2020 Cincinnati Reds Draft Tracker

The signing date deadline this season is August 1st. The Reds draft cap this year is $8,552,100.  Players who have agreed to signed are in BOLD. Players who have confirmed to have signed are in BOLD.

Draft Spending Cap Slot $ for Signed Picks Total Spent Extra Money
$8,552,100 $8,552,100 $8,546,000 $6,100

Early on all bonuses are not known, so the chart above may not be accurate for the number of players signed, but only shows the numbers for known signed bonuses.

For scouting reports and other information on all of the drafted players, you can click here.

Round Player Position Slot Signed for
1 Austin Hendrick OF $4,366,400 $4,000,000
2 Christian Roa RHP $1,543,600 $1,543,600
2CB Jackson Miller C $1,025,100 $1,290,000
3 Bryce Bonnin RHP $721,900 $700,000
4 Mac Wainwright OF $512,400 $512,400
5 Joe Boyle RHP $382,700 $500,000

There’s going to be some tracking of the undrafted free agent signings on this page, too. With the shortened draft this year, it just makes sense to also add the free agent pick ups to this one. For scouting reports on these players, click on their name.


Player Position School
Alex McGarry 1B/OF Oregon State
Braxton Roxby RHP Pittsburgh-Johnstown
Brett Lockwood RHP Kansas State
Carson Rudd RHP Stanford
Carson Spiers RHP Clemson
Damian Henderson LHP Cal State Bakersfield
Francisco Urbaez 2B Florida Atlantic
Gus Steiger SS South Dakota State
Jacob Hurtubise OF Army
James Proctor RHP Princeton
Leo Nierenberg RHP Washington
Myles Gayman RHP Barry University
Stevie Branche RHP Rochester
Tyler Keysor RHP Miami
Vin Timpanilli RHP Ramapo College