Over the next week I’ll have some updates on some individual players from Prasco Park (and if you support the site on Patreon you’ll get those reports early). But on Friday afternoon, David Bell was asked about when the team may shake things up given some of the struggles. His answer led to him speaking a little bit about some of the guys playing at the alternate site at Prasco Park.

“We have great depth over at Prasco,” said Bell. “We have young players who are getting very close to being able to help us. We’re always looking at that and evaluating what’s best for our team.”

That prompted a follow up question about who he was potentially speaking of “being close”.

“I don’t think it’s any secret at all that Jose Garcia’s an exciting prospect,” Bell said. “Jonathan India, Tyler Stephenson – we’ve got a lot of guys at Prasco, a lot of pitching. We’re in really good shape from a depth stand point, and young players who are going to be with us for a long time – and I just mentioned a few of them off of the top of my head. The group at Prasco wouldn’t be there if they weren’t all one step away from helping us. There’s no one there that isn’t that close. A lot of guys are at different points of their career, different points of their development. Especially in a season like this and where we are at any point,  any of those players could help us. ”

Since the season started, things are a bit different in how everything is being operated between Great American Ballpark and Prasco Park. Before the regular season began coaches would go spend some time at Prasco, some guys from over there would make their way to Great American Ballpark to work out with the team. The big league staff is certainly still getting plenty of reports on the guys over there – just like they would in a normal year when there was a minor league season happening. The front office, of course, is doing the same. With the trade deadline coming up it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the next week-and-a-half if the team doesn’t start putting together wins.

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17 Responses

  1. MK

    I think one of Bell’s Managing issues is having too many options which causes him to over manage, especially pitchers as some bullpenners as well as bench players are not getting enough regular work. But there has to be an option to Jankowski (maybe a Friedl), or VanMeter(maybe Blandino).

    • victor vollhardt

      To MK : I agree with you on Bell—to many “smart numbers” moves and ignoring what is taking place on the field right in front of you. These moves often leave some the regulars”switched out:” with the late innings maned by back up players.***** Right now the Reds need a LH DH. Van Meter can’t get on base in any which way, They have Payton, who is not a great on base guy but he hits for power and is not lost at the plate. Same for Willams , who they picked up from the Phillies. A different type of hitter ( slap with speed)–no rule who says a DH can’t be a lead off hitter.***** Also (off the subject) Carson Fulmer got DFA the other day. He was a top choice from Vanderbilt some time back—but maybe a reunion with pitching coach Johnson. This would not be for this year, but a future small risk/ maybe a big reward.

  2. Linkster

    I think Bell tries to hard and too often to look at the matchups instead of looking at who is hot and who else he has if someone is not. Van Meter at DH? Votto batting first? Go with a set lineup of guys so they know what to expect. Replace the BP and RP when someone is not doing their job or needs some rest.

  3. Gr8pnt

    I’m really curious about Aquino as fans are the only ones who mention him. Is he not making progress on the breaking pitch? I’m would assume Williams and DB get reports on the Prasco players. Is there something we don’t know? It would appear that he can do everything Jankowiz can do except bat left handed. He was successful stealing bases and was a good fielder. Puzzled because I think his splits against RH/LH pitchers were not that different.

    • MK

      Baseball is a game where you get better by playing games. The minor leaguers who have gotten involved with the short season independent league teams are getting much better experience than the guts just practicing every game. Aquino is only going to improve on the breaking ball by a combination of practice and game action.

      • MuddyCleats

        Agree, but I don’t see much of a 2 strike swing approach – haven’t seen him hit ball oppo? Once he shows he can do that consistently, he ll get more balls n to pull & go deep. Luv the kid – has a ton of upside But may b running out of time?

  4. GR8PNT

    The DH is a place where a good hitter supersedes platooning at DH based upon what arm the ball is pitched with. When Senzel returns Winker should return to DH period at least for now. Davidson should get more ABs. I don’t get Votto leading off and NC batting second. I see Galvis not getting to balls that Iglesias got to and Farmer gets to. The lineup is running out of time and I don’t see them in the playoffs with a bunch of .220 or lower batting averages. The way this team hits, pitching, speed and defense should be the priority. The rebuild is not finished.

  5. Datdudejs

    Please god bring up Garcia and Stephenson. If they come up and provide even a little bit of a spark that would be huge for us. I dont really even see any downside, it’s not like Casali/Van meter are playing well. They have been pretty awful. They could come up and get those AB’s and I’m pretty confident they would put produce them by quite a bit

  6. Charles Lackey

    In my opinion Reds need a lot of help. I thought during the off season moves they made would change things, but not so. Suarez, Votto, Barnhart, Casali no one is hitting, with the exception of Winker but he cannot do it all. Perhaps Garcia, Stephenson can big a lot of help but with Votto & Suarez not hitting there isn’t much of a chance to win. PLUS the bullpen is AWFUL and that’s being kind it is beyond AWFUL. Looks like trades need to be made. Castelannos has been HR threat, Moose has done fair but the Japanese player hasn’t shown up yet. Can the REDS make a run at this time, I don’t think so UNLESS some key moves are made for top players. Every year of key hitters are not there, defense goes away, pitchers with the exception of very few are no where near their performing….COME ON FRONT OFFICE MAKE MOVES NOW!!!!

    • Alex

      Stephenson and Garcia will only be called up when the front office is ready to give them the bulk of the playing time. Garcia should of been called up to play SS while moose was hurt and had galvis move over to 2nd.

    • TJ

      This team can not hit its way out of a wet paper bag. They need to insert Garcia and Stephenson into the lineup to get them some experience for next year. It might be time to sell high on Bauer. We can’t afford his new contract

  7. sixpack

    I think the problem with the reds is david Bell. His bull pen moves are terrible and does not go with the hot player..

    • victor vollhardt

      Sixpack—–you are not alone —go back and look at posts from myself–MK– Jim Delaney–Linkster. When you watch this no fire,no drive group—you can only wish for a Hutchinson–Piniella— and believe it or not— a Jim Riggleman. They still might lose, but they wouldn’t go quietly and changes would occur.

    • MuddyCleats

      Tend 2 agree. He manages like a ST game – making moves just 2 make moves. Goal is to win games & not try 2 keep everyone happy. Who is the winning side of BP? IMO: Garrett, Antone, Simms & now Bradley. Overall Lack of intensity is baffling ?