Every offseason the Cincinnati Reds put on an outstanding event in downtown Cincinnati – Redsfest. If you’ve never been, and you’re a Reds fan, you are missing out. Players – past, present, and future are all in attendance. Broadcasters are there, coaches are there – Reds on Radio affiliates are there and doing shows from the event (or recording them for use later on). There are presentations, question-and-answer sessions, music – plenty of stuff happening on the main stage. Players and coaches are signing autographs and posing for photos at various times at stations throughout the two day event. There’s a celebrity poker tournament on the second day. There’s something for everyone. It’s great. This year it will be Friday December 6th and Saturday December 7th.

When it comes to the minor leaguers, there are a few things that stand out. First is the celebrity home run derby. Every year a minor leaguer is paired up with a local celebrity and as a team they participate in a wiffle ball home run derby. The second big “event” for the minor leaguers is that the organizational awards are given out on the main stage. The Reds give out four awards to the minor leaguers every year: Hitter of the Year, Pitcher of the Year, the Community Service Award, and the Sheldon “Chief Bender” Minor League Player of the Year.

While there are almost always additions made to the list as things get closer to Redsfest, which takes place this year a few days later than usual because of where the weekend falls, the Reds have announced the first groups of attendees. Here’s the list of the minor league players who are currently scheduled to be in Cincinnati for the event:

  • Tejay Antone
  • Narciso Crook
  • Stuart Fairchild
  • Jose Garcia
  • Jameson Hannah
  • Ryan Hendrix
  • Jonathan India
  • Nick Lodolo
  • Packy Naughton
  • Lyon Richardson
  • Alfredo Rodriguez
  • Tony Santillan
  • Michael Siani
  • Tyler Stephenson

There’s likely a handful more of names coming along in the next few weeks. I’ll update them here, but you can also keep track of them here.

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5 Responses

  1. hotwoman

    November 6, 1869: The Cincinnati Red Stockings defeat the powerhouse New York Mutuals 17-8 at Union Grounds to finish their first professional season 57-0 and lay claim to the title of national champions.

    • Oldtimer

      Undefeated in 1869 and downhill ever since. (ha ha)

      First WS championship 50 years later in 1919. First divisional play in NL in 1969.

      2019 offered no extraordinary achievement or first-of-a-kind events.

  2. AirborneJayJay

    It is going to be hard to say who will be the Chief Bender Player of the Year award. Vanmeter? Aquino? O’Grady? TySteve?
    Player of the Year? I am going with Tyler Stephenson on this one.
    Hitter of the Year? Aquino.
    Pitcher of the Year? None of the Above.