This isn’t entirely unexpected as many teams had begun to bring scouts back from spring training, tell them not to fly, and in some cases on an individual organization basis – stop scouting. But now it’s officially being mandated by Major League Baseball. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reported earlier this afternoon this:

Effectively immediately, MLB is temporarily prohibiting all scouting activity, both domestic and international, a source tells The Athletic. No tryouts, public or private. No attending of amateur games, showcases, workouts. No in-home or in-person visits, or scouting remotely.

Of course there’s a lot less to scout right now as it is. Domestically there probably isn’t an organization left – high school or college – that’s still playing games. Internationally both the Korean Baseball Organization and the Nippon Professional Baseball leagues in Korea and Japan are both delayed and not playing, too. What this does is also take amateur scouting around the world away for now. That will apply to both individual workouts as well as group workouts for scouts.

Earlier it was announced by Major League Baseball that the season would be further delayed. It came as a surprise to absolutely no one, but they did make it official while they continued to follow the guidelines of the CDC. The draft, which is currently scheduled for June 10th-12th, is still on – at least as far as there has been no announcement that anything has changed with that.

As we noted the other day – the scouting information from 2020 would have been very important for the draft. That would be the most recent data, showing the current set of skills and tools, which can change quite a bit at the ages that all of these guys are at. Teams may very well have to rely on past information on all of these players this year for the draft. It’s almost a guarantee that for a large majority of players that there is several years of scouting data available on them.

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