Yesterday we got our first real pieces of information about what 2020 instructional league would look like, including a little bit of information about the Cincinnati Reds instructional league season. Josh Norris of Baseball America had that information on Monday morning.

With that information about the league as a whole, I checked in to see how things were looking with regards to the Cincinnati Reds and found out more details.

  • The instructional league roster for the Reds is not yet finalized and is still being completed.
  • The Cincinnati Reds will have 40 players invited to instructional league.
  • Players are set to report on September 29th.
  • Reds instructional league will come to an end on November 3rd.
  • Josh Norris reported the Reds games will take place until October 31st. That’s likely the date when their final game against other opponents will take place – the Reds expect to play intrasquad games beyond there.
  • There are *about* 18-20 games scheduled between the Reds and outside teams, but there will be a handful of intrasquad games that take place beyond those.
  • The complex will be accessible to players that are rehabbing injuries, as well as the Venezuelan players who have been “stranded” in Arizona after not being able to fly home in March when the Venezuelan borders were shut down.
  • The number of players that can be/are being invited is limited given the protocols for the health and safety for the players and staff.

The Arizona Fall League has been cancelled

While instructional league is moving forward in 2020, the Arizona Fall League is not. The premiere fall/winter showcase league will hopefully return in 2021, but has been sidelined out of “an abundance of caution in the face of the coronavirus pandemic”. Like the news about the instructional league schedule, this was first reported by Josh Norris of Baseball America.

6 Responses

  1. MK

    It would be nice if milb-tv would try to recoup some income by streaming these games.

    • Doug Gray

      It would be, but unless they are going to play them all at the big league stadiums (at least in the past, some teams don’t do that, instead choosing to play on the backfields), it’s not an option.

      And given that there’s the whole COVID-19 thing, there’s no way that MLB is going to deal with the protocols for getting camera people and multimedia people into the stadiums to broadcast a few minor league games. I’d love to be able to watch it, but the odds it happens are probably the same that I win the lottery that I don’t buy tickets for.

  2. Davect

    Live streaming would be heavenly but some box scores With stats would be some great dessert. I’m partial to pie, myself.

  3. jim m.

    Please dont allow Zinter anywhere near these players!!! How somebody in this front office allowed Bell to hire Zinter who was awful with the Padres, needs to be gone. Should have handed it to Billy Epper after his helping of Aquino. What a huge waste of starting pitching!!