The Cincinnati Reds have released their Opening Day roster, which for some strange reason only has 28 players on it right now (with Anthony DeSclafani beginning the year on the injured list), though two additions appear to be coming tomorrow according to Mark Sheldon of That leaves 28 players on the “alternate site roster” over at Prasco Park. Let’s take a look at that group:

The Pitchers

Position Players

RJ Alaniz C Mark Kolozsvary
Tejay Antone C Francisco Pena
Jesse Biddle C Tyler Stephenson
Matt Bowman INF Alex Blandino
David Carpenter INF Christian Colon
Jose De Leon INF Matt Davidson
Hunter Greene SS Jose Garcia
Ryan Hendrix INF Jonathan India
Joel Kuhnel INF Alfredo Rodriguez
Nick Lodolo OF Aristides Aquino
Alex Powers OF Stuart Fairchild
Sal Romano OF Boog Powell
Tony Santillan
Justin Shafer
Josh Smith
Tyler Thornburg

While the big league roster is currently split at 14 pitchers and 14 position players, the Prasco Park roster isn’t. There are 16 pitchers at Prasco Park and only 12 position players. In theory that makes plenty of sense – you are likely to use more pitchers than position players

The starting pitching depth at Prasco Park would seem to be Tejay Antone, Jose De Leon, Nick Lodolo, and Tony Santillan – in no specific order. While the long term plan for Hunter Greene is to start, it would be very surprising to see him make starts at the big league level this year. The bullpen depth is strong, with multiple big leaguers there.

The position player crew is a mixed bag. As things stand now, and it could change if the Reds additions to the big league roster tomorrow come from the Prasco Park roster instead of outside transactions. The outfield has just three guys on it – but given how many outfielders there are on the big league roster, three should be fine as far as depth goes. Aristides Aquino seems like the guy who would be the first called up if an outfielder is needed. First, he’s got the experience, and second, he’s already on the 40-man roster. Stuart Fairchild is probably the best defender of the three, having the capability to handle center field – but on the big league roster there’s already several players who can do that, so that may not factor into things if another outfielder is needed between he or Boog Powell.

On the infield you have several utility type players with Alex Blandino, Christian Colon, Matt Davidson, and Alfredo Rodriguez. All bring different skillsets to the table that could be useful for the big league squad depending on what exactly they are looking to get out of a bench player. But you also have Jose Garcia and Jonathan India, two of the organizations top prospects. They are around for both developmental purposes and for depth options.

Going with three catchers for 16 pitches doesn’t seem too much out of whack for a sort-of-weird roster. Tyler Stephenson, already on the 40-man roster, would likely be the first guy called up if the team needs a catcher. Francisco Pena has big league experience, and perhaps if the team needs a very short term option behind the plate he could make sense instead of Stephenson – but needing a 40-man spot makes that a questionable option, too. Mark Kolozsvary has never played above Advanced-A and is clearly the 6th catcher on the depth chart behind the three big leaguers, Stephenson, and Pena.

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17 Responses

  1. Brad

    Id bet Matt Davidson is one of the two position players that makes the initial 30-man roster. Need a corresponding 40-man move which is probably Josh Smith or Shafer.

    Curious to see what happens when Tucker Barnhart leaves for the birth of his child in the next 7-10 days. Wonder if they call up Tyler Stephenson, and play him, or if they use Farmer as backup for a week.

    • Pat*** Monahan

      I think as far as comments go you’ve hit a home run.

    • Doug Gray

      Intrasquad stuff is my guess, but I will be reaching out shortly to find out, hopefully, a more concrete plan.

      • Billy

        Gotta think it will be touch to do intrasquad games with 12 position players. Pitchers are going to have to play some outfield or something.

  2. MK

    There will still be one of these infielders moving to active roster, it looks like Prasco might be a little short-handed there

  3. Oldtimer

    (From The Reds are almost assured to add two infielders, potentially Matt Davidson for the corners and utility man Christian Colón — both non-roster players.

    • IndyRedsFan

      Oldtimer, You may well be right, but I have a hard time seeing the sense in adding non-roster guys at this point.

      To add them, you had to DFA 2 other players….potentially losing them to other organziations. Then, 2 weeks from now, you have to reduce the roster. Assuming those 2 are the “last players up”, then they are likely the “first players down”.

      Both are out of options, so they too will need to be exposed to waivers.

      So….you potentially could lose 4 players from your 60 man pool, just for the benefit of having these 2 guys sit at the end of the bench for 2 weeks.

      To me, it would make a lot more sense to bring up Blandino and Aquino, and then simply option them back down in 2 weeks.

      • MK

        Indy that is great point. I could see Shaffer being DFAed without rocking the organization. Maybe Blandino and one of the other two guys, my preference would be Colon, because they can still use the infielders, which Aquino is not. Especially when Barnhart goes on paternity leave in a couple weeks and Farmer will need to be available as a catcher.

      • Oldtimer

        It was not my prediction but Mark Sheldon ( writer) talking to GM Nick Krall. NK should know what the Reds plan to do.

  4. DaveCT

    One interesting name out there is Carson Fuller who was DFA’d today and is another former Vanderbilt pitcher. Reunion perhaps?

    • MK

      He is out of options, so it would need to be a minor eague deal.

      • DaveCT

        Yeah, and to think of the prospect of Fulmar Again working with DJ, and with Boddy, and coming back in a role best suited to his skills. If his arm is sound, why not?

  5. RedsKoolAidDrinker

    So do i have this right: All other Reds’ minor leaguers not on these two rosters can play independent ball? Do we know of any yet?

  6. Eric Davis Morgan Larkin

    Davidson should be an easy no brainers choice ,he is taking and has the right handed power bat we could use ! The other choice ,I am not sure but I want it to a very deserving
    Tejay Anton ! He has been lights out and maybe the best pitcher this second spring training ! ( but they may want him starting at pasco? ) either way I’m very excited about some baseball to finially watch ! Thank god ! Go reds !

  7. Max

    You can’t do Yonder he only plays first and we have 3 people on roster now. If they do take Aquino and than send him down in 2 weeks does that count against his options?