The Miami Marlins aren’t going to play a baseball game for at least a week. If you haven’t been paying attention to the baseball world, let me fill you in: The Marlins traveling party that includes players, coaches, and trainers, have had 19 positive COVID-19 tests while in Philadelphia – and that includes 15 players. That’s half of their playing roster. They’ve had their schedule suspended until at least Monday, and the Phillies, who played the Marlins on the opening weekend, are suspended until Friday. Schedules have been rearranged with the opponents to try and make this work. And as I was typing this it was announced that the Miami-Dade Mayor said the Marlins should follow the 14-day quarantine protocol when they return to Florida, so it may be even longer before they can play again.

But, for the Marlins – it’s more than just “when will they next play”, it’s who will be on their team. With so many positive tests, and potentially more to come given the incubation period of the virus, they need players. And they may need lots of new ones. The Cincinnati Reds needed roster spots earlier this week and they created them by placing pitchers Josh Smith and Justin Shafer on waivers. While they certainly may have been picked up in a normal situation, it’s no shock to find out that both of them were claimed by Miami. Best of luck to both of them on many different fronts.

With the loss of those two players, both of whom were on the alternate roster at Prasco Park, here’s what the Cincinnati Reds have for their roster out in Mason currently:

Player Position Player Position
R.J. Alaniz RHP Mark Kolozsvary C
Jesse Biddle LHP Francisco Peña C
Matt Bowman RHP Alex Blandino INF
David Carpenter RHP Jose Garcia INF
José De León RHP Robel García INF
Hunter Greene RHP Jonathan India INF
Ryan Hendrix RHP Alfredo Rodriguez INF
Joel Kuhnel RHP Stuart Fairchild OF
Nick Lodolo LHP Boog Powell OF
Alex Powers RHP
Sal Romano RHP
Tony Santillan RHP
Tyler Thornburg RHP


11 Responses

  1. Mac624

    Better enjoy baseball while u can because I’m afraid what’s happening to the marlins will soon be all teams. They’ve tried the best they could but even with all the precautions people are getting sick. I just don’t see sports leagues in the US of any kind being able to play A whole season until mid next year at the earliest. When masks, bubbles, quarantines don’t keep u safe, then it’s time to rethink things. Continuing to play is risking the lives of all involved.

  2. MK

    If I were Tucker for sure I would opt out with the new baby.

  3. DaveCT

    BA mid season Top 30 out, inclusive of 2020 draftees. I’m guessing the Cubbies read Tejay’s write up at #26 place, with that average low 90’s fastball.

    • Weigarp

      I watched Tromp catch a few times in the minors. I loved his grit and determination on the field. I thought for sure he’d be a keeper for the Reds and I hope he excels with the Giants.

      • MK

        Nice kid that in the beginning the Reds kind of screwed him over. In Dayton he spent about 2/3 of a season off the active roster warming up pitchers. Didn’t complain, was always smiling. Last part of season he finally was activated and from an eye test one of the better hitters on the team. Funny thing he had a cousin who was a catcher for Lake County whose name was Sicnarf. He was named after his father Francis.

      • Doug Gray

        A couple of years ago when I was in Daytona, both of the Tromp brothers were there playing against each other. Cool little situation.

  4. MK

    Doug you have a couple of Reds Minor Leaguers to follow in the City of Champions 27 game tournament, sponsored by the Joliet Slammers of the Frontier League (whose season was cancelled). Teams are made up of Fronteir League, affiliated minor league and a few ex-major Leaguers. Corky Miller is managing a team sponsored by the Ferrara Candy Company (makers of Nerds, Lemonheads, and my favorite Red Hots). The team’s name is Nerds Herd and will have Reds prospects catcher James Free, and outfielder Ashton Creal.

    Each team will play 27 games (3 or 4 games a week from July 16 through September 6. All games for the 4 teams will be in Joliet.

  5. SultanofSwaff

    Anyone else ready to see India at second base for the Reds instead of JVM?

    • MK

      Not ready to see him waste roster time since Moose will be back in a couple days.

    • BK

      No, I haven’t seen any indication that India is ready for the show. From my perspective, we’d be replacing one struggling player with another who we should reasonable expect to struggle.

      I get the “sense of urgency” concept of a shorter season and agree JVM has looked overmatched at the plate. Moose will be back soon and I have confidence JVM will come around at the plate. Frustrating start, but I just don’t think judging players on really small samples sizes is going to be an effective strategy this year any more than it would be in more traditional seasons.