As you’re likely aware of by now, Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball are having a real go of it over the proposed plan by Major League Baseball to potentially eliminate 42 teams in the minors. There’s a variety of expressed reasons by Major League Baseball for this, but one of those reasons is inadequate facilities. One of the Cincinnati Reds current farm teams that was among the proposed eliminated teams, the Daytona Tortugas, got some help to try and counter the idea that their facilities won’t be “good enough” for Major League Baseball moving forward. The Daytona Beach city council pledged $4,000,000 to help cover the cost of improvements at Jackie Robinson Ballpark.

Among the improvements that the Tortugas are looking for are a new clubhouse, better field lighting, two new batting cages, and improvements to the grandstands and concessions area according to The Daytona Beach News-Journal. It was just last season that saw Daytona install new field turf at Jackie Robinson Ballpark at the cost of nearly $1,000,000.

Of course, getting the promise of improvements may not make a difference as far as Major League Baseball goes. Their plan is to eliminate a whole lot of teams. For Daytona, though, it may mean more for them than it does for a team in say, the Pioneer League – where the geography itself would eliminate a team unless every team within the league were to also get the upgrades that were asked for. Daytona is an established league, in a state with plenty of teams that aren’t going anywhere.

What we can say is that the city of Daytona Beach is doing what they can, along with the Tortugas ownership to try and do what Major League Baseball is asking of them in order to maintain their affiliated status.

Dayton Dragons get a new stadium name

The Dayton Dragons used to play at Fifth Third Field. That’s been the name of their ballpark since the very beginning of the franchise. On Wednesday the Dragons announced that the ballpark would be changing names to Day Air Ballpark. Day Air Credit Union and the Dragons agreed to a 10-year naming rights deal, so get used to the new name for the ballpark. The Dayton Daily News has more information on things if you’re interested.

3 Responses

  1. Dand

    I just moved from Cincinnati to Jacksonville 3 weeks ago, looking forward to going to a few Tortuga’s games this year. Hopefully I can see Greene and Lodolo pitch.

  2. Honest Rob

    Nice but 4 million upgrade pledge still wont touch the the spring training facilities other teams in FSL play in. Plus now two MLB teams moving in their new Spring Training facility in Palm Beaches location. Two MLB teams (Astros, Nats) I’m sure want to eventually have their Advanced A teams in the league. Don’t forget the Florida Fire Frogs (Braves) who are also on the 42 chop list…two out, two in?

    You could spend 10 million in Daytona and still wouldn’t come close to the Spring Training facilities the rest of the league enjoys. For example the Blue Jays stadium in Dunedin is nearing a 100 million upgrade to a park that was much better than Daytona facilities before the upgrades.

    … The Braves probably eventually will own their A+ (Fire Frogs) team but their new Facility in North Port is only 6 miles from the Charlotte Stone Crabs (Rays) so that will be a problem with territorial rights. Apparently the Fire Frogs current owners or Braves paid six figures to play in Stone Crabs territory this coming season but no long term agreement that I’m aware of.

    Location Location, unfortunately Daytona is far from any other FSL team especially since the Fire Frogs left Osceola for North Port next year. Most FSL teams are clustered close to each other on opposite coast except Daytona whose location sticks out like a sore thumb on the North East coast with the nearest team in Port St. Lucie (Mets) approx 150 miles.

    Daytona does have good attendance for the FSL but attendance doesn’t matter to most teams as the MLB club are owners except for a few like Daytona Tortugas and Fire Frogs both of who are on the chopping block.

    I hope Daytona Tortugas stay as it’s a great historical ballpark that’s better than those empty monster facilities most the league plays in. You can’t beat the atmosphere anywhere else in the league, by far.