The Los Angeles Angels designated right-handed pitcher Luis Madero for assignment on Tuesday afternoon. The 22-year-old split time in Advanced-A and Double-A in 2019. The season didn’t exactly go well for him in Double-A. He only pitched in 16.0 innings for Inland Empire in the Advanced-A California League, and he was quite successful – allowing just two earned runs and striking out 23 batters. His time in Mobile, however, wasn’t as smooth. His ERA jumped up to 5.72 in 89.2 innings where he allowed 117 hits, walked 24 batters, and had 75 strikeouts.

Entering the season, Luis Madero was the Angels 19th rated prospect. By the time that Baseball America had updated their rankings for midseason, Madero had dropped down to #21. From the time that ranking came out through the end of the season he posted a 6.53 ERA. The latest Top 30 hasn’t been released yet, but the odds are that he probably fell a little bit further from there.

Fangraphs had him rated as the Angels 18th best prospect when they updated things at midseason. From a scouting perspective Luis Madero grades out as average or better with three pitches. The curveball he throws can be a plus offering at times. At 90-94 MPH he doesn’t blow guys away with velocity, but he does have a higher spin rate fastball that could make let it play up.

With all of that said, the results haven’t quite been there throughout his career. Going back to the 2016 season he’s allowed more hits than he’s had innings pitched in every single year. And except for 2018, it’s been a lot more hits than innings pitched. He throws a lot of strikes, but he’s also been quite hittable, too. His strand rate has been remarkably low throughout his career, too.

This is the kind of guy that you pay your scouts for. On paper, the stuff looks a lot different than the results he’s gotten suggest. The raw stuff should be getting more guys out in the minor leagues than it is – especially when it’s a result of him getting hit rather than him struggling to find the strikezone. Is there a reason that the stuff isn’t translating to the mound with consistency? Are the publicly available scouting reports simply incorrect?

A guy with a high-spin fastball and a potentially plus breaking ball sounds like a player teams would take a chance on. Toss in that the guy in question is still 22-years-old and it may make some more sense. With two option years remaining, there’s time to take a look and see what the coaches and player can do. That is, of course, if you believe he’s got more value than someone else on the 40-man roster.

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8 Responses

  1. Norwood Nate

    There’s a handful of guys who are out of options and it’s hard to see where they fit on the roster at this point. Add in the Rule 5 pick in addition to the players out of options. If the scouts think they can sort this guy out he’s worth a flier as he will have the opportunity to work on his production in the minors.

  2. Krozley

    I don’t think he is better than anyone currently on the 40-man, so I would pass. Nate Jones was a good pick-up though. If he can stay healthy, he would be a great addition in the pen. Big “if” though.

  3. Clermont Reds

    I tend to agree that I wouldn’t replace anyone on the current roster with Madero. If I were going to look at a waiver claim, I would be more likely to consider Stephen Tarpley from the Yankees. I also agree that adding Nate Jones was a good, low-risk add.

  4. victor vollhardt

    As long as we are looking at players “out there” and providing his health is “OK”—Why not look at Zack Cozart on a minor league deal. If he is OK and makes the team other people are paying his salary—if he doesn’t very little would be lost On another point—in the latest issue of “Reds Report” Hal McCoy also asks the question as to why the Res did not bring back Jose Iglesias. McCoy always follows the team very closely and knows the clubhouse, so if he is puzzled one must assume that “off the field” matters (as was rumored) were not evident to Mr. McCoy.

  5. BK

    I’m with you Doug, this is really one you simply have to trust your scouts on. Given that the most vulnerable on the 40-man roster have legitimate shots at making the 26-man roster, they would have to really like him to bump a potential contributor. Post spring training, there will be some openings for a longer-term prospect.

  6. MK

    If he gets through waivers a minor league contract would be a nice option.

  7. Doc

    Any chance the 40 man will increase a slot or two, given that the 25 has gone to 26?