keeping us from the playoffs but it is as much of piece as the 3-4 usual suspects. The Phillies had it with Ryan Howard and the Angels have it with Pujois. The minimum is moving him to a Pujois like spot in the batting order. 6th. His power and production is below average for a 1B. His OBP is totally offset by his poor base running and slowness. He can’t score from 2nd on a lot of singles. Ideally he would be traded to an AL team where we would pick up a portion of his salary for a return player. Carlos Santana? I am totally aware he has a no trade clause but he needs to be sat down and talked to about options and his future. I am certainly amenable to keeping him but as a #6 or #7 hitter with different performance parameters such as RBIs. I will say it again that we can not have a slow 260 hitter with 55 rbis batting in the top 4-5 spots …If we expect to compete for the playoffs.

  17. doofus

    Jose Garcia hit .280 while leading the Florida State league with 37 doubles. He was also in the league Top 10 for slugging and OPS, according to Doug Gray. The Florida State league is a notorious pitchers league.

    He is also doing well in the AZ Fall league right now.

    I believe that he is the Reds SS of the future.

    So, I believe the needs are more starting pitching, an accomplished LH hitter, a CF and a C who brings defense and can get some hits. Put these needs in any order.

    Some will say that we need relievers. I totally disagree. Competent starters make a bullpen much better. Whoever does not start is a reliever.

    I still believe a trade of Suarez will secure multiple needs. Senzel moves to 3B with India at AAA.

    • TR

      The Reds have major offensive needs in centerfield and catching. Suarez is at his peak: trade high. Senzel then goes to third base and Van Meter to second base. Then spend money to fill other deficits.

  18. Bill

    The FO has done a good job in finding value in upgrades either via trade or free agency albeit they’ve been swimming in the very shallow end of the pool.

    The 2020 squad has talent, but needs more to compete in the Central Division specifically and the National League overall where fewer teams are tanking.

    Numerous positions could be upgrade targets: CF, SS, 2B, C, corner OF, one member of the starting pitcher rotation, and bullpen. The Reds have capable players for each, but needs players that are more significant contributors.

    I want to see the Reds add at least three 4+ WAR players this offseason. How they do it mostly unimportant, except that the current team is not good enough to warrant emptying the Farm system. In reality, a good argument could be made that the better long term play is another rebuilding phase. I simply believe the franchise must put a better product on the field or risk losing another chunk of their fan base.

  19. Rob

    Votto is an issue the Reds tend to dance around or not talk about. I do not know that alone it is keeping us from the playoffs but it is as much of piece as the 3-4 usual suspects. The Phillies had it with Ryan Howard and the Angels have it with Pujois. The minimum is moving him to a Pujois like spot in the batting order. 6th. His power and production is below average for a 1B. His OBP is totally offset by his poor base running and slowness. He can’t score from 2nd on a lot of singles. Ideally he would be traded to an AL team where we would pick up a portion of his salary for a return player. Carlos Santana? I am totally aware he has a no trade clause but he needs to be sat down and talked to about options and his future. I am certainly amenable to keeping him but as a #6 or #7 hitter with different performance parameters such as RBIs. I will say it again that we can not have a slow 260 hitter with 55 rbis batting in the top 4-5 spots …If we expect to compete for the playoffs.

  20. sixpack2

    What we need is sitting there for only money, Starling Marte. He is 30 and a CF where we can move Senzel to 2nd. Trades need to be made to upgrade C, SS, RP, but fix CF and we can go up a lot in games won. How many one run games did we lose? Get half back and we are ok.