While I don’t believe that companies are working together to time out their releases, it always seems to happen that way. Both MLB Pipeline and The Athletic’s Keith Law released their 2020 Cincinnati Reds prospect rankings within a few hours of each other.

MLB Pipeline’s list goes 30 players deep, and is free – an important factor for some of you who don’t subscribe to The Athletic. You can take a look at the entire list here. Their Top 10 features the names you expect to see, with perhaps a different order – but the names are mostly the same ones you see on the other national lists. Outside of the Top 10 list they’ve got a few “standout” picks where they are the high list on a few players. Ivan Johnson, the Reds 4th round pick in 2019, is their #13 prospect – his highest spot on any list we’ve seen so far. He was only in one other Top 20 (though he was on several lists in the 20’s). Alfredo Rodriguez, another shortstop, came in at #17 – his highest spot as well.

Keith Law dropped his Reds organizational list at The Athletic. The top 10, much like the list at MLB Pipeline, had the usual names. But after that we began to see a few “standout” picks for Law, too. Tejay Antone who only made one other Top 20 (MLB Pipeline at #20) came in rated 12th – easily his best ranking. Andy Sugilio was next on the list and the outfielders only other top 20 ranking was 18th.

One strange thing that Law wrote was about Tyler Stephenson, noting that “every time Stephenson gets rolling at the plate, he gets hurt.” And while he later noted that he didn’t hit the injured list in 2019, he only played 16-19 games per month in 2019 – information that is correct – the last time that Tyler Stephenon was actually hurt was in 2017 – two full seasons ago. Just a strange thing to lead off a write-up with. He does note that the potential is there for an above-average regular with Stephenson, but the start of the write up just began so weirdly that it felt like justification of hesitancy.

We’re still missing Reds Top Prospect lists from both Fangraphs and ESPN at this point. Fangraphs will certainly be releasing a list. With Law’s exit at ESPN in favor of The Athletic, and Kiley McDaniel heading from Fangraphs to ESPN, it’s unknown if McDaniel is going to put together lists for each team or if he’s just sticking with the Top 100 list for this season.

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8 Responses

  1. Kyle

    Surprise surprise. Law bashes something that involves the Reds

  2. RojoBenjy

    Keith Lolz putting in the research.

    Builds our confidence in his takes.


  3. Stock

    What I like about Stephenson is that he has a career OBP of .350 in the minors. JT Realmuto is the best on base % catcher in the majors. Only once did he have an OBP north of .350 in the minors. His career OBP in the minors.

    In more than 1750 PS Realmuto hit 33 HR in the minors.
    Stephenson has 29 HR in about 200 less PA. About the same except Stephenson has a BB% north of 10% in the minors and Realmuto had one well below 10%.

    I am not saying Realmuto is a good comp. Realmuto has more speed. But Stephenson has shown more ability than Realmuto to get on base in the minors. If he stays healthy in 2020 I see him as a top 50 prospect next spring.

    • Optimist

      True, but Stephenson will make his debut this year – if not September, then an injury call-up during the year.

      • Oldtimer

        Reds can only add 2 players in September. New MLB rules. 26 roster all season but 28 in September.

    • RojoBenjy

      That’s good info in comparing Tyler to JT.


  4. Optimist

    I see J Marinan made the MLB Pipeline list. I don’t recall much discussion since it happened, of the trade of the legendary Floro for Marinan and Zabala. It will be impressive if either he or Zabala pan out. I wonder if both of them are still in good standing and reporting to MiLB camp now?

  5. Charles Lackey

    My hopes are that the moves the Reds Front Office made pay off in a positive way. That key players stay healthy and play like contenders. Any new additions via call ups are given a true long look play regularly.
    2020 can be a great year for the Reds OR a another bust!
    Attention Reds—-play hard, do what got your to the majors and bring a World Series Trophy and a ring for the players
    & Staff for 2020….GO REDS