The Cincinnati Reds continue their week of roster churning today, trading outfielder and first baseman Brian O’Grady to the Tampa Bay Rays. Yesterday he was designated for assignment, along with Jimmy Herget, to make room for two new acquisitions to the organization. The Reds picked up outfielder Nick Martini and reliever Justin Shafer in two separate deals on Tuesday.

The details on the trade today with Tampa Bay is that the Reds are sending Brian O’Grady to join the Rays. In return the Reds will be getting back an unspecified amount of cash and a player to be named later.

Cincinnati’s President of Baseball Operations Dick Williams has said that the goal for 2020 is to make the playoffs. They’ve said they are going to up payroll. They’ve been linked to several free agents, including multiple top 10 free agents on the market.

The early returns on the talk of big moves, spending money – that hasn’t come to fruition just yet. But the Reds have certainly been busy. Before trading O’Grady, a power hitting, versatile utility player, Cincinnati had already been busy since the start of the offseason.The O’Grady move began yesterday, as noted above, and was a part of four transactions they made on the day.

Things began on Halloween when the team picked up outfielder Travis Jankowski from the San Diego Padres in a trade for international cap space. The rumor mill remained how for a few weeks after that as free agency opened, but the acquisition front was quiet. Cincinnati did outright Christian Colon, Derek Dietrich, Keury Mella, and Jackson Stephens off of the roster on November 4th – making them all free agents.

A week ago saw the Reds, and all other teams in baseball hit the deadline for protecting players on their roster from the upcoming Rule 5 draft. Cincinnati added pitchers Tejay Antone, Ryan Hendrix, and Tony Santillan to the roster, as well as catcher Tyler Stephenson. Those moves were ones that were mostly expected. The move that was made a few hours later was one that no one saw coming. Cincinnati picked up right-handed pitcher and former top prospect Jose De Leon from Tampa Bay, who needed to clear a spot on their 40-man roster.

Since the season ended the Reds have made a total of 14 transactions that have altered their 40-man roster. You can see the list below

Additions Subtractions
Jose De Leon Brian O’Grady
Justin Shafer Christian Colon
Nick Martini Derek Dietrich
Ryan Hendrix Jackson Stephen
Tejay Antone Jimmy Herget
Tony Santillan Keury Mella
Travis Jankowski
Tyler Stephenson

The Winter Meetings haven’t even taken place yet. The Reds have not made one free agent addition. There’s going to be plenty of roster moves taking place. And we will probably start seeing them next week as the non-tender date is December 2nd. It’s possible, but unlikely that Cincinnati won’t non-tender anyone. There are several candidates that feel like they are on the bubble.

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15 Responses

  1. Tom

    Plenty of room on both sides of the argument for and against O’Grady. I thought he might help a playoff contender as an insurance for Votto and as part in an effective platoon in the outfield from the left side.

  2. Dollar Bill

    Doug was wondering why they are not expanding the 40 man roster to 41 or 42 since they are expanding the 25 man to 26?

      • Andrew

        I second that. Get Villar. Short term commitment and speed which we lack. Plug him at 2B and keep Senzel when healthy to play CF or anywhere else…

    • Wes

      He’s toast. Always was a fan but he fell apart last year and is now borderline even worth a 26 man spot let alone several million dollars

  3. Hoyce

    I liked the de Leon trade. But think the reds will regret trading O’Grady. Prob not a huge loss. But unnecessary

  4. RedsKoolAidDrinker

    Who’s you rather have— O’Grady or DeLeon. Interesting that they didn’t just make a trade straight up.

    • Wes

      O Grady was the player to be named right ? He just had to clear waivers first.

      • Andrew

        I dont think thats right. Why wouldnt they have just traded him for De Leon then? I suspect there is a PTBNL to go to Rays for De Leon

      • Oldtimer

        On April 25, 1962—before he even played a game for the Indians—Harry Chiti was acquired by the expansion New York Mets for a player to be named later. However, he was sent back to the Indians on June 15, 1962, after 15 games and a .195 batting average. Since Chiti was the “player to be named later,” he thus became the first player ever traded for himself. Three other players in history have been traded for themselves: Dickie Noles, ex-Red Brad Gulden, and John McDonald. Chiti never played another major league game, spending two more years at Triple-A before retiring in 1964.

  5. Andrew

    I have no idea what it would look like, but something tells me the Reds and Rays are in talks on something larger and the recent deals came together from those discussions. No source of course – just speculating

    • Oldtimer

      Good inkling. Reds made three trades with St Louis Cardinals in 1968. Traded Johnny Edwards, Vada Pinson, and Dick Simpson. Acquired Pat Corrales, Bobby Tolan, Wayne Granger, and Alex Johnson. All four of those were cogs on the early Big Red Machine teams.

  6. Simon Cowell

    Will the mlbpa trade having a salary cap for a really high minimum team salary total and triple salary raise of milb players? Does the mlbpa have a vested intest in salaries of milb players?