If you aren’t aware of MiLB.tv, then you are missing out. It’s among the best money that is spent by myself every year. For $50 a year you can watch every single Louisville Bats game, every road game for the Chattanooga Lookouts, a handful of Daytona Tortugas games, all of the Dayton Dragons home games and about half of their road games, as well as about 15 of the Billings Mustangs road games. It’s been a great, great deal.

Last year they began to offer HD options for some of the teams. I believe that all of Triple-A had it. And a few teams below the Triple-A level had it, too. From a technology standpoint, it’s not the best product out there. It’s actually not that great at all when compared to it’s big brother MLB.tv. But for all that you do get, at the price it’s been offered – it’s incredible.

But where you can watch Minor League Baseball broadcasts, as well as the price to do so could be changing. John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal noted earlier this week that Minor League Baseball hired the Octagon sports agency to shop around their broadcast rights deal.

According to the article they are currently getting a rights fee “in the low seven figures”. Minor League Baseball released a statement, with plenty of numbers to boast that they’ve got a great product, about the hiring of Octagon.

Currently you can simply watch the games online – either on a computer or tablet or phone. But there is not a way to watch the games directly on your TV. You need to “cast” them to your tv through another device. And given that we are entering 2020, that’s absolutely ridiculous.

Andrew Bucholtz of Awful Announcing speculates that that companies like ESPN (with their ESPN+ programming) and DAZN could be among several places that could be interested in landing the service. There are other potential landing spots, including sticking with the current situation where they just run things through MLBAM. But, with Minor League Baseball hiring an agency to shop around, even if nothing changes with who is providing the service, my guess is that it’s going to get more expensive because for the first time in it’s existence, there will likely be some sort of bidding for the platform.