Baseball America has published their latest 2020 Major League Baseball mock draft. And with the latest mock draft there’s a new name next to the #12 and Cincinnati Reds – Austin Hendrick. He’s a left-handed hitting outfielder from West Allegheny High School in Pennsylvania.

He’s currently listed at 6′ 1″ and 205 lbs. Hendrick is an Under Armour All American, playing in the game last summer at Wrigley Field. He won the home run derby prior to the game.

What stands out the most with Hendrick is his bat speed and raw power. But as a future corner outfielder, his arm strength is also something that sticks out.

There are some concerns, even if they are littler ones at this point. He’s shown some swing-and-miss in his game. And while the defensive tools are present, there are some questions about his current ability to be a good defender.

But the upside is sky high, too. Hendrick shows plus raw power with a lightning quick bat, can use the whole field, and could be an above-average defender down the line.

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    • Sean D

      I like Hendrick. I don’t know enough about everyone to say who’s better or who will be better than others but as you pointed out that bat speed looks sooooo nice. I wouldn’t be upset with this pick. I know you don’t draft according to your needs but the reds while they have a lot of depth at the major league level don’t seem to have much good-elite level outfielders in the minors besides maybe Sinai or a few others

    • donny

      That is what i am hoping for .
      It would be a miracle in disguise if the college Lefty ”Garrett Crochet” out of Tennessee can slide to the reds pick.
      It would be so nice to have him a long with Nick Lodolo in the reds future rotation. If there is a future when it comes to sports in today’s world .

  1. Jonathan Graham

    According to MLB, he has the most upside of any HS hitter in the draft. That alone makes the pick a solid one. Fangraphs compared him to Cody Bellinger. That’s enough to get excited.

    • donny

      This is the problem though when you compare him to Cody Bellinger . Cody is 6-4 big guy with power that you know has power as he has proved it in the big leagues and there was no question he had power before he got to the big leagues because of his strength and size.

      Austin Hendrik is listed at 6 foot as a high school kid. Question is ; is he really 6 foot ?
      No knock on little guys but not to many of them have true power when comparing them to Cody B. Mookie Betts and a young Andrew McCutchen maybe.

      I am really not to excited .

      • Big Ed

        Yeah, the 5’10 Willie Mays, the 5’11 Mickey Mantle, and the 6′ Henry Aaron and Harmon Killebrew all had trouble generating power.

        Neither can the 5’9″ Mookie Betts or the 6′ Alex Bregman or Ronald Acuna. And that 5’11” Eugenio Suarez is lucky to hit the ball to to the warning track.

        Joe Burrow’s hands are too small, too, and Dolly Parton . . .

      • John C.

        Cody B. hit one home run as a senior in high school.

  2. mac624

    When I saw him last year, I immediately thought of Jay Bruce. A little smaller than Jay was, but that sweet lefty swing