The Cincinnati Reds did plenty of damage at the plate, and the pitching got things done on their end, too, in the 6-2 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Among the prospects, none of them got a start, but more than a few of them got into the game when the starters were switched out. Stuart Fairchild took over in center field for Shogo Akiyama – who went 1-2 with a walk – and Fairchild picked up a double in two at-bats. Jose Garcia, who has been tearing it up all spring, picked up an infield hit. The shortstop got a glove on the ball deep in the hole, but he didn’t even bother trying to make a throw. Garcia went 1-1 and raised his average to .417.

Among the starters there were some good days. Jesse Winker put on a good hitting clinic, going 2-2 with a walk, two runs scored, and he had two RBI. Curt Casali went 2-3 with an RBI. Derek Dietrich went 1-2 with three runs batted in. Freddy Galvis and Matt Davidson both doubled. Joey Votto picked up his first hit of the spring – a single. Aristides Aquino was hit on the hand and left the game.

On the mound the Reds sent two starters to the mound. Sonny Gray got the nod as the starter on the day and he got his job done. He was charged with one earned run in 2.2 innings with two walks and two strikeouts before turning over the final out of the inning to Brooks Raley. Trevor Bauer then hit the mound to begin the fourth inning. With an off day on Tuesday it made more sense to just have him pitch following Gray than push him to Wednesday. Bauer put together a strong relief appearance, firing off 3.0 shutout innings – giving up just two hits – and he struck out two batters.

Lucas Sims and Jose De Leon both pitched a shutout inning of relief, with De Leon picking up a strikeout in his. Josh Smith gave up a run in the 8th inning. You can see the entire box score for the game here.

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  1. MK

    Interesting in-game interview with Shawn Pender. The reason for Spring Instructional League rather than fall made a lot of sense. The fact they will hold back Hunter Greene until mid-May was very informative and that Dayton might be a starting place. That there was no plan to pitch Lodolo in a spring game to save his innings.

    Was kind of glad Josiah Gray was not that effective today so we didn’t have to hear about it here for a while.

    • DaveCT

      The instructional camp switch to spring made enormous sense. Its very hard to learn when you’re a kid exhausted after a long season, and giving the instruction before the season so these kids can actually apply their learning for the next several months rather than wait until spring is a solid theory of teaching.

  2. Krozley

    Good game today. Bauer looked dominant. Hit 97 on the gun. DeLeon looked particularly strong as well closing it out. Josh Smith had trouble throwing strikes and his hardest throw was 87 mph. It is one game, but he doesn’t seem like major league worthy right now. Josiah Gray hit 98 mph on the gun, but was hit hard. Fairchild hit a double off the top of the wall in right center, the loudest hit of the day for the Reds. Winker looked good as well.

    • Doug Gray

      Gray popping 98 was surprising to me when they mentioned it on the broadcast. Throwing that hard on March 2nd is a good sign for him.

      That Fairchild double was absolutely on the sweet part of the barrel. They showed the replay of it in slow-mo on the broadcast and you couldn’t have set the ball on a better part of the bat.

  3. icehole3

    Bauer impressed me, let the first Dodger batter know what pitches were coming and still got him out.

    • Oldtimer

      Hopefully Bauer can regress back to 2018 and not repeat 2019. He was lousy as a Red.

      He’s earning big $ so he needs to deliver big P results.

      • Doug Gray

        2018 is very unlikely to happen because it was sustained on an insanely unsustainably low home run rate. But if he can be that middle ground guy with a 3.75 ERA, that would be huge.

      • Oldtimer

        I would be happy with Close To 2018 rather than He Stunk In 2019.

    • DaveCT

      Agree on DeLeon, above.

      Becoming more of a Bauer fan every day. It’s just a hunch but I’d say his telegraphing pitches was to make a show of support to LA given their history losing to Houston in the post-season. He’s a player’s player, and a strong union guy. Could be wrong but that stuff means a lot to other players.

      Not to mention he was throwing well.